Re: Bill Ryan’s 2010 interview with Credo Mutwa about Michael Tellinger
(originally posted on the Avalon Forum in response to a recent newsletter from Bill Ryan to his Avalon Forum members (linked below)…

Hi everyone,

I see that there is a great misunderstanding cropping up yet again surrounding Michael Tellinger and Credo and want to bring everyone’s attention to my interview with Michael where we talk about the circumstances surrounding Michael’s relationship with Credo. There is a clear statement there from Michael as well on the page along with pictures.…chael_tellinger.html

It is vitally important that people understand there may be a number of things at work here that often crop up with people who are heavily surveilled and also targeted not only by militaries with various agendas but also beings from off planet and in this case, reptilian races who consider they own this planet and mainly live underground or in 4D. Credo is very likely being targeted to behave a certain way. And by the way so is Webre and so are others.

I would also urge people not to assume that indigenous people who have contact with various on and off planet races (sometimes called ‘alien’ which is actually incorrect since many are related to us through DNA) are not necessarily positive. Sometimes, as many of you already know, these ET races are what we call service-to-self. Just because an indigenous race claims to have knowledge and deep understanding, keep in mind that individuals as well as whole clans or tribes can easily be as mislead as any modern day human. Therefore, an unreasonable sense of awe and honoring of the so-called ‘ancestors’ can be misplaced and detrimental to understanding the true nature of what contribution (negative or positive) to the planet and humanity, actually is.

I know Michael Tellinger well, have visited Adams Calendar 3 or 4 times and shot a documentary about it for those interested. As an intuitive, I can tell you that Adams Calendar is a time travel device among it’s many other purposes… I was instantly drawn to go there from the first time that I saw the pictures and heard about it. It is a substantial portal and power place.

I have known Michael for many years. He has a true heart and is in service to humanity.

For those interested in learning more about Adam’s Calendar, a place on equal with the great ancient sites in Egypt, I encourage you to view my documentary here:…calendar-documentary

In truth,

Kerry Cassidy

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