Fukushima & Cancer/Radiation Exposure

According to top level contacts I have been told that Fukushima is just the beginning when it comes to an increase in radiation and as a result cancers cropping up in the populations exposed around the world.  I am told that nuclear power plants worldwide are leaking.  One source has said that plants without exception in the nuclear industry are hiring people and lying to them about the dangers of exposure on the job to radiation.  Various plants (even those that have been shut down) are leaking into the ground water and surrounding areas here in the United States and elsewhere.

As a result I am being told there is a high increase in the number of reported cases of cancer, whether skin cancers or other types and that it is going to reach epidemic proportions very shortly (this according to a doctor with 30 years experience in the area of cancer therapy).  

As those who follow Camelot on a regular basis will know, this indicates PREMEDITATION in the BUILT-IN OBSOLESENCE of nuclear powers plants.  It means that those with the larger view of the big picture on Planet Earth have an agenda that they are working on that has been in place for decades in anticipation of this time.  It means that they are letting this happen.  And it also means that they are facilitating this through certain means including, as many will know, the deliberate targeting involved in the Fukushima meltdown in Japan… orchestrated using stuxnet, nuclear charges placed strategically undersea along faultlines and Haarp or scaler weapons.  

What we are talking about here is TERRAFORMING PLANET EARTH to allow for an incoming race of beings that are more conducive to a higher radiation count than current populations.  It also is reflected in the fact that as the movie the X-MEN demonstrates, that radiation exposure of the parents prior to the birth of a child increases the chance for mutations to occur, or MUTANTS and also results in higher incidence of AUTISM in children.  Children who are autistic have a greater chance of being PRECOGS which is what the government is interested in.  They are working in these ways, allowing and even purposely causing these conditions to achieve an agenda that points to creating a Humanity 3.0.  

It is also important to know that it appears that the top levels of leadership in Japan are well aware of the fact that their island has become uninhabitable.  They have purchased the KAMKATCHA ISLANDS and are, I am told consulting various governments about other places where their peoples can be evacuated.  There is some evidence that the island of Japan will experience another serious event in the future.  Unfortunately, the way the government of Japan has chosen to deal with things is to pass laws to limit the access to information for their people.   We urge the Japanese people and their government to be more open in dealing with solutions.  I also was told behind the scenes the U.S. has offered help to clean up Fukushima but at the same time, has placed certain CONDITIONS on their offer.  Conditions such as immunity from prosecution of any American or the American government etc.  Needless to say, placing conditions such as immunity would make it difficult for the Japanese government to accept their offer.  

I am told there has been a meltdown in a nuclear plant in Eastern Europe which is equally dire, a plant in the Michigan area, French nuclear plants and many many others are all leaking into the environment.  Somehow mainstream news has to stand up out from under the strangle-hold of governments and report this crucial story.  Our planet and our peoples need to recognize what is really going on here.

It is also crucial that people recognize there are multiple ways of curing various cancers and that we are not powerless in this regard.  Many cancer cures are out there and often practioners are persecuted who try to make these cures available.  


On a personal note:  I have been diagnosed as having a small patch of skin cancer (due to sun exposure) that I am currently dealing with via alternative therapies.  I will let people know what I end up doing to handle this but one thing I am immediately doing is using a RIFE MACHINE with the help of a very experienced RIFE PRACTIONER.  This therapy along with a few others that are being recommended are costing money and so any DONATIONS to help deal with these costs would be greatly appreciated.


I will continue to report on healing methods I come across them in my travels.

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