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Anonymous Pharaoh - The Egyptian Revolution of the People Anonymous Pharaoh – The Egyptian Revolution of the People

The Untold Egyptian Revolution: Humanity Rising Above Globalist Control

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Prince Judge Matthew, Ph.D.

Matthew Greene is an international judge authorized to preside in UN Courts of international justice and human rights, and to preside in national Courts applying international law and human rights laws. He served for 20 years as a Presidential level advisor, including over 7 years as a diplomatic Special Envoy, for multiple free countries supporting the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) and BRICS alliance including the Russian Federation. In the course of such diplomatic assignments promoting anti-agenda and anti-globalist operations, Judge Matthew visited Egypt during all of its historic revolutionary events of 2011-2013, providing independent expert support to deep-state security officers of the Egyptian military.

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The Global Importance of the Egyptian Revolution to Humanity

Egypt became the frequent subject of international media attention since its revolution of 2011, mostly targeted for vilification of the entire country by sweeping overgeneralizations and fear-mongering. This took the form of much speculation, driven entirely by misleading and one-sided propaganda by Western media, with even the “alternative media” mostly unaware of the real facts on the ground, which never seemed to be noticed.

However, there do exist certain controlling facts, which not only prove the underlying true nature of the events of the revolution, but also clarify the real-world context of subsequent events in Egypt. We cannot possibly hope to understand the truth of new ongoing current events, until we properly recognize the truth of what actually happened leading up to the present.

This report is provided to preserve and highlight those tangible facts of reality, to empower global anti-agenda awareness and international political strategies to remain on track in a positive direction for humanity.

What these long-suppressed facts boldly demonstrate, is nothing less than the power of humanity to rise above globalist control, and to overcome the institutional deceptions of Western neocolonial machinations.

Egypt is a perfect example, indeed a microcosm, of the battle between the NATO oligarchic agenda of globalist enslavement, and the humanitarian forces of the people for good. To witness the true events on the ground (penetrating the media blackout against the truth), was literally to experience the full restoration of one’s faith in humanity.

The Grass-Roots Egyptian Revolution of the People

The true beginning of the Egyptian revolution was the Alexandria Church bombing of January 1, 2011, which killed 23 Coptic Christians. Egyptian military security officials openly provided abundant proof that “foreign elements” had committed the attack, showing photographic and documentary evidence in local Egyptian newspapers. A US funded affiliate of Al Qaeda based in US-controlled Iraq had already threatened (in November 2010) to attack Egyptian Christians. [1]

Lest we forget: It is a proven fact, publicly confirmed by admissions of British Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, that Al Qaeda itself was “recruited and trained with help from the CIA” [2], and an official US Army West Point report further confirmed that Al Qaeda was directly created by American cash and weapons [3].

It was immediately and abundantly obvious to the common people throughout Egypt, that such an attack could only be intended to artificially create sectarian divisions and civil war. But the Egyptian people were wise, and refused to be deceived or manipulated by covert “false flag” warfare. (Egyptians do not even seem to have a word for “false flag”, and do not recognize the term in English, but they certainly seem to know it when they see it.)

While the protests began with Christians demanding protection from the government, Muslims wholeheartedly joined the protests in unison. Muslims all over Egypt entered Christian Churches as voluntary “human shields”, guarding Churches inside and outside against any further false-flag provocations. [4] Christians and Muslims nationwide declared solidarity, proclaiming each other as “brothers of faith”, regardless of their differences in faith.

President Hosni Mubarak tried to gain political capital out of the event, proclaiming on Egyptian television and radio that his own sons would also enter the Churches as human shields, blatantly trying to portray his family as heroes. That move backfired badly, because his reputation of serving as a puppet for US-Israeli interests instead led the people to believe that Mubarak himself was involved in the clearly “false flag” attack, purposely to take advantage of it with precisely such political gestures.

Very quickly, a genuine, organic and sincere movement of the people was mobilized entirely against Mubarak. [5] What began as a covert provocation to divide the people, instead served to unite the people against such manipulations, due to the humanitarian values and anti-agenda wisdom of the people. [6] Mubarak was personally implicated in the Church bombing, with findings that the Interior Minister of the President’s Cabinet, Habib Al-Adly, had directly ordered the attack. [7] [8]

As a direct result of those developments of awakening and anti-agenda awareness of the people, the full-scale popular revolution against Hosni Mubarak began less than 3 weeks after the Alexandria Church bombing, officially beginning on January 25, 2011. What had started as a false flag attack to “divide and conquer” the people, intended as destabilization to protect the US-backed dictatorial regime, instead became a genuine grass-roots revolution that successfully deposed that regime.

Illegal Covert Infiltration by Globalist Agenda Agents

From the beginning on January 25, 2011, the grass-roots protests were declared to be entirely peaceful. The only distinct activity of the demonstrations was periodic mass prayers. The sworn Muslim-Christian unity from the Alexandria Church bombing continued to be the central driving theme of the revolution against Mubarak. Every time Muslims bowed down observing their call to prayers, their “Christian brothers” stood guard around them, protecting them from the intimidations of Mubarak’s police. When Christians periodically kneeled for prayer, their “Muslim brothers” reciprocated, standing guard. It was as if the people of Egypt had basically decided to “pray their way through” the revolution, praying for their freedom.

Egyptian Revolution Prayer Guarded by Christians

Egyptian Revolution Prayer Guarded by Christians

Only 3 days before the “Day of Rage” protests of January 28, 2011, an American-Israeli dual citizen Ilan Chaim Grappelli arrived in Egypt. He was photographed among the first people to appear in Tahrir Square, and recorded videos of himself giving public speeches at Tahrir Square at the Al-Azhar Mosque, inciting violence, specifically calling on otherwise peaceful protesters to target and actually attack military police who were protecting the demonstrators. Grappelli was later arrested by Egyptian military security services in June 2011, who found that he is an active Mossad agent, and a war criminal who directly participated in the atrocities and massacres in Lebanon in 2006. [9]

Grappelli even entered Egypt on a forged visa, which is completely unnecessary, because the so-called visas are simply purchased upon arrival in only 5 minutes for only about $30, with no “yes or no” decision made by any authorities at all. (This serves to illustrate the “compulsive lying” complex characteristic of NATO axis agents, whose every actions tend to profusely exude multiple layers of deception as a matter of habit.)

A thoroughly documented investigation, complete with extensive documentary, photographic and video evidence, proved that Ilan Chaim Grappelli had been infiltrating legitimate protest groups to corrupt them into illegally turning violent, reporting to Mossad with intelligence on individuals targeted for manipulation, and distributing money to Egyptians in connection with recruiting them to commit violence for destabilization and sabotage of national infrastructure. He was also found to have been organizing whole groups of purported “protesters” based upon armed violence.

Grapelli openly admitted to authorities that he also paid money to local Egyptians to spread rumors of disinformation for destabilization. (No, he was not “tortured”: That is something CIA plants in the US puppet government did to protect the Mubarak regime, not what real Egyptians do to support their peaceful revolution overthrowing that very same foreign infiltration to restore their human rights.) His admissions were voluntary, and even seemed to be bragging to intimidate or discourage the freedom-supporting security officials.

In addition to actively creating a criminal movement of false so-called “protestors”, this American Mossad agent was also caught monitoring Sinai gas pipelines to Israel and movements of Palestinians through the Gaza tunnels into Sinai. Both of those sites are of military interest to Israel, primarily as targets of false flag operations, and also as means of covertly placing agent provocateurs within Egypt for destabilization. Grappelli also admitted that he paid money to some criminal elements in Egypt to carry out the explosions sabotaging the gas pipleline which supplies Israel and Jordan.

The investigation established that the Mossad mission was designed to preempt and co-opt a genuine revolution of the people, to keep the dictator Mubarak in power, since he was essentially a puppet of US-Israeli interests. The mission was to artificially create sectarian violence among ordinary Egyptians, and included preparing criminalized armed false “protesters” to violently resist orders of the military in the event that Mubarak would be overthrown by the legitimate peaceful protesters. [10]

The fact that the Mossad provocation and destabilization operation was actively supported by the United States is proven by the aggressive and high-level US efforts negotiating for the release of Ilan Chaim Grappelli. Even Gary Ackerman of the US Congressional House Foreign Affairs Committee was lobbying Egyptian authorities, admitting that Grappelli had been a congressional “intern” in Ackerman’s office. The Congressman proclaimed the agent’s “innocence”, even despite the mountains of photographic and video evidence by which he was caught red-handed. [11]

Such provocations, enabled and supported by the Mubarak regime, were the only element causing any violence in the otherwise wholly peaceful revolution of the people. It was these provocations, mostly through aggression of the police troops, which forced protesters to fight against police, only in self-defense, enough to disable police vehicles and fend off police personnel, to allow peaceful protest to continue safely.

Egyptian Revolution Stand Up to the Oligarchs Regime

Egyptian Revolution Stand Up to the Oligarchs Regime

Shortly before February 3, 2011, less than one week after the “Day of Rage” protests, Egyptian deep-state security sources sympathetic to the revolution leaked an internal Ministry of Interior document classified “highly secret” to Arab journalists. The document, issued under the official seal of the Office of Interior Minister of the Mubarak regime, was labeled as “Circular No. 60/B/M”, titled “Plan to address the mass demonstrations”.

Consisting of a list of “Strategies”, the circular included: “2 – To employ a number of criminals and to pay them well… without official mission status… to create scalable chaos”; “7 – to make sure to arm the elements in civilian clothes with wooden sticks, small iron pieces”; “9 – …allowing the infiltration of [thugs and criminals] to cause limited chaos during the demonstrations”; “12 – Broadcasting rumors through all media about acts of looting and theft”; “13 – Broadcast direct messages… to the foreign media… to coincide with the deployment of the bully plan [of criminal elements]”. [12]

This plan, which was effectively implemented by the US-backed Mubarak regime, did succeed in holding Egypt hostage to manufactured international public opinion, by fear-mongering for scaring away foreign tourists. This was intended to blame and discredit the genuine anti-agenda protestors, and intimidate them into backing down to protect the regime. However, the Egyptian people at the grass-roots level were wise, saw straight through the deception and propaganda, instantly recognized the infiltrating false-flag provocations, and refused to back down.

The Ministry of Interior circular, instructing police to orchestrate false-flag provocations to discredit legitimate peaceful protesters, was issued under Mubarak’s Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly (immediately before he was dismissed on January 31). That is the very same person who was proven to have ordered the Alexandria Church bombing. The plan itself was identical in every detail to the strategies of the proven Mossad agent Grappelli, who was already arrested and exposed by deep-state military security agencies.

Even though most Egyptians did not know of these facts and evidence, in their ancient cultural traditional wisdom, the people still saw through the deceptions, and the genuine peaceful revolution raged on.

The Rise of Humanity Proving No Need for Big Brother

Meanwhile, in the small old-world Arabic villages of the people’s nation of Egypt, there was no fear, and no conflict. The general mood of the people was happiness and excitement, with a heightened sense of community. They saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and could intuitively but tangibly feel their inherent power which is only given superficial lip-service in the West as their “God-given inalienable human rights”. It was truly a great time to be alive, and the most profound inspiration in one’s life to have the privilege to witness.

Egyptian Revolution Peaceful Quiet Village Cafe

Egyptian Revolution Peaceful Quiet Village Cafe

All police were gone from the streets, terrified of the justified wrath of the people. All local government offices had closed as Mubarak crony officials went into hiding. The general consensus of the people was that there was simply “no government” at all, and that was considered a good thing.

Of course, the Mubarak regime and international media ranted on about how the country was supposedly dangerous without any government “in control”. The Egyptian government was saying “you need us to control you”, while foreign governments were reminding their citizens that “you need us to protect you” by false warnings of supposed dangers if traveling to Egypt.

However, despite all of the obviously transparent propaganda of our supposed need for “Big Brother” government to “take care of us” (by controlling us), the Egyptian people actually thrived:

Without any bureaucratic “red tape” and oppressive “compliance” impositions to stop them, people in the villages naturally and effortlessly organized. Neighbors were helping neighbors, Christians and Muslims in harmony. Villagers made volunteer security and checkpoints, at which all citizens passing through were treated with civility and respect. Respected families, Churches and Mosques peacefully mediated and resolved any community disputes.

Confidence in the future and in self-determination inspired people to build beautiful new houses, offices and shops to better service their community infrastructure. People repaired their own streets and improved municipal facilities through their own efforts – all without needing any government to do it for them, and most importantly, without needing to give up any civil or human rights to enjoy those benefits.

The insidious deception claiming the supposed inherent folly of humanity, as the propaganda justification for the claimed need for government to micromanage our private lives, had been destroyed. The demon had been slain. And the people would not look back, instead finding restored faith in humanity to move forward.

All of us in the true global community should take heed of this profound lesson from the Egyptian experience: They tried to control the people with deception and fear, and instead the people discovered their freedom and true human power to self-determine their own peace and prosperity.

The role of the Egyptian Army in the revolution is also exemplary, and of great significance. As tanks rolled out on the streets to provide security against the infiltrating provocations, Army officers encouraged people to board and ride upon the tanks, declaring solidarity with the people, and proclaiming that they would never take any action against the people.

Egyptian Revolution Children on Army Tanks

Egyptian Revolution Children on Army Tanks

By February 2, 2011, the infiltrating provocations of Mubarak loyalists and Mossad agents had reached a peak of violence, culminating in the “Battle of the Camel”, all intended to give every reason to force the Army to take action to disburse the otherwise legitimate protests. However, as the protesters were approached by weaponized mobs from the side, clearly planned to be the climactic trigger forcing their hand, the Army instead quickly positioned the tanks to surround the protesters, but rapidly turned the tank cannons away from the protesters, facing the armed mobs on the outside. The strategic position of the Army was abundantly clear, highly symbolic, and wholly consistent with their declared intent to support only the people.

Egyptian Revolution Battle of the Camel

Egyptian Revolution Battle of the Camel

With the full and unequivocal support of the Army protecting the people (even against the government), regardless of all infiltration and provocations, the genuine grassroots revolution succeeded in overthrowing Mubarak on February 11, 2011. The Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF), dominated by the Army, was handed leadership of the country, and within a week Mubarak and Interior Minister Habib Al-Adly were both arrested by the Army.

The Rise of the NATO-backed Muslim Brotherhood

The Western axis powers governed by “elite” banking oligarchs, however, could not possibly tolerate the existence of any genuine advancement of humanity and fundamental freedoms. They could not allow the world to learn of such a compelling example of how humanity can successfully rise above globalist control – and live without it. Thus, they implemented their apparent “backup plan” to have the Muslim Brotherhood hijack the people’s revolution, while imposing a media blackout on all truth about the real events.

From the earliest days of the January 25 revolution of 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood had inserted itself in an apparent leadership role (thus indicating that they were indeed a “backup plan”). While the authentic grass-roots revolution continued, the Brotherhood positioned itself to be associated with the original people’s revolution, misleadingly portraying themselves as “leaders” of the popular movement.

Egyptian Revplution Child Leading Crowd of the People

Egyptian Revplution Child Leading Crowd of the People

The Muslim Brotherhood capitalized on the public sentiment desiring freedom from Western oligarchic oppression by the NATO axis, by emphasizing Islam as closer to true Arab ethnic identity, in order to win the trust of the people. The Egyptian people, characteristically tolerant and generously forgiving, ventured to give the Brotherhood a chance to live up to its promises.

The Egyptian Presidential election beginning in May 2012 was formed to place Mohammad Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood against the primary rival Ahmed Shafik. This was after many months of intensive efforts of “unseen forces” to promote Mubarak’s Vice President Omar Suleiman, and Mohamed El Baradei, as candidates.

El Baradei was much touted in the media for being Director General of the UN International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) for 12 years. However, the Egyptian people understood that the UN nuclear inspections by that agency were abused by NATO to manufacture the infamous “weapons of mass destruction” claim, which was the false pretense used to trigger the American-led war crimes invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Suleiman was lavishly praised by international media for his career in American relations. However, the people knew that he was directly implicated in the infamous American CIA “rendition” program of torture [13], and was condemned by both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch as central to the human rights abuses of the Mubarak regime [14].

These facts caused the Egyptian people to rightfully wholly reject and disqualify both El Baradei and Suleiman as candidates.

Ahmed Shafik inspired confidence as a candidate because of his military background as a senior Commander and Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Air Force, but was widely considered a Mubarak regime holdover. Shafik was disfavored by the people for making many overtures appealing to Western foreign interests to support his candidacy, lobbying to the NATO alliance instead of to the people.

The people were also keenly aware that it was Air Force jets, under the command of Shafik, which Mubarak had used to intimidate the genuine protesters in Tahrir Square with repeated low flyovers as an ominous show of force. That was in sharp contrast to all Army vehicles and helicopters which carefully signaled their dedicated allegiance to the people even against the government itself.

This is precisely how the Muslim Brotherhood – long ago banned by anti-NATO folk hero President Gamal Abdel Nasser – again rose to power, inserting Mohammad Morsi into the presidency of Egypt. (Nasser was a co-founder of the Non-Aligned Movement, succeeded by Awar Sadat, who was assassinated by the same Brotherhood-related Islamists whom he freed from imprisonment under Nasser, leading to the reign of Hosni Mubarak, who again outlawed the Brotherhood for that very reason.)

That is the same tired old dirty trick that still works today in the West – stack the decks, and rig the game, so that the people can only “democratically” elect a President by choosing the lesser of two evils, from a pool of all the same people, who every time are proven to work for all of the same people, the very same Western banking oligarchs who promote their private globalist interests at the expense of humanity.

The Egyptian people, still wise even to this NATO sponsored game, accepted and elected Mohammad Morsi only on the basis of his many promises, declarations, and signals claiming to understand the need for anti-globalist Egyptian sovereignty.

The Fall of the Muslim Brotherhood

We are living in a world of factions, in which no group is entirely good, nor entirely bad. Agenda factions of evil contain some turn-coat “good guys” as leaks or whistle-blowers, and anti-agenda factions of good are commonly infiltrated by the agents against humanity. Accordingly, although the Muslim Brotherhood eventually (much later) did show its true colors and was exposed for its NATO sponsored agenda, Mohammad Morsi did make some seemingly authentic positive moves.

However, as Morsi made good faith efforts to restore the government as President, he (and the country as a whole) was constantly undermined by (1) direct Mossad covert infiltration, sabotage and provocations backed by media disinformation, and (2) indirect NATO interference through the corrupt and stubborn holdovers from the Mubarak regime.

Anything good that Morsi tried to do, was aggressively targeted by international mass media with false defamation and discrediting disinformation. Anything good that the government tried to do, was actively undermined and sabotaged by covert forces.

That the Morsi presidency was in fact undermined by covert operations, was proven by the fact that immediately after his ouster, suddenly long-term problems believed to be systemic – like petrol and gas shortages causing long lines at the pumps, and constant electricity failures – suddenly disappeared. That event revealed that many of the problems blamed on Morsi, which caused inordinate frustration of the people directed at Morsi, were in fact artificially created by opposition groups. [15]

Egyptian Revolution Prayer Time

Egyptian Revolution Prayer Time

It should be noted that during this time, the Egyptian Army itself initiated a creative and highly positive way to return the hated and distrusted police back to the streets: The Army deployed soldiers to accompany, in equal number, all police officers.

This visibly communicated to the people that the Army was literally supervising the police to ensure their lawful and ethical conduct (some Egyptians called it “babysitting”). It also powerfully communicated to the police, being treated like student “interns” on probation, that they needed to learn true professionalism from the Army, which was sworn and proven to defend only the people, and never to defend only the government against the true will of the people.

(It is noteworthy, that in stark contrast to the American neoconservative concept of imposing “re-education” of the people into “compliance” with Big Brother control, the Egyptian Army instead decided to “re-educate” the police to respect the Rule of Law and the civil rights of the people.)

Mohammad Morsi, representing the Muslim Brotherhood, was known in 2010 to have called for the destruction of Israel [16], signaling opposition to its NATO-aligned globalist secular Zionism. In June 2012 Morsi publically called for a new 911 investigation, appearing to advocate for the alternative media and truth movement. [17] In August 2012 the Brotherhood publicly blamed Mossad for terrorist attacks in Sinai [18], and Morsi gave signals of aligning with Iran and China to counter NATO globalist bullying [19]. Also in August Morsi participated in the Tehran summit of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), appearing to promote independence from Western hegemony [20]. In November 2012 he brokered a ceasefire between Palestinian Hamas and Israel, giving the impression that he intended to help protect persecuted Arabs from Israeli aggression. In January 2013 Morsi made apparent moves purporting to help unite Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah, supposedly to help them assert their rights against Israeli apartheid. [21]

The Egyptian Army supported Morsi, but only for as long as he maintained this façade of appearing to be anti-agenda and anti-globalist. The “last straw” that caused Morsi to lose that support, being the proverbial “straw that broke the camel’s back”, was Morsi’s plans to send the Egyptian military into Syria to overthrow President Assad, in overt subservience pandering to NATO. [22]

Not only was this new anti-Syria policy clearly against Egypt’s interests during a transition period, but it was a wholesale sell-out of the values of the Egyptian people. It was widely seen – by the people and the Army alike – as a complete rejection of the Non-Aligned Movement, and a direct contradiction of all of Morsi’s previous claims. More importantly, it was a blatant alignment with the rampant violations of international law which are increasingly inflicted by the NATO alliance against all independent countries who do not unquestioningly bow down to their evil globalist agenda.

Nobody can ever know for sure exactly which of three possible scenarios happened. Even the best intelligence information is not good enough to determine, whether:

(A) Both Morsi and the Brotherhood had good intentions to be “good guys”, having their chance to show the world they are “reformed”, but gave in to pressure by NATO covert operations to revert to their old ways;

(B) Morsi did believe in anti-globalist sovereignty and only used the Muslim Brotherhood as a platform to rise to power to do good, and for that reason was undermined by the agenda-aligned Brotherhood itself; or

(C) Both Morsi and the Brotherhood misrepresented their true intentions to the people of Egypt, giving strong anti-agenda signals as a deception only long enough to consolidate their power.

What we do know, however, is the fact that Morsi did dramatically change his public position, shifting suddenly and dangerously towards supporting the most pervasive NATO agenda violations of international law in modern history. What we also know, is that by giving in to NATO agendas, Morsi betrayed his people, and destroyed a rare second chance that the Brotherhood had been graciously given by the people to finally demonstrate its legitimacy and earn credibility.

The Muslim Brotherhood Exposed as NATO Terrorism

Since Morsi was deposed by the Army enforcing the explicit will of the people of Egypt, much evidence has exposed the Muslim Brotherhood as a NATO-backed organization, complicit in state-sponsored terrorism, serving the oligarchic neocolonial interests of the Western axis.

Most ordinary members of the Muslim Brotherhood innocently believe in Muslim religious values of Islam, and simply desire to assert and defend their right to preserve their ethnic culture as dominant in their own sovereign territories. (This is much like the fact that ordinary Freemasons believe they are in a mere “business networking charity club”.)

However, it is the leaders and policies at the highest levels of the organization which secretly implement globalist evil agendas. If most members knew of the true agenda of their Muslim Brotherhood, they would be bitterly disillusioned and greatly disappointed, that the agenda wholly undermines the genuine spiritual doctrines of authentic Islam.

On August 7, 2013, Saad Al Shater, the son of jailed Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al Shater, revealed in an interview with News Agency Anatolia in Turkey that the Muslim Brotherhood has kept “documents and recordings that incriminate and would condemn” US President Obama, and prove “how the US administration was directly connected” to the Brotherhood. Shaad Al Shater stated that the concerted effort of US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns with Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, negotiating for the release of imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood leaders, was motivated by the US need to suppress that damning evidence. (Acting President, Chief Justice Adly Monsour, rebuffed the US effort as “unacceptable interference in internal politics”.) This information was journalistically verified and confirmed by at least 6 expert sources. [23]

According to the Western Center for Journalism, as reported by Arabic News Channel TV-14 and Egypt Daily News, the judicial trial of Morsi for treason uncovered tangible evidence proving that US President Obama paid a secret bribe of $8.0 Billion USD to the Muslim Brotherhood, and secretly met with both Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders outside of proper diplomatic channels. [24] [25]

In January 2014, Egyptian Attorney General Hisham Barakat discovered evidence of systematic bribes paid by the US Embassy in Cairo in US dollars to top ministerial officials in the Morsi government. This was reported by Egyptian newspaper Almesryoon, based on leaks from official sources in the judiciary. [26] That was supported by earlier evidence, featuring a document proving that the same Morsi cabinet officials also received US bribes through NATO ally Qatar, with the direct involvement of the US Embassy in Cairo, and that those bribes of up to $850,000 USD (intended to be annually) were distributed to Muslim Brotherhood leaders. [27]

The Court trials of Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood leaders, charged with treasonous collaboration with foreign governments and foreign state-sponsored terrorist organizations, have uncovered much evidence implicating US officials and NATO allies. Deep-state military security officials leaked two classified documents of evidence from the judiciary, implicating US President Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and former President Bill Clinton in aiding and abetting terrorist groups for targeted destabilization of Egypt. [28]

A top British lobbyist for the Muslim Brotherhood, Anas Altikriti, whose father is head of Iraq’s Muslim Brotherhood party, is head of the Cordoba Foundation, described by UK Prime Minister David Cameron as “a political front for the Muslim Brotherhood”. The foundation pursues an agenda of facilitating the collapse of existing government administrations in diverse countries, and works closely with British extremist groups seeking to create an Islamic dictatorship in Europe. Altikriti and key members of this Muslim Brotherhood backed organization held meetings inside the British Houses of Parliament in March and September of 2013. [29] Altikriti was also invited to a meeting with US President Obama inside the White House in February 2014. [30]

Around the same time in February 2014, the criminal Court trial of deposed President Morsi established evidence that the Muslim Brotherhood and Morsi himself had direct cooperation with Al Qaeda leadership through an American company’s communication network. The primary contact was Muhammad Al Zawahiri, the Egyptian-based brother of Al Qaeda leader Ayman Al Zawahiri. The substance of those conversations were manifested by several events during Morsi’s one-year in office. Morsi had met directly with Ayman Al Zawahiri during an official visit to Pakistan, and made arrangements to smuggle him to Sinai. Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat Al Shater regularly met with Pakastani and Palestinian associates of the Al Qaeda leader. [31]

Notwithstanding the Brotherhood’s alignment with Al Qaeda, Ayman Al Zawahiri himself publicly criticized Morsi for alignment with secular Zionist interests and normalization of ties with Israel, and exposed that Morsi’s brokering the cease-fire with Hamas was actually a pro-Israeli intervention, with no concern for the rights of Palestinians. [32]

Thus, the very organization which claims to be militant about preserving Islam and protecting Islamic governance, actually works for NATO interests, helping to aggressively destroy whole countries and civilizations of culturally Muslim sovereign nations.

They know that the only real “terrorists” in the world are those directly created, funded, armed and trained by the NATO axis. The Muslim Brotherhood chose to cooperate with that Western state-sponsored terrorism, which they know is used for propaganda wars to discredit, discriminate against, and outright destroy Islam as a world religion and as an ethnic culture. In doing so, they had literally sold out to Western neocolonial secular Zionist oligarchic interests, betraying their own people, and betraying everything they claim to believe in.

The Fight to Preserve of the Will of the People

The Egyptian people, in a genuine grass-roots popular revolution of peaceful protests, with the full support of “the people’s Army”, successfully overthrew the dictator Mubarak. The Egyptian people then understood that they had been manipulated by a false choice from an artificially limited pool of all NATO-backed Presidential candidates. They recognized the legal principle that the “Contract of Democracy” had been breached and voided by Morsi’s treasonous sell-out of all Egyptian values to the Western axis powers. Again with the full support of the Army, the people successfully (and again peacefully) overthrew Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Tahrir Square Round 1 Deposing Mubarak

Tahrir Square Round 1 Deposing Mubarak

That was the successful conclusion of two waves of peaceful legitimate revolutionary protests: the first asserting the will of the people, and the second reversing the deceptive hijacking of the will of the people.

After that key turning point – it cannot be emphasized enough – there were no more “legitimate protests” by the people of Egypt. The people had already won their freedom, and installed their Supreme Constitutional Court to ensure that a true and fair, non-infiltrated, non-treasonous genuine democracy would soon be in place with upcoming elections.

The violence that ensued after Morsi was overthrown was not “legitimate protest” in any way, but rather was NATO-driven psy-ops propaganda, based upon manipulated provocations and false-flag covert operations, all implemented by state-sponsored terror agents of the NATO alliance. The reality of this situation is abundantly proven by the following facts:

On June 30, 2013, mass protests of millions of grass-roots peaceful demonstrators rose up against President Morsi. The Army gave Morsi a 48-hour ultimatum to meet the lawful demands of the people for a more representative government. All he had to do was be humble, and call a referendum to elect a new government under his Presidency, in order to stay in power. However, on July 2, Morsi instead gave a defiant and inflammatory speech, in which he actually transparently threatened “violence and bloodshed” by the Muslim Brotherhood to impose his own will against the people’s demands.

On July 3, 2013, Morsi was arrested by the Army for treason, and was thus deposed by overwhelming demand of the people. This time, they did not declare martial law, although that worked well the previous time, and did lead to democracy, but prompted much foreign propaganda criticism. Instead, the Army vested executive power in the Supreme Constitutional Court, making the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Adly Mansour the acting transitional President. No other move could possibly so clearly and obviously declare the true Rule of Law in support of genuine democracy.

(Now, compare what Egypt did, making the Supreme Constitutional Court the transitional government with the Chief Justice as acting President by the will of the people, with what NATO does in their neocolonial conquests: arming, funding and training state-sponsored terrorists to invade and overthrow by illegal military force a government that was supported by its people, and then “recognizing” the terrorists as a so-called “legitimate transitional government”.)

One key fact revealing a profound truth needs to finally be said: Despite mainstream media rhetoric of Morsi’s ouster being a military “coup”, it was in fact a legal alternative form of impeachment, in a constitutional context.

The following legal facts make the reality of lawful impeachment clear: The Egyptian constitution required the Parliament to impeach a President; Foreign-backed destabilization had prevented parliamentary elections, depriving the people of any Parliament to represent them; The people thus had no legal outlet for impeachment, depriving them of that constitutional right; Upon overwhelming mass peaceful protest of a manifestly vast majority, triggered by illegal and treasonous public threats of imminent violence against the people by the President, the Army had a constitutional obligation to defend the lawful rights of the people.

These facts prove that the Army rightfully exercised its constitutional mandate to protect the people, by implementing an alternative method of impeachment, to replace and fulfill the constitutional right of impeachment of which the people had been deprived. That this was not a “coup” is proven by the fact that the Army itself did not take power. That it was a lawful impeachment is evidenced by the fact that the Army actually installed the Supreme Constitutional Court as the interim government.

On July 5, 2013 the Western Egypt-bashing scandal of the day was that the Egyptian Army was forced to kill 53 supposed “protesters” outside the Republican National Guard headquarters in Cairo, where Mohammad Morsi was being held.

The facts of the event were that an armed group surrounded and then stormed the military facility, shooting firearms at Army personnel, and killing one Army officer and wounding others. Television footage showed evidence proving that the attackers threw petrol bombs, with many throughout the crowd holding home-made illegal firearms. This unilateral attack was prompted by the Muslim Brotherhood illegally inciting violence, by calling for people to “rise up against the Army”. Witnesses reported that the Army exercised restraint as much as they could, first using teargas, then rubber bullets, only later switching to live rounds when it was necessary for self-defense against real lethal force by the attackers. [33]

By any measure, that is an overt military-level attack of lethal force against an Army facility. Those facts, proven by evidence, cannot possibly meet any existing definition of anything that could rationally be called a “protest”.

Contradicting the reckless media rhetoric of “protesters” being shot “while praying”, the documented facts are that hundreds of armed attackers had marched aggressively toward the building, and the Army did stop all shooting when afternoon prayers began. Many weapons in the crowd had been smuggled by the Muslim Brotherhood from Libya and the Gaza Strip. Some of the crowd were shouting anti-Christian slogans, proving they were not of the people who created the genuine grass-roots revolution of Muslim-Christian unity against tyranny. [34]

On July 6, 2013, a violent gang of Muslim Brotherhood followers were recorded in a video attacking unarmed young boys, chasing them up to the top of a ledge over a rooftop, then forcefully throwing them off the ledge head-first onto the concrete below, and beating their motionless bodies and leaving them for dead. Western media did not show the end of the video, which featured the thugs holding up the official flag of Al Qaeda. The same day, Muslim Brotherhood aggressors opened fire with illegal guns on innocent peaceful anti-Morsi protesters in Cairo, killing 12 grass-roots legitimate protesters. [35]

These are the murderous violent armed thugs who the Western media want you to believe are supposed “protesters”, simply by calling them by the deceptive euphemism of “Morsi supporters”.

By July 10, 2013, new bombings of Christian Churches began in Cairo, openly perpetrated by the Muslim Brotherhood in direct retaliation for Christian support of Morsi’s overthrow. [36] This directly continued the original Mubarak and Mossad provocations starting with the Alexandria Church bombing, which originally triggered the people’s revolution to begin with.

These facts demonstrate that all NATO-sponsored terrorist actions are related, following the same covert methods, in furtherance of the same agenda, for the same foreign interests.

By August 2013, the NATO alliance, led by the United States, made an overt move to “bring out the big guns”: Robert Ford was appointed as US Ambassador to Egypt.

Professor Michael Chossudovsky documented that Robert Ford worked closely with notorious war criminal John Negroponte to implement the “terrorist model” of destabilization through CIA-backed “death squads” in Iraq. Robert Ford actively implemented this method of covert warfare in Iraq from 2004-2006, and in Syria from 2011, primarily relying on “false flag” attacks to create artificial divisions provoking sectarian civil war in the targeted country.

These methods, directed under Robert Ford, used both British and American units, a fact that was exposed when two British Special Forces officers dressed as Iraqis were caught and arrested by Iraqi police in Basra on September 19, 2005. The British agents had been bombing Mosques and markets to blame alleged “sectarians”. (The day after the arrest, British Army tanks demolished the police jail to free their false-flag agents, to prevent their judicial trial from exposing NATO’s illegal covert warfare.)

Another famous attack under Robert Ford was the bombing of the Al Askari “Golden Dome” Mosque in Samarra on February 22, 2006. Numerous witnesses reported that US forces cordoned off and took full and exclusive control of the Mosque just prior to its bombing. The various tactics of this new foreign policy of deceptive aggression even included remote-control detonation of a vehicle with an innocent driver, to label an attack as a supposed “suicide bombing”.

Dr. Kevin Barrett documented that in 2011, Robert Ford was appointed US Ambassador to Syria, and suddenly the same false-flag provocations artificially created a wave of violence, causing the same destruction as in Iraq. Manipulated US-incited NATO-sponsored “protests” were organized, accompanied by CIA-trained death squad snipers placed on surrounding rooftops. Snipers slightly disguised as Syrian soldiers would then begin shooting at protesters, while other snipers from another rooftop, in plain clothes pretending to be protesters, would fire at soldiers. [37]

In light of the above proven facts, the United States appointment of Robert Ford as Ambassador to Egypt marked a flagrant declaration of war (at least of covert war) on the people’s nation of Egypt. It also signaled a major shift in foreign policy strategies:

The NATO alliance recognized that the people saw through their false hijacked “democracy” of false choices between foreign-backed state-sponsored terrorist supporters, and they could not manipulate the country to install “friendly regimes” anymore. Thus, the US switched to its proven methods of outright, all-out destabilization, intending to simply destroy the entire nation and cause it to become a “failed state”, exactly like Iraq, Libya and Syria.

By January 2014, the Muslim Brotherhood elements began multiple bombing attacks against Army and police vehicles and facilities in Cairo, taking credit for the attacks, admitting their connection to Al Qaeda, and specifically declaring the attacks to be retaliation for suppression of the Muslim Brotherhood. [38]

Literally hundreds of police and soldiers have been killed by this campaign of terrorist attacks. By February 2014, a related group based in Sinai (most easily infiltrated by Mossad agents) bombed a South Korean tourist bus that was leaving Sinai to cross the border into Israel. Claiming credit and warning tourists, the group demonstrated that it follows the extensively proven trademark NATO strategy of covert warfare as economic warfare through propaganda campaigns, thereby revealing its alliance with the globalist agenda. [39]

Precisely as publicly threatened by Morsi in his televised speech, the Muslim Brotherhood did in fact retaliate with openly violent, armed conflicts, targeting both innocent civilians as well as Army and police personnel. This campaign of “bloodshed” (openly declared in advance by Morsi himself), specifically following the original covert operations strategies of both Mossad and Mubarak loyalists, actively employed false-flag attacks and other terrorist methods.

At this stage of events, the Egyptian people, and their loyal Army and leadership of the Supreme Constitutional Court, thus became subjected to already proven Western-backed covert operations. The resulting violence was artificially provoked by: (1) Mossad agents, (2) Mubarak loyalists, (3) the Muslim Brotherhood, and (4) Al Qaeda backed mercenaries brought in by the Muslim Brotherhood, all four of them wholly backed by NATO sponsorship directed by neoconservative globalist interests. Egypt was then further subjected to: (5) direct NATO covert aggression from the United States itself.

These documented facts demonstrate how the NATO-sponsored covert operations for neocolonial globalist interests target any country which allows the true will of its people to assert their genuine freedom and independence from foreign control.

A first successful peaceful revolution which deposed a US “puppet regime”, met retaliation by covert operations to impose upon the people more of the same. A second successful peaceful revolution which rejected the infiltration and deposed the US-backed terrorist-related regime, met a new level of retaliation by covert operations for general destabilization of the whole country. NATO might as well have publicly declared: “If we can’t own Egypt, nobody can.”

Despite NATO interests aggressively using their full “bag of tricks” against the Egyptian people, Egypt effectively resisted, wise to the deceptions, and determined to assert their true basic human rights of self-determination and sovereign independence from Western hegemony. In fact, Egypt resisted such covert operations better, and for longer, than any other country in the Middle East.

The Egyptian people, their people’s Army who supported them even against a corrupt government, and the Supreme Constitutional Court which guaranteed their transition to real democracy free from foreign manipulation, should be praised and heralded as an outstanding example for the rest of the world.

After that victory, the true peaceful popular movement of Egypt is facing the most insidious plot in modern history. Based upon the overwhelming facts and evidence presented here, all of humanity should overwhelmingly reject the Western propaganda campaigns based solely upon false-flag NATO provocations. The people of all nations should – indeed must – finally learn the most important lesson of modern history from the Egyptian revolution, before their fundamental human rights are also violated by the neocolonial behemoth, making them the next victims.

The Egyptian people have proven to the world that humanity can rise above and overcome globalist agenda domination. But the Egyptian experience also teaches us that we must vehemently expose the truth of covert operations and enabling propaganda deceptions, in order to maintain the victories of freedom, and protect the free will of the people.

Real-World Context of the “Sentencing Scandal”

The next “propaganda bomb” to be hurled at Egypt by the Western media and NATO-aligned NGO groups, in March 2014, was the Court trial which resulted in criminal conviction with the death sentence, for 529 defendants. Buried under much inflammatory rhetoric of the mainstream media, news reports did manage to contain the following select few actual facts of the event:

On August 14, 2013, more than 545 people violently stormed a police station in Minya Cairo, using lethal force, murdered one police officer, attempted to murder two other police officers, injured many other officers, and caused damage to the facility presenting the risk of illegally seizing the official firearms weapons store of the police station. The 545 defendants were charged with inciting murder, lethal assault on a police station, armed assault against multiple victims, and related charges. The attackers were in fact registered members of the Muslim Brotherhood, which was officially outlawed and banned as a listed terrorist organization.

Of those charged, 16 people were acquitted by the trial. Of those not acquitted, 406 had been leniently released on bail or illegally absconded, and did not exercise their right to attend the trial. The 529 defendants were convicted of complicity in murder and attempted murder of police officers within an actual police station, and sentenced to the death penalty. The sentence was only from the local Court of first instance, and thus subject to multiple levels of appeal. [40]

In response to the verdict, so-called “supporters” of the convicted Muslim Brotherhood members retaliated by setting fire to a public school building near the Courthouse.

The trial reportedly involved only two short hearings of approximately 30 minutes each, which says nothing of the seven whole months of processing documentary evidence and tangible evidence which the Court conducted behind-the-scenes. The real work of processing evidence files is never done in open session in a public hearing (not in any Court in any country). The actual hearings are only a small part of a much larger process, only used for lawyers to present oral pleadings to the Court, in addition to the many written filings which lawyers present before and in between hearings.

An expert at the US policy think-tank the Brookings Institution shared the opinion of judiciary sources in Egypt, that he “doubted the sentences would be carried out”, and that it was merely a temporary shock-value move in an attempt to curtail armed criminal violence by the Muslim Brotherhood. [41]

In general, the death penalty as a concept should be disfavored in principle, as disproportionate and often with many flaws in practice. Whenever any political aspect might be involved in a case, applying the death penalty is simply unnecessary, and imprudent. Clearly it was a political mistake (at least regarding foreign policy) for the Judge to issue that sentence. However, that does not mean it was not legal, and does not mean that the sentencing was politically motivated.

In making emotionally charged sweeping condemnations, Western media and lobbying groups willfully ignored the fact that they had no factual information of substance (or refused to report any) about the merits of the case, nor enough information to presume any understanding about what really happened.

The only thing we do know, is the fact that the whole world has been subjected to a centralized media blackout against truth, coupled with raging psy-ops disinformation propaganda campaigns, through all mainstream media. Thus, the only thing we really do know, is precisely that we do not know – that we are never told anything real about the factual truth of actual events.

The highly euphemistic rhetoric of Western media, condemning “the government” of Egypt for the “mass trial” verdict against “Morsi supporters” in that trial, is self-evident as blatant propaganda:

The whole idea that “the government” is responsible for the ruling of one Judge in one local first-level Court is absurd. Of all the infamous trials and scandalous verdicts throughout the history of America, not once did anybody think to blame it all on “the government”, as if the whole country and the entire Presidential administration served as the Court.

The very phrase “mass trial” insidiously associates with war-crimes rhetoric like “mass graves” or “weapons of mass destruction”. No such phrase was ever used to describe large trials in the West, nor even the actual UN war crimes tribunals which sometimes involved hundreds of defendants. (American trials involving thousands of people are simply called a “class action”.)

The implication that armed violent criminals overtly attacking an actual police station, murdering a police officer and attempting to murder other officers are mere “supporters”, as if they were “protesters”, is equally absurd. Not one single legitimate “protest” in the history of democracy worldwide has ever consisted of an offensive military-style lethal-force attack against a police station. That simply does not fit any known definition of the word “protest”.

Under the complete media blackout of the West depriving us of the facts on the ground, combined with Egypt’s legitimate lawful judicial confidentiality (which is forcefully used by many US and EU Courts without criticism), we may never know which one of five distinctly possible and realistic scenarios actually occurred. We only know that we are in no position whatsoever to understand, whether:

(A) the local Judge could be a Mossad plant or Mubarak loyalist who infiltrated the Court as an agent provocateur to intentionally create conflict and undermine the Judiciary;

(B) the Judge was bribed, blackmailed or threatened by NATO agenda agents into making a scandalous ruling designed to embarrass the Judiciary;

(C) the Judge was planted or manipulated by the Muslim Brotherhood itself, to discredit the Judiciary as revenge for strong opposition from the Judiciary throughout Morsi’s rule, knowing that appeals would inevitably reduce or reverse the sentences;

(D) the Judiciary objectively was forced to send a strong warning to increasingly violent criminal elements, for security reasons genuinely needed by the people, knowing that extensive appeals would inevitably reduce or reverse the sentences; or

(E) the Court had received solid evidence from military security services proving that the group of Muslim Brotherhood members did in fact collectively coordinate and jointly commit an armed attack against a police station resulting in murder, and were in fact guilty.

With such gaping voids in the reporting, and so many very real possibilities (any and each of which would explain the event and contradict the propaganda-driven vilification of the entire nation and its government), nobody in the West has any rational basis to pass moral judgment. Furthermore, the so-called “international community”, dominated by merely 7 neocolonial countries (who flagrantly violated international law and fundamental human rights through illegal covert operations, to cause this whole mess to begin with) is not in any position to claim moral high ground.

Wise men have been trying to tell us this lesson of Biblical origins for two whole millennia: “People who live in glass houses should not throw stones”. [42]

It is compelling to note the legal fact, that exactly the same verdict is wholly possible under the federal laws of the United States, for precisely the same case:

US federal law features the “felony-murder” doctrine: If any person commits a felony (even if non-violent, but technically a felony-class crime, e.g. burglary or forgery), or is merely an “accessory” or participant in a felony (which is also a felony crime in itself), and in the process any person is killed (even indirectly, accidentally and unintentionally), US law strictly classifies that as “murder”. In any US State which has the death penalty (i.e. Texas), that purely technical “felony-murder”, even if otherwise appearing morally innocent, is fully punishable by imposition of a death sentence.

Under established Egyptian law, and under the new Constitution (which was overwhelmingly approved by democratic referendum by over 98% of Egyptian voters in January 2014), the Egyptian version of the American “felony-murder” law is called “inciting murder”, precisely what the defendants had been charged with, which is punishable by the death penalty if any actual murder results from the course of conduct.

Similarly under Egyptian law, working with or for foreign terrorist organizations is a crime of “high treason”, punishable by the death penalty. The Muslim Brotherhood was proven by evidence and officially classified as a “terrorist organization”, proven to be connected with foreign Al Qaeda backed by the United States. The convicted defendants were proven to be members of that organization, which is proven to have publicly called for precisely the violence which they were proven to have committed.

It should be pointed out that in the United States, under the Patriot Act and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), if anyone is merely suspected of even indirect involvement with any terrorist organization, the person has no rights at all: no right to a lawyer, no right to due process of law in any Court, and even no right for family to be notified of the person’s detention, which is literally “indefinite”. And abundant evidence has already been publicly disclosed that the United States officially allows known torture methods of water-boarding and force-feeding to be used with such “no rights” detentions.

The same defendants would be certainly convicted (probably also with death sentences) in the US if they attacked an American police station in exactly the same way, if they were not deprived of all human rights completely and even tortured, as allowed by existing US federal law. In sharp contrast, the Egyptian Court processed evidence for months, showed great leniency by releasing about 70% of the defendants on bail (who all violated their bail), acquitted 16 defendants, held two hearings, and lawfully issued a judgment, allowing for multiple levels of appeal.

On April 28, 2014, precisely as expected, the Egyptian Court did reduce 492 death sentences from the 529 convicted defendants, commuting the sentences to 25 years imprisonment, which is similar to US sentencing guidelines for the same crimes. The mainstream media, however, completely ignored the fact that 93% of the defendants were spared the death penalty, instead selectively reporting only the biased slant that the remaining 37 death sentences were confirmed.

This major news, exonerating “Egypt” from the sweeping vilifications of the media over the original sentences, was deceptively buried as a mere trailing footnote to renewed accusations, as the same day the Court convicted a new batch of 683 armed Muslim Brotherhood attackers with the same “death sentences”, for essentially the same crimes in a different case. [43]

The media willfully ignored the fact that the commutation of 93% of death sentences in the first case indicates that the second batch was fully intended and expected to receive the same leniency despite the lawful convictions. This “media blackout” buried these facts, which prove the Judiciary was sending a warning to violent criminal elements, for legitimate security reasons to uphold the Rule of Law, knowing that almost all of the death sentences would be reversed.

The Judiciary in Egypt has been overwhelmed and overburdened. Their country is besieged by NATO state-sponsored terrorism, poorly disguised as so-called “protests”, known to be used to destabilize every country from Yugoslavia to Iraq, Libya, Syria, and later also Ukraine and Argentina. They are then deceitfully vilified for every lawful effort they make to uphold the Rule of Law against those same covert operations which are proven to have caused the violence to begin with.

The armed criminal violence campaign of the Muslim Brotherhood has committed more attacks faster than the Courts can process the cases of flagrant and easily provable violations. To blame the Court for strictly applying a legitimate law, by the letter of the law, in a desperate attempt to provide some safety and security for the innocent population of the original peaceful grass-roots revolution, is absurd, contradictory, and hypocritical.


No other revolution in modern history has been so organically authentic from grass-roots, and supported by the Army defending the will of the people even against corrupt government under foreign influences, as the Egyptian revolution of 2011-2013 which deposed both Mubarak and Morsi. The truth of the events as they really happened, is an exemplary model for how humanity truly possesses the power to rise above, and overcome globalist control. The Egyptian people demonstrated wisdom and determination in seeing through the psy-ops and propaganda deceptions which dominate the modern world.

Egyptian Revolution Crowds in Tahrir Square

Egyptian Revolution Crowds in Tahrir Square

Throughout the Middle East, it has already been extensively documented and proven by alternative media, that Western mainstream media reports of so-called “peaceful protesters” actually applied that euphemism to imported mercenaries, foreign-sponsored criminals, and NATO-created death squads. This propaganda deception was especially prevalent throughout all reporting about Libya and Syria. It was also exposed that the Muslim Brotherhood was caught red-handed staging artificial video footage of a fake “protest”, in an attempt to take advantage of that Western disinformation campaign. [44] Furthermore, mainstream media was repeatedly caught and exposed for misrepresenting video footage, which actually showed the direct opposite of the false claims manufactured by journalists. [45]

We should already know better than to be misled by the same deceptions, repeated against country after country. We should not be afraid to visit Egypt only because they have the wisdom, goodness and old-world values to stand up to NATO’s insidious manipulations. Instead, we should be afraid to live under the so-called “leaders” of our own Western countries, whose corrupt and unconstitutional policies flagrantly violate all international laws, and aggressively systematically dismantle all our human rights worldwide.

We should not demonize Egypt because it had a legitimate people’s revolution that was successful. Instead, we should rightly blame the Western “elites” for their own covert operations to sabotage and retaliate for that peaceful revolution. Moreover, we should be much more worried about the Western countries (like the United States and Britain) who failed to have any revolution, passively enabling the alarming acceleration of neo-imperial tyranny against the whole world.

We should refuse to allow the NATO governments to continue their treasonous, illegal, unconstitutional “governance” by fear and control any longer. We should refuse to tolerate the mostly self-appointed “leaders” who incessantly advance only globalist oligarchic interests at the expense of humanity itself.

The Egyptian transitional government, actually being the Supreme Constitutional Court, began to declare openly in September 2013 that Egypt was determined to reject globalist control. Minister of Industry and Foreign Trade, Mounir Abdel-Nour announced that Egypt would not seek any loans from the International Monetary Fund, because IMF conditions directly undermine sovereignty of any country which accepts them. He dramatically revealed that Egypt “is currently facing a plot, which appears clearly through terror acts and stances of some international media outlets against the government and democracy.”

The Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy announced a major shift away from the NATO axis towards the embracing arms of anti-agenda Russia, stating that “Egypt appreciates Russia’s supporting stance to the Egyptian people’s will… Egyptian foreign policy is seeking to develop relations with Russia, boost bilateral cooperation and enhance mutual interests.” [46] He might as well have plainly said ‘Please protect our anti-globalist victory of the people, and save us from the evil empire, so that together we can stop them from doing this to the whole planet’.

The whole world should (and must) follow the example of the people of Egypt, to insistently, persistently, relentlessly and peacefully demand and assert their basic human rights and fundamental freedoms.

We must not tolerate taking cheap propaganda “pot shots” at Egypt for alleged “human rights violations”, only in petty defense of agent provocateurs perpetrating state-sponsored terrorism for globalist interests imposed by NATO. Instead, we must invoke the Rule of Law against the worst and most large-scale, mass human rights violations in modern history, which are committed by NATO itself.

While the Western oligarchs use “weapons of mass distraction” to tell you what to think about false “human rights” claims arising from their own manipulations, they continue steam-rolling the destruction of all human rights all over the world. By inflammatory rhetoric of supposed “human rights” criticisms against foreign sovereign countries, they want the world populations to never remember – and never invoke – the binding international laws prohibiting their real human rights violations by the NATO axis.

Here is what the evil globalist agenda agents want you to never figure out, and never use against them to reclaim and defend the freedom of humanity:

Mainstream media propaganda and disinformation campaigns, especially to wage information war against foreign countries, specifically by “false news”, are specifically prohibited by force of international law. Propaganda used to falsely justify warfare, sanctions or military intervention, especially to incite violence, including destabilization or covert warfare, is a direct violation. Media defamation campaigns vilifying a foreign country or interfering in its internal affairs is an egregious violation. It is explicitly prohibited to exploit “distortions” of alleged “human rights” issues to interfere with foreign states.

Covert operations for destabilization, subversion or interference in the internal affairs of a foreign state, especially supporting “rebellion”, including by economic interference, are also specifically prohibited by international law.

All of those propaganda and covert operations tactics, which are extensively proven to be used by the NATO alliance incessantly, are strictly prohibited under the following international laws:

  • UN Declaration on the Inadmissibility of Intervention and Interference in the Internal Affairs of States, Sections 1(c), 2(c), 2(e), 2(f), 2(j), 2(k), 2(l), 3(d);
  • UN International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, Articles 20.1, 20.2.

All of the above are in fact international crimes, which constitute very real human rights violations. These international laws are already fully binding upon all countries which are members of the United Nations.

Not only governments of offending countries are liable for these global human rights violations. Any and all private parties, corporate entities, and even individuals who are caught perpetrating, facilitating or enabling these violations, are guilty of international crimes. That includes all the oligarchs and politicians visible in the news every day flagrantly supporting propaganda and covert operations, as well as the mainstream media network outlets and their executives.

All of those non-government perpetrators, who we see on the news in our faces committing these crimes every day, are fully liable under the following international laws:

  • UN Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power, Article 8;
  • UN Declaration on the Right and Responsibility of Individuals Groups and Organs of Society to Promote and Protect Universally Recognized Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, Articles 10, 11.

These are the most important, most fundamental human rights – the rights of freedom from the globalist neocolonialist agenda of NATO, which subversively causes and artificially creates all of the other regional and local violations of human rights.

All other supposed “human rights” violations ultimately flow from these primary large-scale global violations by the NATO alliance. Unless and until the peoples of more nations follow Egypt’s example, and demand that their leaders put a stop to these rampant violations of international law, nothing else matters.

Tahrir Square Round 2 Impeaching Morsi

Tahrir Square Round 2 Impeaching Morsi

Prince Judge Matthew Greene, Ph.D.  

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