I am posting the following written by Ole Dammegard:

Please spread this asap, so it will backfire in the face of the dark forces trying to stop the Truth.

The Open Mind Conference in Holland, June 6-7, is organised by ex KLM captain and TCP gas whisteblower Willem Felderhof. www.openmindconference.nl

Finally we have a real truth conference here in The Netherlands, in Amsterdam, the so called capitol of free speach. The reality of it is that it is nothing like that. National and local government, police and mainstream media are in the highest gear of propaganda, censorship, lies and slander. Female government official Yasmina Haifi working with the justice department division terrorist prevention, is prohibited to visit the conference under threat of loosing her job. She is not even allowed to speak to any press. Her support website on Facebook and petition site is being attacked, blocked and censored too. This is worse than North Korea!

Chris Bollyn, famous for unravellling the way 9/11 was done, his controlled nano thermite demolition theory done by Israel and not Al Qaida, has been blown out of proportions. He’s been dragged through the public propaganda mud as a holocaust denier which is a crime here in The Netherlands for which you can get jailed.

The initial venue where OpenMind was planned to take place withdrew last minute under great public, political and, not the least, pressure of the next door neighbouring synagoge. All in all, everything is being done to make this conference impossible. The truth is breaking out relentlessly and there is no stopping! If anything shows the panic within the powers that be regarding this, it is visible now here in our Gouda cheese and windmills country. Holland represents the heart of their dark agenda and the light is breaking through.

We as Niburu.co, the largest true alternative new media website in The Netherlands, do everything we can to help and accommodate this process and are very happy to see a new venue is arranged in de Zonnewijzer in Aalsmeer which is close to Amsterdam. Even though local government there is now being difficult too, it does look like all can go ahead. Chris Bollyn, Frank Rasmussen, Ian Crane, Kenneth O’Keefe and Ole Dammegard will all take the stage tomorrow and for a whole day people have the chance to hear, see, feel and discuss the ultimate truth. Be there, Niburu.co will!– OLE DAMMEGARD


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