I am very concerned to hear that my dear friend and well known show host and author has been very ill.  Rebecca has been an inspiring voice in the wilderness for many years serving our community. Please say thank you by helping her to cover expenses for critical care she needs at this time by supporting her work:

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A Message From Rebecca:

Here is a link to the books: Books & Audio

NOW AVAILABLE   10407212_10206945503171425_8778670576469124942_n-300x111.jpg

The Great Revealing Uncovering Humanities Beginnings, History & hidden Truths

This book – The Great Revealing – has taken a few years to co…

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The Great Revealing

Uncovering Humanities Beginnings, History & hidden Truths

This book – The Great Revealing – has taken a few years to complete. Although it was over 95% complete in 2012 the work on it was not finished until Oct 2015. It was a true labor of love not only for me but for the two people, Sherrie and Tobias, who were a large part of this process. For that I thank them!

I will begin on the 2nd book in this series, hopefully, in a few weeks and have it ready next year if all goes well.

I will also be expanding on the ideas and messages in this book over the coming months and encourage any who read it to contact me with further questions they may have with the topics approached in this book.


Rebecca Jernigan

Channel and Translator for The Elohim

Here are what some are saying about the book!

“The Great Revealing”  takes “X-Files” to the power of ten!

Rebecca shows us the big picture in such a way that “big” and “picture” do not begin to do this volume justice. A casual reader of “truth” literature or a hardcore researcher will find much to draw their attention in “The Great Revealing”.  Written from the author’s own experience, we gain insight and understanding on well, everything! There is also an authenticity and a  hope for a better day ahead that I have not seen before!

Murray M

I just finished reading this book.  I can’t begin to tell you what an experience it has been.  I feel so blessed.  This is such an enlightening read.  I felt they were speaking to me as an individual and the encouragement and answers I received were just so helpful.  I feel uplifted and at a higher density than before I read it.  Truly wonderful!!!!  Thank you.

Donna H.

Not since Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God has there been a book so powerfully moving and profoundly inspirational as The Great Revealing by Rebecca Jernigan. Rebecca’s guides, known as The Elohim, share their wisdom about the universal truths connecting humanity  and the cosmos. The Elohim discuss a diversity of topics such as creation, the correlation between healing, genetics, and DNA, reincarnation, and sovereignty. These extraordinary dialogues resonate at a soul level. The Great Revealing is just that; a revelation of the ultimate reality of mankind and the universe. This is a five star, life-altering, must read book!

Barbara Mango, Ph.D.

Writer, Researcher, Speaker



Any donations can be done through my website (journeyswithrebecca.com/ ) – there are donation buttons on many pages or by using my e-mail: [email protected] 

I would like to come and do a show with you very very soon so I will keep in touch and I wish to thank you again for assisting me in this manner – Blessings to you dear friend.





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