I have been given the following ebook written by Lynette Granger a contactee (also known as Monarch 47) and MKUltra programmed subject of experiments on children involving mind control and sexual manipulation.  

She writes:  …”

Making Catholic Lobots

I am sending a story you may or may not find interesting or believable. Either way, as a human being I feel it is my duty to at least alert you to the possibility my story could be true.

First, I really hate this part of my testimony to you. I was a “sponsored orphan” that went to the home of known bisexual parents and pedophile foster Dads. Eventually, I was adopted by married bisexual parents who worked covertly for the CIA.

Florida Foster Care: Unusual Brain Scars

I was in the Florida State Reform System for Behavioral Experiments. My surgeries began a few days after my birth when the Church had custody. I spent time at the A.G. Dozier State Reform School, Sunland Hospital (pre and post opening) Tallahassee and others.

It appears Catholic adoption charity gave me a lobotomy and multiple surgeries. I wondered if they would go to extremes of lobotomy for child sex work using infants.

It is a sick custom of some Priests to prepare children for pedophiles. The modified children were sold for money and got adopted faster.

I do believe they had a wait list in those days. I say this because I knew of man and his wife on a wait list for a “modified” child. They got one from Catholic Charities and he was raised in a “Florida Sexual Family House”.

That is what the psychologists at Sunland called them when I was being prepared for release and adoption. In fact, my physical therapist told me I was “going to learn the birds and the bees” in my new home. I thought it was going to be science class in first grade. It was much worse than that. “– Lynette Granger, BUTTERFLY CHIMERA — BOOK ONE

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Starfire Disclosure: The Nature of Alien Experiments on Humans