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LOS ANGELES – November 8, 2015 – Multispectral Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFO ) simultaneously appeared over a wide geographic cross-section of the United States of America western region during the early evening skies of Saturday, November 7, 2015.

Pesonally, what I saw, was a single blue streak of light making ‘course corrections’ seemed to fizzle out but not before dumping what appeared to be an ever-growing huge dark grey cloud’ whereupon a faintly lit object ( craft ) emerged in front of the cloud and ‘increased altitude’ at an incredibly rapid rate of speed until it disappeared in a ‘sharp upward trajectory’.

Missile Or UFO?

Did I see a “Trident” ‘ballistic missile launch from a submarine’ rocketing in from off the U.S. Pacific Ocean coastline, as the U.S. government later claimed its U.S. Navy military was ‘exercising’, and if so ‘why’ was it launched to fly over the United States of America mainland instead of out over the ocean?

Fireball Meteor From Comet Encke?

Comet Encke debris field is known as the “Taurid” ‘meteor shower’, which only ‘now’ ( in 2015 ) presents a far stronger showing of what scientists call ‘glowing’ “fireballs” more-so than ever before.

ChemCloud Night Dispersals

I find it amusing as-to ‘why’ these government scientists do not explain the ‘increase in size’ that creates such huge balls of lights while simultaneously claiming these meteorids are ni bigger than a “grain of sand” or “melon.”

Pacific Ocean Overflight Restrictions: Midnight Until 06:30 ( PST )

As many suspect, what’s actually contained within our government ‘melon’ holds not one ( 1 ) ‘grain of sand’ but rather ‘asteroid-sized lies’ growing people like mushrooms sprinkled by a variety of fertilizer deceptives dispersed under cloak of darkness.

U.S. Southwest Blanketed

Whatever these UFOs are that are flying in to America from off the U.S. west coast Pacific Ocean, travelling eastbound over southern California, they’re also being seen over Nevada and as far east as Utah, and down as far south as Arizona too.

Look, Up In The Sky!

There were several events occurring over a wide geographic area providing a variety of different sightings consisting of varying types of objects, sizes, designs, colors, patterns and shapes of so many different light images that it became difficult to precisely identify what millions of people were spectators to in America.

What All Was Seen Was Not Understood

Examples of what recently appeared in the night skies were several colored light objects performing aerial acrobatics, amongst other things, which included:

1. Blue streak of light with a ‘downward trajectory’ that opened-up like a giant envelope of multiple blue light streaks and then gained altitude;

2. White streak of light with a ‘flat trajectory’ turning into a fattend-up pointed cone turning into a grey cloud that mushroomed into a giant dark gray colored ball;

3. Blue streak of light with a ‘sharp downward trajectory’ that turned into a white streak of light that had a yellow ball with a glowing orange tip;

4. White streak of light with an ‘upward trajectory’; and,

5. Blue streak of light with a ‘gradual arc trajectory’ with a white tipped object plus a series of short rectangle white lights resembling windows on a UFO flying in front of the primary white streak pointed light object.

A cross-section of video clips, displaying what appears in the night skies over America, can now be reviewed, here ( below ):

Videos –

What makes matters even-more alarming is the fact that the U.S. government, which recently ‘rerouted all incoming passenger airplane traffic’ to Los Angeles International Airport, has ‘rerouted air traffic again’; forbidding any airplanes from coming in over the Pacific Ocean – the ‘new official govetnment reason’ being that secret military government exercises are being conducted until the end of next week.

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