Once you take on board the Terminator scenario operating in the world today… clones, cyborgs, AI, human and non-human terrain mapping, Skynet’s Mother, nano satellite networks that are self-aware and replicating including Jade 2 one version of the AI in operation as part of military exercises all around the globe you are watching the NWO at work at home.  Let’s not forget that the advent of Artificially intelligent networks and operations is not limited to Earth.  And that other civilizations have been dealing with this for a very long time.

It is also worth reminding people about my last conversation with Mark Richards when he talked about Artificial Intelligence in a way that is frankly ahead of the times as people understand it…

…”One of the things that Mark talked about that I mentioned in the past in the prior interview is that he flew an artificially intelligent – biologically intelligent – I am not sure how you frame that – spaceship called Minerva, and he was one of the few people, if not the only person who could fly that spaceship. She comes from another solar system altogether, and she considers herself to be a biological creation the way we are, although I guess in essence she is what you might call artificially intelligent.

Artificial intelligence can infect things even if they are not mechanical. Mark says the government keeps wraps on this and does not think the public can cope with this information and the ramifications of it. He said that he thinks that it is not an immediate threat on a mass scale; and he described an energy field coming down and infecting a car, for example – a modern car with an on-board computer – that can be infected and then sent back to an artificial intelligence source.

He talked about the battle of the AIs (Artificial Intelligence), and basically Mark Richards says that yes, that is a reality… that it is very possible that that is going on.”– Kerry Cassidy from my conversation with Captain Mark Richards, Space Command – projectcamelotportal.com/component/k2/item/3786-captain-mark-richards-interview-iii-space-command

It is significant that when I questioned him further on this issue of AI he declined to go into it in more depth due to what he said were the dangers…  I surmmized that there was a lot more to be said in this regard.

Yet another group of military exercises are going on notably the TALISMAN SABER 2015 in Australia this week…


The George Washington Carrier Strike Group (CSG) joined the bilateral U.S.-Australia Talisman Saber 2015 exercise on Tuesday as part of this week’s kick off of Australia’s largest ever combined arms drill.

A combined total of 30,000 troops, 21 ships, three submarines and 200 aircraft will train off of Autralia’s northern coast for two weeks with a focus on high-end warfighting.

The latest iteration of the biennial includes, for the first time, a contingent from the Japanese Self Defense Force (JSDF) and two ships and 500 troops from New Zealand.

..the article continues…

The planned exercise comes as tensions between nearby China and its neighbors continue to simmer in the South China Sea over overlapping territorial claims.

…China has been vocal about interests outside the territory intruding and Beijing academics and military leaders have accused Japan, Australia and the U.S. of forming a so-called “Iron Triangle” to limit Chinese ambitions in the region.”  —projectcamelotportal.com/component/k2/item/3786-captain-mark-richards-interview-iii-space-command

If you read the Jade Helm material and do research around the Jade 2 Artificial Intelligence program you will see that JADE is specifically formatted for “drag and drop” capability in other words to be deployed in any “theater” or area of the world and will confrom and be conformable to any situation.

Another interesting part of the simultaneous exercises is the focus on fighting and deploying troops and equipment into urban areas in both the American Southwest and Australia.  The total troops in the Talisman exercise are claimed to be 33,000 while we have no real estimates of the numbers of troops who will participate in the areas of the U.S. except for one figure pertaining to Texas quoted at 1,200 for that state.

Participating listed services within the U.S.:

Participants: – US Army Special Forces Command (Green Berets) – US Navy SEALS – US Air Force Special Operations Command – USMC Marine Special Operations Command – USMC Marine Expeditionary Units – 82nd Airborne Division – Interagency Partners  —american3rdposition.com/wp-content/uploads/Jade-Helm-Martial-Law-WW3-Prep-Document-1.pdf


Add the predictions of economic chaos and defaulting of governments like Greece who will never be able to pay back their debt (and the elephant in the room, the U.S. whose debt is at around 18 trillion) and the overall population reduction agenda by those in positions of power and you have a recipe for combustion.

See my previous article for further links and related info:



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