Intel re Exercises in Washington DC & Los Angeles?

I am getting intel from a source regarding…

A report from a Washington D.C. contact about a ‘military exercise’ that occured over the Capitol yesterday that’s been hushed-up. And… Word about Urban training that began last night around ‘midnight’ that lasted until 02:00 a.m. ‘this morning’.  I’m told that it was announced ‘somewhere’ 2-days beforehand but still rattled civilian nerves.

Los Angeles:  There’s an exercise going down ‘this coming week’ in Los Angeles too, which I’m monitoring through local sources. The event is supposedly in preparation for a 7-month position of reactionary forces in the Western Pacific and Middle East set to begin in Spring of 2015; but, that’s the U.S. Gov storyline.

Just received this link:

Marines To Train For Urban Combat In Downtown Los Angeles   


Video commentary:

Anyone with any further info feel free to contact


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