Awake And Aware 2013 : Kerry Cassidy’s Time Travel Presentation Now Free!


Back in April of 2013 I produced a groundbreaking conference in the greater Los Angeles area (Burbank) that presented stellar Project Camelot whistleblowers and authors speaking on TIME TRAVEL.

I presented at the end of the 3 days regarding an important whistleblower testimony from a young man based in the Pacific Northwest who had met Werner von Braun and many ex-Nazis who had been reverse-aged. He also claimed that von Braun was his biological father. He did not at that time, want to go public, but preferred to do further investigation and write a book. I have not had any further updates from him at this time.

This information has been confirmed by Captain Mark Richards who I have now interviewed 3 times on site in Vacaville Prison in California.

Avaliable here free!


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Kerry Cassidy