The Question About the Astronauts – A Strange Brew

I received the following email from an anonymous source.  


I really don’t know what to make of Buzz (and the other astronauts generally). 

I would say that Buzz is hyper-active to a degree and likes to see himself mentioned by others; along with having a penchant for tweeting about lunches with young female admirers … so perhaps he is a normal and vital older male heterosexual ? Perhaps a side-effect of Viagra or Cialis ? 


As far as the astronauts in general … they seem to be a strange brew.

I would think they would be the best and most reliable witnesses (if they would come forward about what they had witnessed) yet some will actively decry what another astronaut has said; or deny any personal knowledge. 

At least I though they could be reliable witnesses until the incident where Lisa Marie Nowak was stalking fellow astronaut Bill Oefelein and drove across the US in diapers to confront his other gal AF Cpt. Colleen Shipman.

I gave up on NASA’s (alleged) psychological screening capabilities after that one; although it could be an example of some NASA MK type chemistry experiment gone wrong or perhaps just an extreme case of a female hormonal reaction (I have known a few women who could have done that). As the joke goes … ‘You know you are a Redneck … if your woman can climb a tree faster than your cat.’

The NASA astronauts’ minds and their story may be ‘controlled’ to some degree but all their stories taken together should still provide enough detail and both consistency and inconsistency to provide useful information.

It is one thing to not speak out but another to speak out against other astronauts.

We have (at least) the cases of Frank Frederick Borman, II; James Alton “Jim” McDivitt; Gordon Cooper; Edwin E. “Buzz” Aldrin, Jr; Neil Armstrong; Harrison Schmitt; and Edgar Mitchell all of whom have behaved very differently from one another regarding the subject.

Those who had continued to claim direct positive knowledge are gone (i.e. Cooper). Those that seem to have been the best and most honest credible witnesses are gone (i.e. Armstrong). Those that remain are not talking (i.e. Borman and McDivitt); with the exception of Dr Edgar Mitchell who claims no direct personal experiences but makes himself available to talk at length about what he himself never saw; yet also runs his Institute of Noetic Sciences operation. All the while Harrison Schmitt is trying to mine the Moon for Helium3 … a very strange brew.

Frank Borman and Jim McDivitt are still around and have been quoted as saying the things they saw were actually man-made although perhaps unidentified (I have not heard them say this myself).

Maybe it is time to do a round of the remaining astronauts to get their ‘Personal First-Hand Accounts’ on the record. It would be nice to have them provide a ‘Personal Statement’ along the lines of ‘I am not at liberty to discuss my experiences under orders by (or contact with) xyz.’

I might consider asking “If I were to ask you ‘Have you ever seen a real Easter Bunny ?‘ would you respond in the same way as if I were to ask you ‘Have you ever seen a real UFO ?‘ and if not then why not? 

If I were being really coy then I might phrase this as ‘Have you ever seen a real Santa Claus ?‘ but then the answer could be more confusing to decipher. 

I might ask the astronauts “Several senior Russian Space Agency officials and astronauts have talked on the record about seeing UFOs … The French COMETA Report states that the best explanation for UFOs is ”the extraterrestrial hypothesis’ … Why are they the only ones seeing these things (and / or) being more forthcoming and honest about their experiences than our American heroes?

Of course this could be a Web Question for them … I can retype it in BOLD if you wish … 


PS … It might be interesting to see how they would react to Clark C McLelland and to his book chapters too. Then again, it might be better to record that and not to do that one live though (or not).

PPS … I would have liked to see a discussion between Neil Armstrong, Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell (maybe with Harrison Schmitt too) … but alas … it is too late for that one; Borman, McDivitt and Mitchell (maybe with Harrison Schmitt too) could be interesting. I think Buzz is a strong willed out spoken, loose cannon kind of guy so he would be a wild-card of sorts; he could stir things up or shut them down.

PPPS … With the discrediting, of late, of US intelligence orgs and government operations globally, perhaps there is a window where ‘US Heroes’ might once again choose to ‘Serve the People’ … and establish their true bona fides … for posterity as it were … 


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