Uploaded on Feb 16, 2012

Processing your video. 8 minutes remaining. Your video will be live at: LOOK LOKK AT THIS NEXT military classified human spacecraft ?   –” I wouldn’t know the saying ( closing the stable door after the horse has bolted ) well now it’s out that there is space base weapons and technology why can we the public not be shown what science has contributed to the subject ! Like the projects I am sure collage and schools would start asking soon what power is used how big are these what weapon.payload is in the them what test has been made to see the effect if the weapons are used lots of question about the involvement if the uk in space weapons development how long has uk board member been involved my Project Lunar 3D i too have been doing a moon 3 D project for some time its great fun to use a 3D HD cam, you can use 2 cheap 3 D HD cams if you want to keep the budget small, and if you use a double lens to get the most out of the 3d effect i am now capture in UV at 305 nm and IR at the same time using a double lens the effect is great i am also adding gen night vision peace and good health and clear sky “– John Lenard Walson

my moon footage (John Lenard Walson)… 2… 3… 4…… 6….………………………………………………


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