I interview Daniel Smith who is about to go on trial for selling MMS (Jim Humble’s Miracle Mineral Supplement). He tells us about the case against him, the convoluted trail of thinking that leads the FDA and ultimately the Department of Justice to commit what is a great injustice against him and several others. He is extremely well spoken and sober in regard to how judges and the legal system conspires to implicate him in their drive to eliminate our right to heal ourselves while supporting big pharma.

See below for more detail and listen closely to this important video testimony.

Go here for more details on MMS and for links to Camelot video interviews with the inventor of MMS, Jim Humble.



Daniel Smith is self educated musician, scientist, entrepreneur and family man. In 2007, Daniel left a career in technology and founded Project GreenLife, a private healthcare membership association that made alternative health products available to members worldwide. One of these products was MMS – Miracle Mineral Solution – a simple sodium chlorite solution that would later be targeted for removal from the market by the FDA to make way for the release of a pharmaceutical company equivalent. In 2013, the EU passed orphaned drug status for sodium chlorite for the treatment of ALS with reports of ongoing clinical studies for its use with MS, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Daniel, who is facing 37 years in prison for making MMS available to the world, has spent two years fighting a corrupt criminal justice system and has launched a petition to Congress (2015) to impeach prosecutorial and judicial misconduct and enact much needed reform. Daniel’s site, as well as the petition, can be found at StandByDaniel.com.

Kerry Lynn Cassidy


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