I interview Derrel Sims about his latest investigations into aliens and abductions.  We talk about MILABS, John Mack, and evidence for abductions as well as ETs possibly indigenous to this planet….




Veteran researcher of anomalous scientific studies, Derrel Sims a.k.a. “THE ALIEN HUNTER,” will discuss his quest to unveil the hidden agendas behind alien abductions and alien implants. This includes new work on the DNA of abductees who claim their parents were unwitting surrogates for their alien abductors. Sims will probe deeper into the possible purposes of the alien’s genetic program—what do they want to create, and to what end? Sims will discuss several of his provocative cases where he hopes recent breakthroughs in DNA testing may reveal startling finds. Best known for his pioneering work on alleged alien implants and embedded objects, fluorescent “alien fingerprints,” and alien manipulation of the human subconscious, the master hypnotherapist and licensed private investigator continues to push the boundaries to see where the evidence leads.

Derrel Sims

The Alien Hunter

Researcher / Counselor / International Speaker / Private Investigator / Reality TV Star

 Derrel Sims, the Alien Hunter, is the world’s leading expert on alien abductions. His 38+ years of field research has focused on physical evidence, and led to his groundbreaking discoveries of alien implants and alien fluorescence. As a former military police officer and CIA operative, Sims has a unique insight to the alien organization which he believes functions similarly to an intelligence agency. Sims is also a compassionate and skilled therapist who has helped hundreds of alien experiencers all over the world come to terms with what they’ve witnessed.

UFO Career highlights:

  • Discovered the alien implant phenomenon and pioneered research protocols; orchestrated first public surgeries and testing of alleged implants from the human body (1995).   Has performed over 24 surgical procedures so far to help abductees.
  • Discovered phenomenon of “alien fluorescence,” indelible sub-dermal traces and patterns that often follow alien/human contact. (1992)
  • Has in his possession largest collection of physical evidence of alien/human contact including skin samples, DNA samples, XRays/MRIs, sonograms, objects with possible forensic traces (glass, wall, etc.), anomalous implants/artifacts expelled from the human body and surgically removed.
  • Pioneered revolutionary hypnotherapy techniques for reaching beneath screen memories—some as much as 3 layers deep.
  • First abduction researcher to initiate reaction from alien species via post-hypnotic suggestions installed behind the abductee’s subconscious
  • As head of the Houston UFO Network (it is a ufo group period) and I have an online: support group, oversaw the Double-Mass Abduction of 1992 (report available upon request).
  • Work reviewed by Royal Society of Chemical Engineers (UK)
  • Development and practice of a multimodality approach using specialized techniques in memory retrieval and intervention therapies for use with the individual of traumatic events or desiring an improved lifestyle (not just UFO related)
  • First UFO researcher to be invited to lecture on alien abduction by the AMA, at a conference at John Muir Medical Center, on the “Medical Complications of Alleged Human/Alien Contact;” received  Letter of Appreciation (1994)
  • Developed an extensive questionnaire, circa 1988, for alleged alien experiencers employing variety of analytical techniques including symbolic profiling, handwriting analysis, NLP and more.
  • Invited to join PARSECa European organization of doctors, physicists, psychotherapists and mental health professionals exploring the paranormal’s effect on the human mind.


TV Appearances (partial):

Coming August 2013: Derrel will be starring in a docu-reality show for a major cable network; Sightings, Paranormal Borderline, Confirmation (NBC special) Unexplained (WJTV), Hard Copy, In Search Of…, UPN News, Danny Bonaduce ShowBest EvidenceProof Positive, Strangest UFO Stories Ever Told (UK), Unbelievable (Tokyo), The Ricki Lake Show, Beyond Bizarre, Weird or What? (Toronto), FOX-TV Houston, TechTV, CNN, The Colbert Report, Roswell 50th Anniversary Special (NBC), Promo for Laughlin, Nevada (Live Feed Host for UFO Conference), numerous news and documentary appearances for foreign TV including Japan, CNN Turkey, Brazil, Italy (RAI TV), Finland, Israel, Slovakia and more.


Frequent guest on countless radio programs worldwide, including Coast to Coast AM, Jeff Rense, Jerry Pippin Show and many, many more.

Sought-after speaker at conferences and workshops throughout North and South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Certifications/Training/Associations (partial list)

  • Army Veteran (VFW) and Sr. Military Police Officer
  • Former Senior Korean National Police Officer

·      Central Intelligence Agency, Covert Ops, Top Secret Clearance

  • Member Military Intelligence Corps Association (for Army Personnel, Active and Retired.)
  • Member Former Intelligence Officers,
  • Certified Hypnotic Anesthesiologist (Ct.HA)
  • Certified Master Hypnotherapist 
  • Board Certified Medical Hypnotherapist (Ct.MHt)
  • Registered Hypnotic Anesthetist (RHA)
  • Master Level, NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Extensive training in Graphoanalysis and Time Line Therapy.
  • Licensed Private Investigator & Trainer for Executive Protection (Texas)

·      Volunteer Criminal Counselor, Texas Department of Corrections

  • 4th degree black belt Shotokan Japanese Karate (additional Martial Arts credentials available upon request)
  • 2 Instructorships in Scuba Diving, P.A.D.I. & S.S.I.,Water Scuba Instructor, Advanced Instructor Rating



  • Therapist of the Year, National Board of Hypnotic Anesthesia (1993)
  • Slovakia Museum, commemorative medal.
  • Hakui UFO Museum, Japan, commemorative medal
  • Roswell Museum, New Mexico, permanent exhibit
  • Certificate of Appreciation from Women in Aviation

Contact: Jolene Rae Harrington, [email protected]


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