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We had a great event in Barcelona although it was a small crowd and as it happens neither me nor Ole Dammegard made a dime!  Apparently they ended up paying for the conference room and cameraman to film the event and translator but didn’t have a big enough crowd to make it possible to pay us.

At this point I am not sure I will be able to do any more speaking events as they simply aren’t covering costs of my flights or hotel.  Ole is also in a bad way for funds as a result of laying out money to get to Barcelona so if you can donate to him and to Camelot to help we would really appreciate it.

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To see my recent live interview with Ole Dammegard re False Flags and Charlie Hebdo go here:

They did film and they say we may be able to get a portion of the proceeds from  the stream or DVDs of the event.

Ole did a stellar job explaining false flags and the process behind them with a great set of slides.  I released some key new whistlleblower info at both Malta and the Barcelona events that hasn’t been released anywhere yet.


I have 2 new interviews regarding new information that might concern Nibiru or the Brown Dwarf/2nd sun theory coming soon!  While we are in the process of editing I prefer not to say more however I do want to let everyone know these are fascinating interviews containing new information that could relate directly to our future.  They are not doom and gloom but rather a heads up on changes coming and preparations being made behind the scenes.


If you value this work and wish me to continue please be aware I also have to pay nearly $3000 in taxes that I can’t afford. ***(Note:  a Camelot supporter has now covered my taxes!  Thank you so much!)


Lastly, I am working with a financial consultant who is helping craft the business plan for seeking investors and crowd funding to launch PCTV.  We are hard at work on this and hope to launch our campaign soon.  Anyone who would like to get in on the ground floor of this start up Virtual TV Network should send me their resume and skill sets.  We are planning to do this as a commercial venture and pay top hosts out of advertising from like-minded positively oriented ads.  I have commitments from nearly 20 top hosts, whistleblowers and authors.  Coming soon!

Feel free to contact me with suggestions and send in your CV/resume if you would like to work with us!



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