Apparently there is a great deal of secrecy surrounding the death of another Google exec supposedly run down by a taxi in Cannes.  He is the 2nd top exec to die in the past few months… It is getting dangerous to work at the higher levels of that organization.  

This marks the second unexpected death of a Google executive in as many months. Dan Fredinburg, an adventurous spirit and head of privacy for Google X, died after an avalanche on Mount Everest caused by a devastating earthquake in Nepal in late April.”–

The secrecy surronding this recent death is marked and notable leading one to suspect something much more is going on here.  This may indicate a HIT on the organization to play ball with the NSA and the surveillance society on a deeper level or is this a case of moving someone off planet or to an underground base where he may be more useful?  

Intuition points in the direction of a satanic hit on someone who might have been rebelling from the NWO lock-step or who ‘knew too much’…

The across the board journalists and websites keeping quiet and not further investigating this death are toeing the line and keeping silent in the midst of a highly questionable set of circumstances.  Take a look at all the lack of good reporting out there surrounding this daath and see how completely controlled the entire media establishment is… supposedly out of respect for the remaining ‘loved ones’.  This is nonsense and someone out there must know somthing.  Feel free to contact [email protected] if you have further information, on or off the record.





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