This is for those undergoing something similar to what I experienced…

I have consulted various healers.. and recommend especially Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics… (see below) You can read his book and study his techniques and use them easily just by watching the videos on the net.  Dead easy to use.

I have been told to use magnets to change your DNA signature so it’s harder for the scaler weapons to find you… Carry small ones in your pocket.  But you must use them intermittently cause prolonged use not good.  Also use crystals which do the same thing.  Put in rock salt to clear energies after use.

Spend lots of time in nature… Plants heal and take away negative energies and electronic smog.

Always meditate to increase your frequency /vibration and stay in highest frame of mind.

Don’t over use drugs or alcohol…  Use high vibrational color therapy.

Increase immune system strength with micro plant powder and see Immusist ad on my site… Good stuff.

Also use colloidal silver when necessary and Miracle Mineral Supplement (see our interviews with Jim Humble for links and more info)…

That’s about it.

I stay away from traditional medical doctors and any traditional medical establishment practices, big pharma etc etc.

Wear a medallion that wards off ELF and other harmful frequencies…There are lots out there to choose from.  Use your intuition.  Get grounded.  See above re spend time in nature.  Walk on ground without shoes!

Blessings and good luck.



  • Written by Kerry Cassidy

I just had a healing session with Richard Bartlett, author of several books, chiropractor and healer.   He and his partner, Melissa Joy are doing amazing work with what they call Matrix Energetics.  I have been reading their book, THE PHYSICS OF MIRACLES over the past few months.  Highly Recommended.

They are using concepts including accessing the zero point field and time travel to facilitate healing.  Apparently it is working.  Richard has a fascinating personal story to tell.

I will be doing an interview with Richard Bartlett and his partner, Melissa Joy, in the very near future.


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