I just stumbled across this old email we received from Tony Dodd (former UK police officer and ufo investigator).  I  thought everyone might like to see his actual statement about the aliens among us. Tony Dodd passed on a few years ago…


Dear Ryan and Kerry,

Thanks for your kind words. Regarding your comments re the aliens who are among us. There is very little doubt they have been here for many years and there have occasionally had meetings with certain very high ranking people. One very high ranking military officer wrote about one such meeting. These meetings are far and few between and the individual is chosen by the alien for such meetings which take place under extreme secrecy. These aliens operate above normal government knowledge and they are hunted by highly trained hunter killers of several nationalities who operate to eliminate them. 

Normal people getting close to the truth of what is happening are getting into very dangerous areas and will quickly have a fatal accident. They will not permit anybody to rock the boat. I was warned I would be killed because some of my work.

The aliens are highly intelligent and have possibly obtained positions at a very high level and this is of great concern to the very high authorities.

My information is that the only way they can be recognised is by a deformed finger on one of their hands. To hide this they usually wear gloves or a bandage on the finger as if they have had an injury.

Best Wishes,

Tony Dodd.





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