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I just finished reading ELON MUSK by Ashlee Vance.  I am very interested in seeing what commercial space ventures are doing and what their thinking is.  This is where the Rogue Civilization idea can be seen in its sharpest relief.  Against the backdrop of real innovation and drive exhibited by Musk in his successful ventures, SpaceX, Tesla and SolarCity the Secret Space Program (SSP) stands, still hidden but on the verge of being revealed.  Think about it.

I want to interview Musk and ask him how he can spend so much time focused on an electrical car and rockets using conventional fuel when the secret space program is using free energy or zero point energy along with according to Captain Mark Richards, energy from black star or neutron stars… We also know that craft (both ours and ET craft are using energy from the sun to propel through space (see photos from John Walson showing craft refueling near the sun).  So what is going on with Musk who states his overall aim is to make humanity interplanetary?  What does he know and what is he in the dark about?  In the book about him, he is said to have shared some of his ideas with Larry Page (one the owners of Google) the idea of creating a way of teleporting to Mars.  How is it Page is also so uninformed as to what is really going on in the Secret Space Program?  Is this even possible that these guys can be so in the dark as to what is really going on? 

In another section of the book on Musk it says he goes back and forth, meeting with Obama.  What are they talking about?  One can envision that the secret government SSP had a problem on their hands when faced with Musk and his unrelenting drive to put rocket ships in space.  They either had to kill him or allow him to compete with NASA and best them at their own game.  One can imagine numerous reasons to let Musk have his way.  In a sense giving him this leeway, means the SSP would end up with an another layer of deception to add to the layers of the onion separating it from the public perception.  In other words if we are only able to attain whatever level of technology Musk and his teams are able to come up with, and they are doing better than NASA, Lockheed Martin and Boeing, then the public can’t possibly become curious about where the SSP with their alien tech and scientists from Project Paperclip could possibly have achieved.  One can no doubt see that NASA (the front) and the SSP and secret government have a large vested interest in :

1. Closely monitoring Musk (at least 2 of the original members of the Space X team appear to have intel backgrounds.  One of them was actually the Administrative head of NASA (2005-2007), Michael Griffin.  He also worked for the CIA’s venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel.  The other one was Jim Cantrell said to be an expert on Russian rockets (www.businessinsider.com/how-elon-musk-learned-rocket-science-for-spacex-2014-10?IR=T )  who became the first VP of Business Development for SpaceX.  He was accused of espionage by the Russians back in 1996 “after a satellite deal went awry.”  There are likely to be others still embedded in Musk’s enterprises. 

Their roles would have had to have been involved in managing Musk’s perceptions just as he was embarking on building his Space X company.  And steering him away from stumbling on the SSP no doubt. Let’s say, for the purpose of argument, that Musk, with his well read deep Sci-Fi background did allow for the possibility of the SSP being real.  Surely he would have heard about the whole reverse engineered ufos, bases on the Moon and Mars and much more (even while growing up reading Scifi novels). 

2.  It is not so far-fetched to imagine that Musk would have reached a juncture with the powers that run the space program and aerospace industry (not to mention government both surface and secret) that he was given a choice.  Thrive using old technologies and take them to their limit or be killed.  Or have someone close to him die.  This type of deal with the devil would seem to be a no-brainer. 

As it happens, the very sad fact is that Musk’s first child died of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome).  To my conspiracy-tuned sensibility this seems like too much of a coincidence coming right at the advent of the launch of the new SpaceX company. (Food for thought: do these infants actually die or are they replaced by dead clones while sleeping?  One can imagine a diabolical program underway to gather important genetically significant off-spring and take them off planet or underground to work in the SSP and cities and bases). 

Obviously there is little way of knowing how things have actually progressed for Musk even if his deep dark secret is having signed on to an agreement to ‘act as if’ he has no idea what’s really going on with the SSP and off planet travel.  Still I would relish the chance to interview Musk about all of this.  There is something so perfectly counter to everything I have learned after 10 years of interviewing whistleblowers from above top secret in seeing the diligent and earnest work of SpaceX and Tesla while knowing this other parallel world exists.  I marvel at the lack of knowing or evidence of being manipulated and how those in the know are forced to behave as if reality is really as limited as it appears.  There is an interview with Elon Musk on his recent success on the return of the Falcon 9 landing back on Earth after launching into space, where he talks about going to Mars sometime in 2025 or more… Why doesn’t he realize or appear to realize this has all been done?  This is where we can have some fun pitting the two world views against each other and getting exposure to what is really going on in the Secret Space Program revealing the lie.  It is amazing watching the evolving push by billionaire entrepreneurs who are pushing the envelope in the public sector while working right alongside the secret programs. 

Another case in point is of course the existence of underground MagLev trains (going for example from Vegas to Pine Gap in minutes or hours) while Musk unveils plans to build high speed rails from LA to San Francisco and LA to Las Vegas called Hyperloop. www.rt.com/usa/313071-hyperloop-musk-pneumatic-spacex/ This again is a huge disconnect.  So what gives? One could even say, that in the face of the evidence for the existence of the SSP (which is in my opinion, overwhelming) Musk is doing the honorable and ONLY thing he can do.  If they won’t let you into the club.. create your own.   Or the truth could be a bit more complex than that.  What I would really hate to learn is that these guys, Musk, Bezos, Page and let’s say even Branson have blinders on and are so closed minded that deceiving them is easy and they simply don’t know what’s going on (like most of humanity). 

On the other hand, it’s my more preferred view to think these guys who are pushing the envelope and at least in Elon Musk’s case working on behalf of furthering the future for humanity as he clearly states as his number one goal in life, have been told in no uncertain terms or read-in and gone along with the program of pretending that this is ‘all there is’.  That the antiquated world we live in where trains are so old and so slow and so pathetic to say nothing of combustion engines and flight in the tin cans they call airplanes is just the way it is..  Where technology and innovation have slowly been killed off by the parallel secret government/secret space program bent on dumbing down the droves of humanity they plan to eliminate in the near or not so near future.  While selectively dividing the bright and young from the old and dumb, the Anunnaki/Reptilian/Misc ET invader alliance goes along unimpeded and unthreatened by the rising of consciousness on Planet Earth a few lone entrepreneurs test the limits of what is possible within the confines of this prison planet. Actually neither alternative is ideal, so similar in nature to the pact during Nazi German occupation where people either worked with them in full knowledge of their demented plans or worked actively and seemingly blithely unaware of what murder and mayhem was going on all around them.

Regardless, at this time, we have an opportunity to break through from one world to the other, with the Rogue Civilization exposed operating like the parasite to its host that it truly is. And in exposing this inequity, all of humanity wakes up en-mass to the realization that they are being lied to and deceived, preyed upon and drained daily, of their talents and their labor and their hopes and dreams by a group who have established themselves secretly as Overlords.  With their alien tech and control of the resources of the Earth this group makes sure that we live in a limited dumbed down paradigm… practising outmoded and nonsensical pasttimes that are entirely meaningless and gradually marching off the cliff like lemmings while others of us consciously try to turn this ship around. 













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