Angela Donovan – 2015



Speaker and author of the highest and greatest spiritually-empowering techniques benefiting everyone towards their own super-sensory awareness and power. Whilst encountering extraordinary life experiences throughout a varied career – from catering to corporate finance – Angela’s powerful drive and burgeoning talent for mediumship ultimately compelled her to surrender corporate life and allow her to maximise her talent and follow her true life-path with ‘a view of the future’ in Business and Spiritual Mentoring, self-motivating individuals and their companies worldwide. Her ongoing success derives from her powerful dynamic energy and her gift of extraordinary spiritual vision, both of which enable her to see way beyond any ‘problem’ she is faced with.

With her positive, upbeat outlook she gives inspiration and sound guidance to all who meet her, leaving everyone with at least one crucial message that will make the greatest difference to their lives.


Angela is also highly credited in DJ Johnnie Walker’s‘Autobiography’, published by Michael Joseph/Penguin in 2007, and in “An English Psychic in Hollywood” by Lucinda Clare in Los Angeles, published by Ebury Press 2006.

The Wish’ Courses commenced in 2008 in UK, Belgium and Switzerland.

India ‘Naadi Tours’: since 2005 Angela and Andrew take small groups from around the world to meet the Naadis to find their ancient Sanskrit palm-leaf reading on their past, present and future lives.



Further Background: 12 years on a committee fund-raising for international Charities with the prestigious event organiser, Lady Carolyn Townshend; working with many other charities including The Samaritans, AIDS, RNIB, RNID and several animal charities.



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