CHRIS KEHLER is my guest. We talk about Chris’s background and how he started down this road, his technique and stories about individuals being healed as well as removal of entities, attachments and activating DNA stands.

FROM HIS BIO : He heals people via remote distance energy healing, quantum energy, with anyone no matter where they are in the world from his office/clinic, with profound results in real time, even instantaneous healing. He will access multi-dimensional
planes of existence, spiritual planes, god, heaven, and many
planes of existence, as long as it exists has some degree of
consciousness in our 3D existence that he will use to heal

Some topics Chris covers are:
– Fifth Dimension Ascension
– Sacred Geometry Healing
– Healing with Universal Energies
– Reptillian/Dracos ET’s affect on
our 3D health from 5D sources

Multi-Dimensional and Spiritual causes of our physical
health issues
– Entity Intervention
on Human Health
– Remote/Distance




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