I met Philip while on a speaking tour in Hong Kong and appeared on his TV show. He is a delightful talk show host and very knowledgeable about UFOs and the conspiracy scene.


Investigator of Hong Kong UFO incidents, Internet TV host of “MJ13” and “Hidden Messages”,

Radio host of “Area 51” at Digital Broadcast Radio Station, and Author of the book “Cheuk Fei . UFO”

He saw an orange sphere UFO when he was 13 on the roof of the building with his father and sisters. And being obsessed by the UFOs incident. In his book “Cheuk Fei . UFO” he introduced a local alien abduction case that happened in Hong Kong.

He escaped several accidents that almost cost his life; a motorbike accident, rappelling accident, the 911 crisis, as well as Tsunami of Southeast Asia. Cheuk Fei also a 2 Grade student of Japanese iadio (Japanese Traditional Swordmanship) . He fills up his life by “Zen” of Buddhism and believes in “Everything happens for a reasons”.

Cheuk Fei also led 2 teams of local fans to visit Gate of Area 51, Enchantment Resort of Sedona of Arizona, Snowflake of Arizona.

He has interviewed Travis Walton – Contactee of Fire in the Sky incident, Melinda Leslie -MILAB / Contactee, Niara Isley – MILAB / Contactee, Dr. Lynne Kitei – Phoenix Lights Investigator, Larry Lowe – Phoenix Lights Investigator,Tom Dongo – Bradshaw Ranch Investigator, Paola Harris – Photo Journalist and Investigative reporter and Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot.


Kerry Lynn Cassidy


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