No autopsy?  What??

See this:

Turns out Scalia was a major pedophile….if the above testimony is accurate.  See also:

Capture of a Veterans Today Article now not available on their site further supporting the possibility that Scalia was a pedophile:

 My comments:

There is reason to believe that Scalia was a supporter of “states rights” and would not be voting in favor of the land grab involved with the Bundy Ranch/ Oregon Standoff matter as cases such as this came up in court.  There is a move by the Federal government in a coalition with URANIUM ONE and a consortium of international companies alongside Russia and others to take over areas in the United States possibly for use by the Secret Space Program.  The Indian reservation land has long been used by the U.S. government corporation to hide and obfuscate their dealings.  All of this needs more in depth investigation.

Before any ‘restoration of the Republic’ were to take place here in the U.S. there would be a civil war.

There is also evidence that China has been given land rights within the United States which will contribute to the war over who really runs the U.S. in the future.



Other links for further investigation:



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