This is a short video update regarding my speaking events coming up in the next few days and weeks during the month of August and early September.  For more info go to UPCOMING EVENTS or SEE BELOW!

SUMMER 2014:  — new dates and cities now added!


St. Albans, UK  – August 21st – 7pm UK time


Amsterdam, Holland  – August 24th – time TBA

Details/ Location:

Locatie Centrum Zonnewijzer – Bedrijvenweg 24, De Kwakel (next to Aalsmeer, half an hour drive from Amsterdam, 15 minutes drive from Schiphol)


Berlin, Germany – August 27th – 7pm

Address of venue:

Healingcastle Schochwitz
James Welsh / Ingrid Straub-Zerfowski
Schlossplatz 1 D-06198 Salzatal – OT Schochwitz



PARIS, FRANCE – September 5, 2014  –  6:00-7:30pm  (18:00-19:30)


Dorothy’s Gallery, American Center for the Arts 

27, rue Keller – 75011 PARIS / 01 43 57 08 51 / Métro Bastille, Voltaire


Description of talk(s):

Topic:   The Shadow or Secret Government has grown in leaps and bounds since WWII whose primary raison d’être became the Secret Space Program.  This program involves Black Projects that use newly invented and acquired technologies with the help of treaties and relationships over time with various ET races, both on and off planet. I will cover the ET visitation to Planet Earth, our allies and adversaries and how conscious awareness of the multi-verse and truth behind the Matrix can empower you to deal with this brave new world.