THE TRUTH IS OUT HERE…IN PROJECT CAMELOT… Little did I know when we started that we would end up being the Real X-Files.

At the local LA shopping Center the Grove they went all out for the premiere of the X-Files.  It’s a great model and people flocked to take pictures of it like children seeing Santa Claus for the first time.  They want to believe…  But now at least some of us, know.

 What is perhaps harder to believe is how pervasive the secrecy still is and how few people (other than our audience) really know the truth.  It will be interesting to see if the X-Files has benefited from the truth being out here or not.  is Chris Carter still playing for the team bent on keeping the lid on the truth?  Find out tonight.


Back in the day, we did a pilot for a show on Project Camelot, the Real X-Files called SHADOW OPERATIONS.  Our show producer was offered a ‘deal’ by the CIA which he turned down.  The deal was, let the CIA run the show from behind the scenes and it would go to Series.  Needless to say, it never went to series. 

“No government agency has jurisdiction over the truth.” — Fox Mulder, The X-files





RECENTLY I had to replace the lock on my front door… it was stripped.. they must have   broken into my apartment and searched it.

I wonder what they were looking for….


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