James has released The Fifth Neruda Interview :


This is a fascinating investigation into our history and what is called The Sovereign Integral process.  He is revealing a history here of the human race involving the Anunnaki and our Atlantean roots.


“The other thing that was happening was that as the earth continued to become more of a three-dimensional solid, so did the human 1.0s and their functionality implants. This growing densification also made it easier to control and suppress the Atlantean power source inside the human uniforms. It was like a compression was taking place in and on this earth plane, and it was deepening the gravity of focus on earth plane survival.”

Another Excerpt:

Serpents as a race of beings. They simply were another race of beings based on reptilian DNA, but distinct from the Anunnaki. You could say they were related. They were known as life carriers. They seeded planets. They built food chains. You could say they were the grocers of the planet.”

Highly Recommended.