angelichuman.jpgFollowing the success of the 3 stellar Project Camelot Awake & Aware conferences in the past, I am now thinking of doing another one this Spring.  However, I need an investor to cover the upfront expenses which range up to as much as 50,000 dollars (hotel rooms, flights and rental of the conference room for 2 full days).  Usually, this is a full weekend event with a Friday night meet & greet cocktail party.  We would also like to have live music on the Friday night so any bands out there feel free to contact me.

Any investor will receive initial investment back plus a pre-negotiated cut of the profits.  

If you are interested in seeing and attending another Project Camelot Awake & Aware Conference please email me at:

Put AWAKE & AWARE in caps in the subject line.

Let me know your skill set, area of interest and also let me know the speakers you would ike to see!

Prospective dates:  April or May 2015

Location:  Los Angeles or surrounding area

I am also looking for potential volunteers (get in free and get free dvd after the conference in exchange for your help!)…

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