According to a source A-List celebs are leaving the U.S.  Most recently Paul Joseph Watson on the Alex Jone site reports James Cameron is moving to New Zealand.  There are multiple likely reasons for the move… Take your pick on which one holds the greatest weight:

1.  Jade Helm, increased military exercises focused on flushing out patriots around the U.S. in possible preparation for civil war.
2.  Earth changes due to incoming Planet X.
3.  Sad state of U.S. government, and obvious preparations to move various departments to Denver, Colorado, Utah and more.
4.  Forced vaccines for adults and children.
5.  High possibility of grid takedown because of any of the above including CME or man-made EMP.
6.  Civil unrest would make well known and wealthy celebs targets for people without food, water or money made homeless due to shift.
7.  Signs around the U.S. of secret preparations including recent notable closings of Target and Wa-mart store across the country.

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