Please note:  the Kay Griggs video is included because of the information contained in there regarding the use of patsies and Manchurian candidates.

The following message was sent to me from a viewer:

..”Now is 1:01pm on TU22MAR2016 and recorded news = brussels = latest terror attack = 34 dead? On ABC was CNN-sourced news from Belgium = showed “DAMAGE” at airport: What I saw was 30 or 40 medical mats laid out on a room’s floor, plus a dozen or so unused, new body bags, some medical / first-aid carts, also unused. I noticed immediately that all the dust and debris, which appeared to be ceiling tile, maybe some drywall dust, was evenly distributed all over the TOP of this laid-out equipment.

Is there some GENIUS there, who instinctively or otherwise magically KNEW there would be an attack?

OR, are some evil dipshits slipping into ever stupiderer ways of trying to make people think there was a real attack?

Moreover as they talked about damage and chaos, I saw people walking calmy by, looking around, talking on their cell phones, appearing as onlookers of some rennovation crew working. They mentioned in the same sentence “peoples’ clothes are torn…”. While I didn’t see any torn clothing, my brother Kurt told me he had seen the effects of the “trouser-bombs” so proudly displayed during coverage of the “BOSTON BOMBING!” spectacle. Youtube’s “PK” something-or-other had some wonderfully silly clips sewn together with his even-more-humorous narrative of the obvious hoax setup. He noted “how POLITE…” these bombs were – that they all kind of neatly and consistently were shredded into a series of fringes, spanning from below the underwear / privates-areas, considerately avoiding any genital or ass damage, torn all the way down to the bottom hems. No blood or other damage at all! WOW – That’s GREAT! – for a 1920’s Vaudeville act.

Here we have the GREAT AND POWERFUL uh, cnn?… My, how far we have fallen?

The next scene was the sheer PANIC going on as people were getting out of a stopped subway-looking tram. People again looked calm, if maybe inconvenienced, as they liesurely filed out into the waiting area, except for ONE FEMALE VOICE, repeatedly and continually letting out this SHRILL squeal, again and again – the same – like an alarm clock going off in the morning. SOMEBODY SHUT THAT THING OFF!!! Most annoying!

I wonder what would happen if we all sent in complaints to CNN about how annoying that “BLEEPING” bitch was? Perhaps the next hoax they will have a more agreeable tone? The MUZAK version of “The Girl From Ipanema” (famous elevator music) comes to mind – This would be a most excellent score to track with the CNN bogus report. Have at it! Anybody! Maybe you can get one of the artists that do youtubes going on this – I’m betting it goes viral fairly quickly. I know it would be my favorite. NOTE: as long as it’s for general enjoyment and not monetary gain… you know… blah-blah-blah-bullshit-bullshit…”




SEE KAY GRIGGS VIDEO… This is excellent testimony… several years old but just as pertinent today!




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