Well I don’t know about being “scared” but this article lays out in plain language what the whole to do is over TTIP  (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership).  Think GMO foods taking over Europe and basically International Corporations overrunning any remaining distinctions between the U.S. and Europe.  One world government in practice and on paper.  More erosion of the concept of “countries” and borders.

The key component here is the concept of the “Corporation” and crossing borders without having to deal with different regulations with regard to health, banking and more…


Although framed as a Europe vs U.S. problem this move is more about linking the futures of the two companies (I mean countries) or do I?  In reality the takedown of the U.S. and Europe economically is totally tied together and this would cement the NWO areas of control and infiltration.  If you view the corporations as parasites and the countries as hosts you will see the relationship.  It can be seen as simply manifesting something that is encroaching into the EU anyway.  The TTIP would simply escalate the job.


So if the UK stands to withdraw from the EU (they have a referendum June 23rd) and if this succeeds then they will not be part of the outcome of the TTIP and what does that really mean?  Indications are that this is about plans to take down the EU and City of London prefers to stand apart and don’t want Britain to fall under the domination of the Cartel?

This article is particularly interesting :  www.cato.org/publications/cato-online-forum/ttip-strategic-opportunity-transatlantic-partnership   Clearly, the CATO Institute is arguing in favor of TTIP because in their view, this is a move to unite the EU and U.S. (and Japan) as well as allow incursions into previously Russian dominated countries such as Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia (due to those countries’ trade agreements with the EU).  In other words, this begins to look like a parceling out of wider AREAS OF INFLUENCE that would move to isolate Russia and China and strengthen alliances between economically threatened EU and U.S. in the face of China’s growing dominance.

This sort of Game of Thrones shifting the landscape of power politics has been going on for centuries.  But what wants to be a NWO has to contend with various conglomerating areas who want to lead where the battle at the top is escalating for final control over the whole.

The EU has long been vulnerable to being at the mercy of Russia.  TTIP would create a roadblock to Russian domination in that region.  It also brings Japan into an association and moves them out of the growing Chinese sphere of influence.  All of this is an interesting juggling and shifting of alliances which may be more about positioning countries for taking sides in a coming world war than what ostensibly appears to be a trade deal aimed at dissolving regulatory impediments so corporations and investors can operate more easily.


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