So is Seymour Hersh floating a new lie  (courtesy of a walk-in to the CIA) about the death of Osama bin Laden, former employee of the CiA, because the old lie about Seal Team Six is wearing thin or was some government (Putin?) about to come forward with the real truth?


Despite their constant public feuding, American and Pakistani military and intelligence services have worked together closely for decades on counterterrorism in South Asia. Both services often find it useful to engage in public feuds ‘to cover their asses’, as the retired official put it, but they continually share intelligence used for drone attacks, and co-operate on covert operations.”–Seymour Hersh (article linked above)

As I said to a friend who read about the Hersh article at his much loved ZERO HEDGE site:

Uh, [name removed\, we know from multiple sources that Osama bin Ladin was killed in 2001…(see link below)

Why they are now floating this other totally false story through well known journalist Seymour Hersh is beyond me.  Although I can venture to guess that the old story (read “lie”) surrounding Seal Team Six was going to be revealed by some government (maybe Putin?) and they need a quick more plausible version.  

One can just see the Pakistanis leaping to come up with some self-aggrandizing version of events…

There are many layers to the “onion”….

Hersh is a good journalist and does have the guts to go up against the PTB from time to time but he still isn’t READ IN on our level.  

I suggest you take the time you would devote to Seymour’s old articles and concentrate instead on watching ALL OF MY VIDEOS and reading ALL OF MY ARTICLES!   (Not to mention 5 years of radios shows)…. LOL–U-S-Britain-covering-continue-war-terror.html




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