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Project Camelot Interview with Keshe – Release of ALL documents about free energy – Transcript Jasmine

Transcript: Jasmine Martin 

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March 17, 2014

Keshe Live Regarding Threats and Science

Project Camelot, March 16, 2014


“The maturity of man will come when man understands how to change matter.”

“The whole purpose is to take the greed out of it. Gold has no value outside the boundary of this planet. I keep on saying, how many millions of dollars can you sell to an alien in space?” 

“Service to humanity and being a servant to humanity will become the pride and joy of the man.”

Kerry Cassidy:This is Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and we are recording this. I advise everyone who is listening to record this as well.

We are talking to M.T. Keshe. He is an Iranian, originally a nuclear engineer, and has been working in both Belgium and now in Italy on free energy and we are going to be talking all about that. His life is in danger, so this is a very important broadcast. I do want people to know that his documents are available and there is a link on the screen. I posted it to FB. My webmaster just uploaded those documents to our website one hour ago, and the website was taken down but that link, which is on the cloud, says, “Project Camelot” on the portal of the cloud data, public, and that is a place where you can download his information. This is information about free energy.

Obviously, they don’t want this information to be out there. His life has been threatened. I have received an email from Ralph Ring (and many people will know about the Ralph Ring interview on Project Camelot). It looks to his audience, Ralph Ring being a free energy activist from way back. He is now endorsing Keshe’s work and putting this email out in support of Keshe. From what I can tell, the email is kind of complex.

Keshe, I want you to see this email. Will you still be able to get email at your end?

Mehran Tavakoli Keshe: You can send it to my private account. Don’t put it online. My Keshe Foundation account has been hacked over three months ago. They downloaded about 30’000 emails. They are going to destroy the emails on our website. We have been wondering what they are doing with it. They are reading them and are trying to organise a (what we call) kangaroo court, and at the same time my kidnapping, taking my wife hostage and also some things which are planned for my child.

We are monitoring the whole system. The Keshe Foundation knowledge seekers will be kept in the dark. Apparently I am to disappear for a long time. My wife in the presence of me will be tortured and my child … and I have to witness the process. We are very much into this, and our security people are aware of it. They are negotiating for my life between two or three governments. We are monitoring it very closely. There are people within the organisation who don’t agree that we sent this information to you in a direct way.

So, we are fully aware of the danger, and if any time I do not appear within 24 hours or nobody hears from me, then it is up to the knowledge seekers to continuously announce when they have seen me last and whether they know my of presence. If I have disappeared and you don’t hear anything from the knowledge seekers within 24 hours, it means my wife is gone and my child will be killed too. This is planned and paid for by the king of Belgium personally. We have all the information. We are not playing games. The ex king of Belgium has financed the whole project.

KC: I’ve got an email from Ralph Ring. I am going to post this here. He says to spread it far and wide. I am going to copy it here if I can. So go to my website and scroll down. 

MK: Can you read what the text says?

KC: Yes. It is fairly involved. It basically talks about the USB stick that was released to the public and is available for download. He puts your link for download.

MK: If you go back to the Keshe Foundation Forum, the Taiwanese Keshe Foundation has renewed the link. Apparently there was an issue with the old links, a mixture of different zips. They have corrected it, so what we said what we on the forum[…] because they had already passed them to other people. Nothing comes from the Keshe Foundation. It is all coming from Keshe Foundation works around the world. This is nothing to do with our server. We just receive them and put it out. We don’t know how many are listening to it or reading it. These past couple of servers cannot carry the load, I have been told. There are too many downloads.

This USB stick is the total disclosure of all the sciences man needs to live in space. It was given to the governments two years ago, and we knew sooner or later one of the governments would release it. If we had released the technology there would have been danger of fighting the technology with different organisations. Now the technology on the USB stick and all the patents and reprints have been released by the Taiwanese government to Taiwanese scientists in a zip-code format on CD. The situation is literally the people amongst the people. It has nothing to do with the foundation.

However, we have shown part of this process in Fukushima. We show the production of this process this week in the workshop. The problem is that the technology now is in the hands of the people, shared by the people. You don’t need my website or our forum to distribute the knowledge.

My advice to people is very simple: Do not act against your governments. The technology is there to support your governments to a new level. We are not here to endanger anyone’s seriousness or life, to the extent that I put out today – and I’ve been discussing it with our other people, our other scientists in the past seven days – my request is to Boeing manufacturers of the jetliner (which is supposed to have disappeared in China or wherever): in the Keshe Foundation we have the knowledge; if Boeing, if anyone of Boeing has any contact with Boeing aircraft builders who have original specimens of when this aircraft was manufactured – be it a part of the wing or even a bolt or a nut, but it has to be of the original production of the part which was used in the aircraft that has disappeared, get the sample to us. Through the plasma technology we have developed, if we can find the fingerprints of the structure, we can place exactly where the plane has landed or where it is: in the sea, on the land, anywhere. If it is on another planet, we can still find a connection to it. This is how advanced this technology is.

This is why a lot of people don’t like what we are releasing, but in effect, one of the advantages of it now is the way we showed with Fukushima, we can extract caesium or other radioactive materials. We have a number of active reactors here which can copy the magnetic gravitational fingerprint of the material which is in that aircraft. If we can match it with our system, we can literally make the magnet of the copy of the material in the craft. And if we can copy that magnetic gravitational field like two magnets, our system will match and connect it with the other system. So we can find where it is. Has the craft landed? Is the craft lost? Is it hiding somewhere? Is it in the deep oceans? This is one of the major breakthroughs in the world of science.

I developed this technology in case in the future this spaceship disappears by mistake somewhere in this galaxy or in another galaxy, somewhere in the universe so we can find it. So for the first time we offer that technology to Boeing, or the government of China, or the government of wherever the passengers could be. We need a copy, a substantial piece so that we can fingerprint it, magnetic gravitationally. Hopefully, if the plane is not found, it can be locked into. At least now we have the potential and the capability of making magnets of any material. So, if you or anyone knows anybody at Boeing, we at Keshe have a contact at Boeing. If we can reach him on Monday, we will do so. We should be able within time – if our systems work the right way or we can get the support from governments to run the system – to find where this craft is, exactly to millimetres. 

This is just one thing this technology is offering at this moment. I have the systems here in Italy and we offer it to the people of the world.In the future, even the children that are now lost, with their clothing we can create like fingerprints, the fingerprints of different places, and we can lock in with more accuracy than radio locating because it is like the mother and a child. When the child is born, it doesn’t matter where the mother lives or how long the mother lives, the child has a magnetic gravitational connection to the mother. The same thing goes for this craft. We would like to get involved in this. I am sure our knowledge seekers will have a very interesting time to match/copy the aircraft. Maybe even if there is a fuel which is of the same tank as the craft was fuelled last week, that can be analyzed too. We need a live part/piece of the system.

So this is something which I wanted to explain, and the technology is available. It has not been made for this accident. It has been developed by me years ago. It is not even in the patents which I released this week. So it’s what is known as zero time communication system. You can use it to lock into the magnetic gravitational field of your craft. In the future, when we will start building crafts, a piece will be kept for such a purpose for indefinite fuel so that if ever a unit disappears in the open expanse of the universe or a galaxy, we can always find it and bring it back.

So for the first time we offered Fukushima our nano technology. In a simple way, this technology is available to those 230 odd parents, children, fathers who are looking and waiting for the moment that the aircraft turns up and at least get closure for what is happening to them.

The knowledge is with the Keshe Foundation. It belongs to humanity and we are prepared to immediately release it or share it or ask for the Boing engineers to come to us or we go to them, to analyse how we can develop this technology directly within a matter of days for them to find out where this craft is.

KC: Keshe, we understand that you are under threat right now, and I think for the people that have not heard your other broadcast, could you outline what the situation is that you are living under right now in terms of how the threats started? If you could begin with perhaps they started when you were back in Belgium, if I understand correctly.

MK: The point is the accumulation of a lot of things. It goes back as far as 1980s when I left the nuclear industry and went into research independently, financing myself, and coming back to the British nuclear field material to try the first gravitational systems. And more or less from April of 2004 our problems started when we asked the British if I could receive nuclear material to test the first gravitational system. And then through that we ended up at a Belgium air show… we just ended up in the hands of the wrong man. And, apparently, a lot of scientist who end up in Belgium, end up in the hands of these wrong people.

I have to explain something before I forget. We have found and we have a case in our possession regarding the murder of a scientist through the same system as I. I will come back to that later.

When I landed in Belgium […] about two weeks ago, with respect to our technology, has been evaluated and proven to be correct since 2004/2005,but we were always under threats and under pressure on all fronts and [there was a lot of] misinformation until we left Belgium. And apparently, the whole caboodle has followed us now to Italy.

There have been three attempts on my life by the Belgian police and the caboodle of assassinating a scientist. Every single one has a physical proof: payment after damage to the car by forcing the car off the road. A second time two people were arrested by the police of Belgium when they were trying to run us over at high speed. The last time they came to our house last year and we just put three suitcases in the car, and my wife and child left for Italy to escape from assassination.[…]

This group within the federal police of Belgium  […]  that issues papers on behalf of the police. The prosecutors are well organized. They have a full circle of support. So the police make their files and the prosecutor makes the case and they assassinate or they push scientists to release… 

All these things have the fingerprint of one man, and this man now, as you know, has come to Italy. Unfortunately, the ex queen of Belgium is Italian, so we have been followed to here through the same bloodline. The interesting thing is, the national securities and people close to all these organisations are reporting to us. We don’t go looking for knowledge, information.

In different ways, they are telling us ahead of what they are planning. There are decent people within this organisation, but they have to live and feed their children and look after their homes. We have been offered military protection and protection by two or three governments. I have said, “We are not spies. We are not like the guy that went to Russia and released a lot of information which he took from the American government, which is wrong. We are scientists. We have developed a technology that belongs to us and this release of technology and knowledge should not be the cause of our death.”

But anyway, this has been the situation, and now I can say my arrest is 100% because when they land in the house with whatever excuses, the death of my wife and my child is imminent because it has been signed by the king of Belgium personally. We have no doubt about what is going on. According to we understand from the security police, my child will be killed in front of me. This is what the king has ordered, the ex king of Belgium. I hope I am wrong. But the information comes through security officers.

What is puzzling me is we announced about the King of Belgium, Mr. Hans Bracquené,andaboutMr. Delanoy of the Federal Police of Belgium, and nobody has taken action about it. Amazingly enough, no government has done anything about it. Some of these governments are aware of it, and it’s okay to go after my life, my wife’s life and my child’s life for a king or for a structure which is there. We have no fear. I have spoken with my wife; we are just waiting to see the outcome. If they come in and they kidnap me or they silence me… and I’ve been told I have been sentenced to 20 years solitary confinement without seeing anybody. This has been ordered and paid for by the king of Belgium, the ex king of Belgium. And the king’s records have been set up. We have set up three court cases, each court case together with the […] initiated. We know the date for literally my hijacking and kidnapping through the Italians in Italy and that they are going to show documents to my wife. And if she doesn’t cooperate, we have to witness our child to be done all sorts of things to.

We never said anything we haven’t proven. In the last ten years we have released step by step. So this is what has come from the national security police and the Belgian police structure. if they think we are wrong, we tell you something. All the communications are done in French, so we know how correct we are. It’s people within the household who are fed up with these things.

Now I go back one point of the killing of the scientist. She was killed last year the same way as the first attempt on my life. She was forced off the road at high speed onto the hard shoulder, and when she got out of the car she was shot in the head. She was supposed to patent a new technology two days later. And all this has been again caused through the same office ofMr. Hans Bracquené.

Now we are asking, if you know an international lawyer, please help us to put in a case in any court in the world for Mr.Hans Bracquené, Mr.Delanoy,police office of the district of court of Kortrijk, and for the ex king of Belgium. If they are innocent, they will come up, but they are not innocent. Because now we have a dead body. We have a young woman who has been executed. Somebody’s execution on the hard shoulder in Belgium is in the news. And nobody knew.

Now parents, families, and friends are telling us to stop talking to them. Information is coming that they have all been terrorized. They cannot talk. There are scientists in Belgium that are terrorised, they fear for their lives and that of their families and children if they talk. It is more an issue for an international court, somewhere out of Belgium. I could not go to the police and complain about them to the police about what is going on with us because the federal police officers were corrupt. They told us howMr. Delanoyworked in the Federal Police. These are the criminal police who are set up well with the establishment. They used to […] to show it as a bank robbery in 1990s, if you want the history of the police of Belgium. Now they have become a criminal organization within the police, and  the good police officers of the Federal Police of Belgium don’t agree with this. These are the people who give us information. So we don’t go outside. And interestingly enough,Mr. Delanoy annoyingly used these people. Annoyingly, he put these people in trust, and these people explained to us who they are.

Now, we go back to one thing which is important. I have no problem with what is said for us by the king of Belgium. I can be kidnapped and my wife can be put under pressure and my child, these are the things scientists at my level will accept. In trying to discredit us and by luck and by what we knew what would happen, the Taiwanese group released the documents. So now they wanted to make allegations that I practice medicine without a license. I do not practice medicine. We produce medical systems and I have a permit to do so in Belgium, I have been given the right to manufacture by a legal organisation which is accepted by the government. We have two documents and in there is says, I have to teach everybody. I teach medicine from practice without a medical license or having legal training. So if I am wrong for listening, all of you who can make these medical system at home, I have to go to prison because now you can all look after your own health. We can stop the cancer if you know what to do. I have put a fee on all medical systems, and the fee is not paid to me. It is paid to my foundation, to support and work and life and everything else. 

They tried to find a way to accuse me of… like how they went through every single one of my accounts of my foundation. What I did years ago to stop any accusation, I closed all my private accounts. I closed every private account I had around the world. I used to be a business man for 20 years on a very high level. I will explain to you to understand how I high I worked in a few minutes. So if I buy a suit, if I buy a pair of shoes, I buy it through the foundation. If I go to a restaurant or buy and ice cream, I buy it through the foundation. If I sell a book, if somebody donates 5 euro to the foundation, I pay it to the foundation. All my books that are sold, the money goes to the foundation. I made sure that there is no accusation of stashing money away, that I put money away for myself. My electricity bill is paid by the foundation. I charge for medical systems (I am looking after new research development), and nobody has every paid me. They pay the foundation. The money goes in the bank of the foundation. Everything is transparent.

So they have tried everything. What they have done when they downloaded the 30’000 [emails] before, they hijacked the website, they hijacked all the […], they went to the server and took 30’000 emails of mine and they read it for about three months and they simply did not know where to go. And so they come to bounce off five or six emails – we know how they have done it – they wanted to accuse me of having a love affair with a woman. This woman actually – a lot of people around know who she is – is a woman with two children, and my wife and I adopted her as our own daughter. So they wanted to use the emails I had written to her. I had no interest in her physical body because… My wife has been six, eight hours on the phone with this woman because we lost a daughter and she could never have a daughter, so we adopted this woman, who is the same age as our daughter would be and with all the talents which we were looking for. We tried to adopt a daughter ten, fifteen years ago. It didn’t happen. And they have taken the emails out and tried to use them on my wife. These emails are all read by our children because we wanted it to be heard by our whole family, so our four boys had to know. Those people used these emails to force us, but fortunately a lot of people in the Keshe Foundation know this woman. So this is how all these people are […]

We are monitoring all of this. I have to tell you that there are imminently negotiations for my head, to review some sanctions. If my protection is reviewed by the Belgian government, my governments will reduce some sanctions or do other things. This is how high level I am considered and worth agains millions.

I give one message to the Queen of England and the British government. Northern Ireland peace, which has now become permanent, would have been impossible without the collaboration of my companies when they started. We have kept all the documents, all the files to prove it. Sin Fein and Mr. J. Adams would not have shaken hands with Mr. Bill Clinton on the streets of Belfast. The peace in Northern Ireland between the British government and the IRA would not have been written, if I would not have signed my companies and organisations in support to try working with the British Intelligence, reorganising the finances through backup to the British government to deprive the exchange organisations from the funds. I got a message from Tony Blair, who signed to documents and agreed with it, […] million litres of fuel in one day. We have all the shipping certificates to account for every litre. They know what I am talking about.

If the pressure is not taken back off by Italians, by the Belgian government, or by the British, and we can all work as friends on all levels, we will release the information of how the British monarchy has become a subject of the Vatican. We have even pictures of the tankers carrying fuel. We have all the registration numbers. We have all the shipping certificates for the fuel from Northern Ireland to Manchester and tankers to Brussels and in Belgium, all run through my companies. Peace in Northern Ireland would not have seen the daylight for three hundred years if we had not done it. For three hundred years, peace in Northern Ireland could not be achieved were it not for what we agreed with MI5, MI6 and my companies, which I have across the world. We could move things that are very [annoying ?] And now they are trying to compromise my life for sanctions for the people who are in power just because we have supported them.

I gave a very clear indication to the British government: Withdraw the move, we know what you are up to. I have said to the British government, I stayed in your country for thirty years but as I said, my country let me down. We release documents how Northern Ireland peace was achieved. It would not be known for 300 years. I masterminded it, I executed it, I delivered it. The politician talked about it. My part, my work has stood on a Christmas afternoon in the snow to make sure fuels arriving from Belfast from different parts of the island which was to be used for corns and breads and cashed and paid back into UK treasury. They know what I am talking about. This information is in three different places. If anything happens to me, it will be released. I have bought insurances against everything. 

So now it goes back to two things. It is nice to have peace in Northern Ireland; it is nice to have peace in England and there are no bombs going. So stop trying to trade for my life! Very simple. We have released the technology for humanity. We have not released the technology to create the death of me or my family and the tortures and the rest of it.

I request, if anybody listens to this communication, if by any chance you are a lawyer, please open a case revealing the evidence of the murder of the scientist. It is not allegations. The file is closed very rapidly as an accident. No! Scientists are killed like this, and nowMr. Hans Bracquenéis in the European Space Agency, and now he has access to NASA and the top American scientists.

You Americans, you Canadians have become part of the structure. My capture in Canada was not accidental. It was well planned, again byMr. Hans Bracquené,executed by the Canadian government with authorisation of the White House. Nobody would touch a top Iranian nuclear physicist up the flight [?], if it was not approved by highest positions in the world. I am not an unknown scientist in the back of the streets making a pot of tea. I cannot be ignored. We will release documents. I am not going to hide in embassies. I am not going to hide in different countries. I will not hide my knowledge. We are fully aware of who ordered our or my arrest at the airport in Canada. And still with open heart and forgiveness.. and the request of the American President, we hand the keys of this technology to them, as a friend, as a brother.

So nothing is hidden from us. Not because we can’t talk too much. It is because the people who are in security services, who I serve well, close friends. They protect us. They tell us. They give us information of their every move. I think the people that listen to this broadcast within the Belgian government who thought they are doing things we don’t know, “Boys, you have no […] structure. People who put food in front of you do not trust you but they have to because their children depend on that food they put in front of him. So, do not look too far. 

And secondly, I have been praying for the soul of the ex king of Belgium. That man needs help, and through his soul he will reach his body. I have prayed forMr. Hans Bracquenéand his soul. I have prayed forMr. Delanoyand his soul because when the soul gets fed up with the body, it will make the body put everything on the table. I did the same thing with Mr. Obama. Mr. Obama, on the 23rd April two years ago, initially issued a warrant for the closure of my institutes. And less than a year later, on the day of his election, his own master asked for the key. He […] to release the date and the time of receiving the request to hand over the USB stick, which is now in the hands of the public.

It reads: 3:48 on the 6th of November, the day of the elections. At 3:48 I am prepared to release a copy. At the same time, as you know on the 24th of July last year, I received a private letter of his excellency President Obama. In a private letter he addresses “dear Mehran” and signs “Barack”. Two page letter. So this man does not write a letter just to say hi. He is conscious of what he has done to me and putting me on the line of death for eleven days. Canadians would not have made any such a move if they did not have the authorisation of the highest. But I still bless and pray for your souls that one day they will find peace.

Any questions?

KC: Thank you very much, Keshe. I believe that there will be questions in the chat. On top of that I would like you to explain the release of information regarding the technology. Is this going to be understandable to the world at large? Is this going to be something which only the people that are attending your workshops will understand? What do you suggest?

MK: The technology, the patents are written in a patent language. Patent language is written by one of my dearest friends,Mr. Dirk Laureyssens.Mr. Dirk Laureyssenswas introduced to me when I came to Belgium in 2005 by a gentleman calledWim De Grave.  I have a lot of respect for him.Wim De Gravewas one of the directors of the E-Capital and he is part of the IMEC, where he studied the material. There are a lot of rumours about this gentleman,Mr. Wim De Grave.The rumour is that he is the third child of the ex king of Belgium that nobody knows. He looks like him. He looks like the second child of the king as well. So he has been a backend help to the Foundation and other places for us, Wim De Grave. I would like to thank him for his support. Without him the Foundation would not be where it is now on the research side. 

The papers are written and done in a very common language. So if you don’t understand the patents, don’t read the patents the way you read the French patent. Read the patents in the language of the plasma, not in the language of matter. Then you unravel the whole truth about every single writing in there. This is very important. There is a big difference between plasma and matter. Matter, according to present understanding, has field forces. Plasma has gravity and magnetic field forces, attraction and repulsion. If you read the total of all the patents, all my books, in the terminology of the plasma, you understand the secrets of the universe. In time, people will feel the same way.

That is why there is a lot of confusion if my patents can be understood. When we don’t understand and try to understand the behaviour of a balloon inside another balloon inside another balloon inside another balloon inside another balloon, the gap between each balloon is the pressure difference. When you go to the balloon inside another balloon, there is a gap between the two, a distance between the two walls of the balloon. So in my writings, I call this gap the magnetic gravitational field, the strength difference. In the solar system and the sun, the same thing happens. The plasma does not open up in one direction. It opens up like a balloon. And when it reaches a certain strength, it does another layer because it does not hold to that strength. So you get layers of magnetic gravitational fields of different strengths. And the interaction of the magnetic gravitational field, the strength of one layer attracts another one, and it creates its own gravity and magnetic field. This is how the gravitational field of the stars are created. 

You can read all my patents and we can make all my systems overnight. We can produce gold as much as you like. We can produce water as much as you like. We can produce food as much as you like. In the workshop of this Thursday we will announce true measure announcements, and one of them will be how they are making the videos (they are going to make more videos by Thursday) how you can convert gasses into solids at room temperature and pressure, and then these gasses, which we call GANS, which is a solid or liquid state, if you put them on your tongue (because they are so powerful energetic), you receive all the energy you need in one day in one drop, less than one drop. So you don’t need to eat food.

This is how the universe works. The boys in my college and my knowledge seekers in our institute have already made the first batch. They are making it themselves. This batch will go to Fukushima by the end of the week, as the Japanese TEPCO or the nuclear industry has provided our two groups access to nuclear material (the material we mentioned, like the CO2). They can immediately test the factor of contamination of the waters and the towns and the fields in the Fukushima area. One of our knowledge seekers is form Japan, and we already have the dates when she flies to the knowledge group in Japan that is going to test the material. The knowledge seekers here, who are normal scientists like everyone else whom we handpicked by their reputation, they are building the systems and the system will go. They tell you how to do it. You will see all these videos on Thursday. And by the following Wednesday, we will see what happens in Fukushima with our knowledge seeker who is carrying the material. I hope that she will be safe and no one does to her what they did to me when I went to Canada. But this is for saving humanity of the danger of the radiation. We will see what the next step will be. 

We will make another important announcement on the 20th, this Thursday, because a lot of people have been asking a lot of things about my position and how and where I am, and this has to be answered and addressed now. I am sure that a lot of people already know. I received over the years hundreds and hundreds of emails calling me all sorts of things. We are going to make that clear. And at the same time we will start with live videos of the operation of different reactors which the knowledge seekers have put together or built themselves or brought with them. We will see four or five reactors, which they can see live. They cover every second so we can watch what is happening any time around the world. Because now that we have given our patents, we have authorised them to be opened to the public and you can read it. Now you can see the operation.

We are not afraid of failure. We are not afraid if nothing is done. We are not afraid if the system does not respond. This is research. This is the reality. But from now on, every scientist, every man who is interested in the future development of the medicine, future development of the health and the space, future development of the materials, will interfere and interact directly.

This has never been done. I enjoy… The first day I told the knowledge seekers one thing: What we learn has to be passed on. Usually when you go to university to be educated, you wait two, five, ten years before you become a teacher and can use your knowledge in public. They are students in the morning and they become teachers in the afternoon, teaching worldwide, in their own languages or in different languages to their listeners around the world. Knowledge has never been told so openly, so clearly, ever in the history of man. Unconditional. I emphasize to my knowledge seekers, do not hesitate; do not hold back something you might know more because the minute you give the knowledge away, at that instant you receive new knowledge because knowledge is a gift, it is a jar. The more you empty the jar, the more you ask to receive. 

What it is, we teach and within minutes, within a day, not only the teaching, the picture of this reactor, the picture of the system then goes on the Internet. Sometimes, at the beginning I was shocked because you have to understand how over 30/40 years I have lived a solitary life as a scientist. Nobody has seen what I have done. And I show something to these guys; they take a picture of it, and in the afternoon it is on the internet. They are teaching people, and it is a pleasure the way they explain things. I keep telling them, the way you explain things, I could never do.

So, can people make my systems? Yes. Can people make every system? Yes. Can they be in space? Yes. We have a put a target to build the first space ship this year. We have announced it. Funnily enough, nobody has come up to say, I would like to pay to build part of this reactor.

So, what this means is that people would like to have a road to space, but they don’t want to pay for the materials for it to be built. So, this behaviour is putting us back in the hands of institutes and organisations, banks, to be able to finance…or who comes to help to build and accept our condition? This is a very strange situation for me. For 30/40 years, I have subsidised this technology through my work for people to have it.

This is very interesting. The fall. We have put the paper out exactly at 4:51yesterday, that is over 18 hours ago. On our server, 12,186 people have viewed it. Has any of them made a single payment for receiving this patent? All this technology, which is patented and released, has any of them made any effort to say, “Okay, you have given me this knowledge.” You go and buy a screwdriver or a spanner, which is slightly different, you pay five or twenty euro because somebody has patented it. Has such a technology become so valueless that it only is for your own selves,and that it can’t be developed further?

This is what I tell you: the whole society is based on robbing as fast as you can. This behaviour is showing me more and more, nothing has changed.

KC: Excuse me, Keshe, the Camelot audience is very generous and they will contribute if you ask. If you need donations…

MK: We need a huge amount of donations. We need hundreds of thousands. We need 55 million to build this ship. There is a Keshe Foundation. You can go directly to the bank of the Keshe Foundation. It is ABN/AMRO in Holland. This is not for us. This is for you. It is for humanity. We are not asking. We have assessed it, we have the place. To build this reactor within the next three months, we have to raise 55 million euro to stay out of the hands of the banking companies who come and do it.

KC: We will put the word out for you, Keshe, and get the word out to people listening: send this information viral. Please, if you have a link for people, if you could please put that in the chat or send it to me on my FB page.

MK: Just go to the Keshe Foundation website. It says “donation”. And then use the link. Everybody knows. All our links are internationally known.

We need to raise 55 million. It is open book. I told you, I closed my accounts. Nothing is going in my pocket. I received an email from a guy this morning: “we would like to be one of the first 500 people who fly into space with the new spaceship. How much is the ticket for it? It has to be reasonable.” I wrote back to him: “How much do you prize the ticket to be able to go up to space? People now pay 10 million, 15 million to go into space for a few days, or they pay 250,000 to be in the upper atmosphere for a few seconds. How much do you value the technology you want to be part of its developments and progress? You pay for yourself, not for me. I have been through all of that. I have seen the whole universe. I have no attachment to this earthly possessions and time. I said so many times to my family: I am ashamed to be in the body of the man because it is so shameful what the man does to himself, but we have to be in the body of a man to understand the language of the man, to be able to speak the language of the man for him to understand. So I have no attachment. If I had, I would have cried on the phone, “They want to kill me!” No! I tell them, I pray for their soul. I don’t need to be in them to understand them. They are with us and we know what they are doing.

There is no hidden points – and this is one thing I keep teaching my students in the past week – I teach them, you don’t need to be there to understand. You understand because they think about you and you know it. The king of Belgium, his biggest enemy is his soul which is sitting in his body. I don’t need to do anything. These people don’t understand our station and our position. Nothing is hidden from us, nothing.

KC: Keshe, I wanted to remind you that you said you would speak about your background and working in the business world. Do you want to address that?

MK: Yes, I explain my business background. I come from a fairly well-known family from Iran, extremely well-known family from Iran during the Shahs’ time. I never relied on my family. I worked through my own set up when I graduated. I knew nothing about business but I knew I have to finance something that could support my research. So, I went into training, and my training being the same as I am with my present research with science, very open and very straight forward. In my work, I found peace and I found straightforwardness all over the world. I extended my business side after two or three years, to more or less five offices on three continents. No partners, and I used to trade and travel and literally see and run businesses on a very high level, from oil business, to diamonds, to trading, through governmental financing for supports of new projects. We got heavily involved in a time when East and West broke up. I have seen poverty to the extreme and I have see richness beyond. We wore diamonds on the shoes to show they are rough because there was nowhere else to put the diamonds. Everything else was already covered with diamonds. I am seeing people in my offices in Africa, in Gambia, who I had to pay 12 pence for them not to die of malaria, because they had no 12 pence to pay. You understand that it has no value if you cannot support the human being with it. 

So, I built multimillion organisations, totally private, unknown to anybody. You have to understand, we do not get involved with the governments at this level, or the British government doesn’t come to you to help or to do getting more. With peace in Northern Ireland, if […]. Indeed, the infrastructure which we supported, …and we done it. When I explained to you that this is the position we achieved, it is not just because somebody on the street comes to you that you can we do this. It was built, systems were well in position, us having different companies in the right position and knowing what to do. We were asked for the security systems in England to get involved to see this matter through.  And I always remember, when I met with MI5 people in the Yard, they said, “Do you know what you are getting involved with?” I said, “It is for peace; some things are worth even the of risk my life.” They said, “The message will be passed on to Downing Street. We are going ahead with the peace work.”

So you begin to understand how high level I was. I had to leave Britain because of the situation which was built across the corruption in the system, which I left. At the same time I could understand what was going on in there. We walked from a bowl of fire into a pan of fire with what happened in Belgium.

So I have seen wealth beyond. I have traveled to over 65 – 70 nations in my time. I have traded in over 120 nations. Every color race has been through my books and I have been around… I can tell you the places by even the color of the door handle. You can’t do that if you are not there. This has been part of the training of me to be, to understand the man, to understand how to handle the man.

I have a very interesting memory. When I was in Washington, you know the White House, next door to it is the poorest place where I have seen a dead man on the boulevard. On the corner there is a hotel with a huge shopping centre in the basement. And further up the road there is a Holiday Inn hotel. I have seen a dead body at minus 70 degrees in the richest nation. I thought, “What a shame when in looking distance to the White House you can see a dead body on the boulevard!” And they know exactly where I have been to in Washington. I walked into the palaces of the African nations. I have seen a man dying of hunger. There is no difference, in the richest country or in the poorest nation. It is all the same with hunger.

With this technology we put an end to it. If you can afford to find an empty Coca Cola bottle, you can find a piece of wire, which is of copper, and you can get your hands on two old telephone batteries, we can guarantee to have enough energy, water and food to survive anywhere in this universe. This is the patent which has been released yesterday. This has been the biggest fear of governments and multinationals. I have now been saying for two, three years, if you have two or more mobile phones, you can have everything you want. Everybody was hoping that very soon the water would drip out of the mobile phones and the gold would drop from the back of it. When I opened it to my knowledge seekers a couple of weeks ago, I said, “Do you know what is going to happen with this?” I said, “Everybody is looking for the telephones to start dropping water from it. I said, all you need is to open the back of the mobile phone, you take the battery out. In every battery there is about 30 to 50 cm of copper plates, which are used for the positive/negative phase of the battery, we take the plate out, we just make it what we call ‘nano layer, which was recently shown in Fukushima. We can put it in a cooking pot which is made of clay or steel or whatever, and we show you how to make atomic hydrogen from the Coca Cola bottle (which we have shown in Fukushima). Then you have your hydrogen, you have a rotating earth, you have the sun in your hand. What would you like from it? This will be shown by our scientist from Belgium; he works with ceramic, clay. He is making a clay reactor.

We have people now, an American citizen who is with us as a knowledge seeker, and a Czech Republic knowledge seeker. As I said before, they are putting a reactor together, which is manufactured by Iranian engineers in Teheran. And so now it is an international corporation. They are putting their reactors together next week, and we see what they build. Whether we create coal, gold, or whether we create water. 

All of these systems are originally used in those copper webs in the back of the mobile telephones that to anyone are worth nothing, but now it is a source of life. You can learn how to use these copper wires. We show it; they have been explaining it on the internet. I have seen the knowledge seekers. And if you then oxidise these copper wires of the mobile phones, you don’t need anything else. You can produce 100 kW or 300 kW of electricity for the use of the light. When you don’t need a light you can create heating, create water, and when you finished with it you can change the wiring and make the magnetic gravitational field of any vitamin or mineral you need to feed yourself with. It is the simplicity of the technology which serving the man. So the man in Africa would not die and the man next to the White House on the boulevard should not die because he can’t heat himself. This is the beauty of it.

At least I have left a legacy that no man should go hungry and I hope and I wish – my dearest wish is – that people who manufacture the guns would stop this process because the way I told you, we can find the aircraft wherever it is at the moment. Real soon not I but the people who now receive the patents, will change the position of the carbon or any other material in every bullet of this planet. And they can put an end to the wars.

As I said, the last week I was teaching them how to make gold. I said, to make gold, we need mercury and one neutron. And they looked at me, “But gold is one neutron less atomically than mercury.” I said, “Yes, if you want to take a proton, a neutron, and an electron out of mercury to make it gold, it is a lot of work. but if you put one neutron in the mercury, which immediately changes to a proton and an electron, then  you have unstable mercury, which becomes gold and helium, and we can push it to become energy.

So now the secret of making gold is out of the bag. And I think it costs less than one cent to make two to three kilos of gold nano powder if you understood what it is. And I have been telling the British, how many tons of gold do you want me to put in the Central Bank of Libya for you to get out of there? Gold has no more value. There have been secrets of making gold. It is in the holy writings, and I said that recently. The maturity of man will come when man understands how to change matter. And now we know. The man is immature.

And now everybody knows how to make gold. Go on, get yourself some mercury. The back of your mirror, most of it is mercury in ways you won’t be able to see. The glass thermometer in the garden that shows the temperature is mercury. If you know how to get to the neutron out of the carbon or the hydrogen carbon combination of the Coca Cola bottle, then mercury can become gold in the same reactor as you made the energy.

So gold has no more value now everybody knows how to make it from mercury or vice versa. To change an element which is which is needed, you don’t need to go through these elaborate fusions. Fusions are nonsense. They are trying to make… There was a bunch of nuclear physicists in the past three weeks, and we all agreed, this thirty billion project in South of France is totally meaningless from the fusion point of view, which was never achieved, but from a scientific game knowledge point worth billions.

We will never achieve fusion. Fusion, the way the money is spent on it, I explained very simply: we could not hold 7000 degrees when Columbia came back to earth. It just burned out. We lost two shuttles. One of them in reentry because of the high temperature which hit their physical body because the heat shield was gone. How do these scientists expect to hold this fusion to create the heat of the sun, which is 100’000’000 degrees? We don’t have the knowledge to hold 7000! We lost the most beautiful people in that craft when they came back into earth. How are we going to save and control 100’000’000 degrees and in a reactor, which is nothing? They say, fusion has been done, for a few milliseconds and the heat is dissipated. You try keep fusion going for two days. It won’t last more than a minute or two in a proper fusion. What are they are talking about? We don’t have the knowledge to heat transfer a 100’000’000 from the center. The sun is so many millions of kilometres  away from us. It heats up a little bit more, you get a little bit too closer to it and it evaporates all the water of this planet. Now you go and live in the centre of it, the one that was created here in South of France; it does not make sense. It is making very good money for research. So what we can do, we don’t fuse;  we destabilise the atom and then it breaks up into what you want. It is much easier. It is how we make physics work.

So you want gold in the next few weeks, we produce gold in the Keshe Foundation Research Center. We start selling gold at the same price as metal because it has no more value. I am not doing it because I have taught eight people how to do it, and now they are teaching other people online how to do it. So very soon you can buy gold as cheap as copper and maybe as cheap as water

KC: Keshe, I have some questions coming up in the chat. One person is asking, if you are able to make gold, why don’t you finance your foundation with this gold?

MK: Oh, we can do it no problem! We have done it six years ago in Teheran. Gold has no value. We do not teach to produce things to sell things. I can put a lot of things out. You never know. Do you want us to put gold on the market? You want us to put diamonds on the market?

Let me ask you this: We don’t need to make gold. I can go to South Africa, I can go to Congo, buy diamonds at a cost of 5 to 10 $ per carat, bring it to Europe, put it through one of our reactors, which is done because I had to explain this process to diamond buyers in Belgium because the diamonds are coming in at different rates, and I can sell these diamonds at 3000 to 5000 $ per carat. Pure, using that process. I don’t even need to go and find mercury and get involved with contamination. And the thing is, you are making the same diamond structure on your diamonds and your gold.

KC: And why you don’t do this is because politics? Why don’t you do this?

MK: It would destabilise the situation. We are not here to destabilise the situation.

KC: You are concerned that the markets will drop around the world if these things are being sold?

MK: The Americans understood the potential of this technology. They said, the world has already had a crash. It cannot stand another devaluation. We are not here to disturb. We needed gold in  space. We have to produce it for whatever reason we need it. This shows immediately, whenever a person asks me a question like this, it shows to me the level of ignorance of what they don’t understand what we are here for. I can produce plutonium. As easy as I can produce gold, I can produce plutonium. Where would that put us? As easy as we can produce gold, we can produce water to feed the man. 

The whole purpose is to take the greed out of it. Gold has no value outside the boundary of this planet. I keep on saying, how many millions of dollars can you sell to an alien in space? This is what we give value, that we can control through it.

You know, the one who just asked this question, please get yourself a Coca Cola bottle and get some mercury. Follow the discussion which the knowledge seekers have put under the links and their discussions forums. You should be able to make 2 or 3 kg or 4 kg of gold by tomorrow morning. And if you cannot do it, it shows you you never understood the value of life. Our teaching is very simple, so you better read the books.

KC: Okay, Keshe, what about the CERN, the Hadron Collider. What is your understanding about what they really are doing there?

MK: Well, this is part of research! We are not the ultimate. We are part of the process of learning. The human race has to understand the whole spectrum, even things which are written in the books I have written, the knowledge I released. We create millions and millions of research in the future, because everybody tries to understand. Only now we learn how research is done and how to change mercury into gold, how simply it can be done.

So this CERN is needed. The South of France systems are needed. The pressurised water reactors in America are needed because as physicists we have not even scratched the surface of science. So you cannot say that it is wrong. So they do some things which are wrong. We laugh at them. Not to insult them, but you know they said, in CERN they were looking for the Higgs Boson. As I said, I had a misfortune. One of the biggest misfortunes of my life was sitting next to the ex king of Belgium. He asked me the question – he used to come to the cafe with the queen where I was working – and he asked me, “What do you think about this?” And I said, “They call it God particle.” I said, “If you understand what I explained to you earlier on (because I was explaining to him about the plasma, and what I explained here in this talk about the balloons) is that when the magnetic field is slowed down enough in strength to become matter, physical to us.

So, all of us are God particles. Now we laugh at CERN, but in reality it is because they don’t understand, so we put it in a different way. It is like insulting your childthat does something that looks very stupid to you. They have to do it. They have to understand. 

Somebody made a point, it is the same as you know with Steven Hawking. When I wrote my paper in 2004 that black holes leak and are the source of life, he was saying, black holes are […] and then he changed that. We put my paper out in my book. We put in the book coincidentally on the same day he changed his mind when we had the paper, and we put a copy of in in a letter from the institute. So it is closed. Steven Hawking is finished as a scientist, because this year he has put a paper out confirming how my theory was correct from the beginning.

So, as far as we know now, peer review has no meaning. My patents are in there. Why should my patents go to Europe patent for somebody to his benefit to tell you, yes, it is correct, or not. You test my patents all the line, and if it is good for you, this is for you. We don’t need somebody in European patent who decides on the financial position of his country, if a patent can be winning or not. If you can make it, it will be patented.

So, the thing is not whether you can patent because of the knowledge. The way I thinkDirk Laureyssens, the way he has written his patents, he covers everything mankind would ever like to patent. Now it is open and nobody can patent it. It is free knowledge.

So this situation is very easy. Now we have all the knowledge. We have all the knowledge per agreement the way I have written it, then we can do it. We can make gold. We can do anything you like. We have taken the peer review out of it. If you understand it, you already peer reviewed it.

KC: I have some other questions coming up in the chat. I would like to ask you these questions, unless there is something you prefer to talk about a little bit longer.

MK: No problem.

KC: I do want to thank Sterling Allan for supporting your work. Are you aware that he has also put you information on his website so that people can access it?

MK: I know. I look forward to Mr. Sterling Allan. We fell out for a while last year because of something he put out which I don’t think is correct for somebody who is impartial to make a comment because it could be wrong or right. I passed on the information to him. This is what it is. It was a friendly communication, but he published that friendly communication, which is okay. He is generous and he is looking after our interests, and I thank him for it. He has done a lot of good work for the foundation and a lot of scientists. He is a free port in a way, and knowledge has to be retrieved via ports.

KC: Someone is asking, what kind of profile are you seeking to work with you on the space project? In other words, do you want computing, networking, electronics…

MK: We need everything. Send your emails to Spaceship Institute. Then the beauty of it is, I am not in charge anymore. I have given a lot of control and decision making to the panel of knowledge seekers. The eight knowledge seekers on the panel will decide whom they want and what they want. I receive it. I look at it and I put it unconditionally to the panel. And in this week or next week we will share who is looking after which part of the SpaceshipInstitute. They know what is needed. We need everything.

First of all we need donations to start building this thing. That is paramount. Otherwise we can talk till the cows come home. Or we go and sell our souls to the multinationals, whatever they do, they want to cover something in it. 

As you know, the energy reactor now is in the hands of the Italians. They are doing what they like with it, and soon we will show its pre commercial unit, which is made by the Italian. We gave it as a gift to the Italians unconditional. Actually, this is a lie. We put a condition on it. The only condition we gave with the technology to the Italian manufacturers was that every part of this reactor has to be built in Italy, that it creates jobs in Italy and wealth in Italy for Italians. 

The same with the Chinese. Everything has to be in the same country; otherwise we need computer programers. We need metallurgists. We need people who understand storage and composition and storage of gassesbecause we can absorb energy from the magnetic gravitational field in the universe… how much the gasses we need the storage.

If you look at the patent which we released, it shows you 4 – 2, that is the storage section. We need people who have a deep understanding of the health in radiation, because in the cosmos, in our reactors, because we create radiation we have to understand the rapid mutation in the body and what is ahead. We need to know, this is communications people who can understand the interaction of magnetic field and communication zero and communication time.

We know the knowledge seekers in Brazil and the Brazilian government. We request for, and I put it out, and we have a close communication with the Brazilian government, we hope we have someone from Brazil on board in this respect. We know who is working on it.

We need people who have a good concept of security protection. This means that the knowledge we develop was handed over prior to governments that they can build security systems, that the knowledge and technology cannot be abused for terrorist activities and that kind of thing. They need to collaborate with the Foundation. It has to be a collaboration with all the governments through any form and shape that the knowledge, as we will update, is first in the hands of the world police force (or whatever you want to call it). No one can come to harm by it. Because a lot of people who think that from now on we have this technology, we can go from China, to the Middle East, or from the Middle East to America and do what we like to do. These things have to stop. National security, international security, is going to stay paramount. So we need that kind of people who understand.

I used to work with the security forces. I know what it means, but my knowledge is only scratching the surface. We need people who understand this process, and I told you, we have had a close collaboration with national security officers for years through my work, and I know these people do a fantastic job. You people walk on the street and you don’t get robbed. You walk on the street, you sleep in your house and tomorrow morning you wake up – all these needs, security can’t protect the people completely. They say that they pay too much taxes but they don’t complain that they can leave their front door open and wake up in the morning and their furniture is still in the house. 

So, on a larger scale, we need security officers to advise us, to advise governments through us what is coming and what has to be planned in advance. We don’t need to first keep the information. We just needed delayed time. It is like with the USB stick. We gave the USB stick to the governments a year and a half ago, and now it is in the hands of the people. That gap has allowed such governments to such work and research, like what is coming. This is needed. I have the highest respect for any national government forces, be it police force, be it national force because without them, we have no country, we have no nations and we are eaten up. We see what happens when anarchy comes in.

So we need people who understand and have a good knowledge of deep space plasma. There are maybe about 20 of these people in the world. Not many. I know two of them. One of them is in NASA and would have loved to join us. I know he will join us if we open the door the right way to the American government. Because in the future, the speed is so fast, we have to understand the position of the plasma in the destination point, and these people understand it. This is a special talent and knowledge. You have a man in America, in the NASA;he has a record of the most longest man from frequent in the space[?]1:26:36 He is from Central America. He knows who I am talking about. I have a lot of respect for him. He is responsible for the plasma propulsion jet program of the NASA. People like him who collaborate with program are an asset to humanity – not to the foundation because the knowledge belongs to the everybody else. I have a lot of admiration for him because I know that he can give us a lot of knowledge in weightlessness.

On the other hand, we need a lot of Russians, because Russian space technology is very, very, very advanced. It is at least 20 – 25 years ahead of NASA. I know them. I worked with them. I have had a very close collaboration with these people.

The reality is that we need everything. We need people who can manufacture chairs. We can’t put 500 people on the floor. This is the reality. We need people who understand about everything. We don’t have shock absorbers in these aircrafts. We need magnetic positioning, magnetic positioning in respect to a surface. This is a challenge for the Russians. They developed it very nicely.

We need everything. This is not us anymore. Now with the release of these patents, it is up to humanity how they want to make the first Noah Boat. We call it the Boat of Noah. Through the first spaceship we can take ourselves across and beyond. Maybe because of all the man’s greed there is so much we don’t know. We are fighting for nothing.

We need a very rapid structure through governments and United Nations – I don’t know who or how many people can leave this planet. This will be a nightmare.

KC: What do you mean? I don’t understand. You want to know how many people can leave the planet?

MK: Very soon. I can see the future. In the next 10 to 15 years… As I always say, the father in the back of African village is happy where he is. The man who is being on the streets of New York, he is happy that he has a roof over his head. It is the rich boys and scientists who want to see what is happening in the Bahamas and how it is in the jungle of Amazon, and they spend their money to go. Now, the jungles of the Amazon and how Bahama is will become Venus and other planetary systems. This is not a fairy story. This is what we will reach before the end of this year if humanity works together. We pull the knowledge seekers together. We are requesting 25 more knowledge seekers who are mainly theoretical scientists. We can put our work in a lab into digital form, in the mathematical form that everyone can repeat the same process. 

When these scientists go to find out more and more, we can put a reactor in the car and end up on Mars tomorrow morning. It is not a spaceship anymore. Any single car can fly if you put it on the carpet. You know the Persian carpets; they are a reality now. The flying carpet is a reality. We were going to show the first flying car on the 26th of November in Eindhoven 2 or 3 years ago, but we were blocked by the same people,Mr. Hans Bracquené.They came to my house. They came to my lab in Belgium. When I showed them I said, “I have a problem. I am going to show this car tomorrow in Eindhoven, flying.” And he said, “Do you have a flying license? If not, you can’t do so.” They confiscated the material in my lab.

Nobody understood the importance of what they did try to do. They did not come to just confiscate the material. If you confiscate a criminal drug, you take it off him, you take it to the center and take the guy. You don’t come to a scientist’s lab, confiscate and lock his nuclear material and leave him in his lab and you go. So obviously, it was a set up. I have all the letters of this from the Belgian nuclear center. And the police, when they left here, they knew this. It was just to discredit us, they said to me. We have shown all the business plans which by the request of the Flemish government through Price Waterhouse in Belgium were drawn up to build the first space reactors and the medical reactors in 2009 in the General Motors factory in Belgium. And I even have somewhere a communication from Mr. White who became the temporary chairman of the General Motor during the crisis of the bankruptcy of General Motor, to take over the plant. Our reactors, our technology has been released […] already in 2005 and 2006. And it was annoying the Belgian government that the Flemish side wanted to produce this. And whenMr. Hans Bracquenéfound out, he blocked it. They threatened a lot of ministers. If they went ahead with us, they would lose their jobs. 

And now they are doing the same thing in Italy. I don’t go and hide in embassies, but I put a notice directly to his eminence the pope: Make my house a church. Nobody goes into churches to harm it. You know, the priests when they rape children or whatever, they go answer to the church and nobody goes into the church to arrest them because it is a house of god. This house is a house of god. People come here to play and to learn how to save humanity. I am in Italy. I ask the Vatican to make my house a church so I cannot be touched by anybody. We need it. The pope knows. 

Let me tell you how powerful the church foundation is. Vatican can deny it. We never put it out, but let Vatican deny it. On the hour of the inauguration of the present pope, during the service when he became the pope, the Keshe Foundation Peace Treaty was handed over. So, the present pope has read the peace treaty, the world peace treaty. And part of the talks we hear he mentions, part of the Keshe Foundation peace talk has been written and talked about. So, our work is already within the structure. And Vatican knows where we are and who we are. Keshe Foundation supporters exist at  within the governments. The full four packages of the peace treaty, world peace treaty, which was given to his excellency President Obama, was sent to Iran to the Iranian president, to his eminencePresidentAhmadinejad Khamenei; they sent it to the Japanese Prime Minister. They sent it to all the other leaders. [It] was given by the people close to the pope to the pope, and he was already inaugurated as a pope. He wasn’t waiting for somebody to go and see. We have people who are highly influential. 

So the pope knows. Make my house a church. A church, house of god, cannot be touched because we teach unity, friendship, and peace. So this is a house of god. If I were a Muslim, we would do the same. Make this a holy place because we are teaching Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists. 

So in a way, where we are with our knowledge seekers, we have become the house of the nations. We eat together. It is very strange. You know, my knowledge seekers can tell you. No one has ever seen a dictation like this. We don’t have a black board. My wife makes them feel home. They cook, they eat. We have to tell them, “Can you please go home?” They stay here until 10 or 11 o’clock at night, and they come at 9 o’clock in the morning. They enjoy the unity of man in science and technology. They have no inhibition. They don’t hide anything about what they learn and what they think and how they teach each other. Our Japanese knowledge seeker cooks for all of them like a mother. When she is not there, they cook for each other. And they look after each other, like we live in space. They are literally in a space of their own here. We lock the doors and nobody comes in. They live, they work. This is how it is going to be. We have to accept this as the ethos, we become the ethos of the man in space. In space, when you are in a spaceship and your travel and you end up in different places, you can’t sell a palace and you can’t buy yourself a Rolls Royce, not even a dry rose. There is hardly enough room in the spaceship to live in. These are the realities we see. My wife cooks for them. In which institute such a thing is done? Last week, they were short of pillows and blankets. She made sure that they have comfort when they went home. We look after them like our own children, even though they are grandfathers and fathers and mothers. We have brought the essence of unity into our work. And they feel it. We have to keep them out of here because we need time to even think and develop.

This is a home of knowledge. This has become the Mecca temple of peace, unity, and knowledge, and we keep it that way. Those who want to harm us and those who know how to protect us: you allow a priest in the church after he has abused a child and because it is a church nobody can go in. This is the house of god. I ask the pope if he hears us. We know he hears us. (“We listen to what you say usually.”) Make this place a holy place. Make it a church. And then knowledge becomes free. We have given the space reactor technology and reactor for the spaceship free to the Italians. Unconditional. So I have given the Fukushima technology in the lab for testing, free. This is my home. I live here and make no difference between here and Teheran or whether I was in Belgium. In Belgium they abused us. In Iran, they are using the technology their way. We offered the technology for the aircraft which is missing. I feel for that child who is waiting for her dad who was on that aircraft. We don’t know where it is. I feel for the mother who is waiting for the father to come home to the children. There is no difference. I am a father; I am a son. I am the same. I am a parent, and this has got to be the way we are.

This greed has to go and the only way it goes, is how we accept abuse. I was watching […] on the national Japanese television yesterday. I said to my wife, “I am ashamed to watch this program but I have to watch it to understand how man abuses man.” One of the major corporations – as you know in Japan for twelve years there have been no wage raises because they simply can’t afford it. And the company writes to its sub company producer, “We would like you to reduce the cost by 2,5 % in 2014.” And the guy with 25 workers has to find a way to not increase the wages of his people even though the prices are going up, to be able to just make 0.5 % profit annually to satisfy the company, which now wants to put a reduction in place to keep the profits going. And the same company is announcing multi-billion profit to the market. Who is robbing whom? This is the stupidity of this situation. The man who makes the thing has to go hungry, is unable educate his his child the way he wants. Now the company, the man on the top says, “I am a smart man. I don’t need to answer to the market. I need to answer to the market and make a billion more. But by the way I made a billion more, I cheated a man out of his labor.” 

I have a very good friend, a man I know very well, and in some ways it is good to know him, and in a way it is bad knowing him from a business side, he is called Philip Green. He is an advisor to the present Prime Minister of England. Philip Green in 1990 used to have a company called WW in England. The shares of the company were owned by the market, the stock exchange. He announced that he is going to make so much profit and he was short of half a million, and they kicked him out because they said, “You said you are going to make half a million more and you made less, so you are not good enough.” And he came out of there with one promise as he was sacked (he did make a very good profit): “I will never go in the hands of the market where people dictate and abuse me.” He is now one of the richest men in England, in Europe, because he took the market and stock exchange out of his business. He owns everything he has. He has got to the point now where he is an advisor to the Prime Minister.

So these abusers got used to the people who are intelligent like Philipp Green. He comes out on it and dictates the position not to be abused. […]

It is very interesting how the man says, “If I could get to 15 dollars a week more, I could put my child in a class or buy a pair of shoes more.” He is denied that because the company can’t pay it because they have to come up with 2,5 % reduction, and the director of the company on the top is proud to announce increasing profit by robbing his own staff. 

And that is in Japan. You can experience this up and down, in America and Africa; it is always the same way.

KC:We have some more questions here I would like to ask you. Is that alright?

MK:No problem. I have a little time – at least as long as I am alive! And then there are no more questions to answer. You know where to go. You look for the king of Belgium and his entourage.

KC:We are doing this broadcast to protect you and your life and to get the word out all about what you are involved with, and we want to thank you very much for your service to humanity.

Someone is asking, can you not protect your family by taking them into space with the Maghreb system?

MK:I can take my family to places you can’t even imagine! We are free to change the same here. My wife knows exactly our responsibility; I declared in the late 1990s what my position is and what I have to do. We don’t do things because I am hardheaded. We do things because we know that our suffering will liberate man from all the hardness he has been living with.

KC:Is there some place to buy a working Keshe generator today to power a house, someone is asking?

MK:Yes, it is called “Go to Keshe Foundation Forum and make one of you own”. Or you wait until a safe unit is released by the Italians, which are manufacturing the power unit, or you wait until they release it because now the generator is out of our hands. We donated it to the Italians. When they produced it, there were about 50, 60 pieces we had to give, and then the rest you have to buy from you own government.

There is something I keep saying that people don’t understand. Every single generator sold to any Keshe foundation or any organisation will be reported to your government for taxation. It has to be. There is nothing free energy. Who is going to pay for the school for your child and who is going to pay for the doctors and the hospitals and cleaning the roads? The energy that will be used now pays partially for all these expenses. When we buy fuel at a fuel station, 52 cents out of every dollar s is taxation and it pays for something, even if we don’t see that. You say that the government robs us and does this and that, they buy their own private yachts – however you put it. In the end, somebody needs to come and clean the road so you have a clean road to walk and drive on. 

So any units we pay, we don’t want to become a rogue organization with tax deviation or anything. The governments will know or you will come and see. People will go to the bank and see I have so many units. What do I have to pay or how much more do I have to do to cover for what I have received?

You know something? You talk free energy. I would love to see in 20,30 years when you want to have a free hospital when there are no doctors and no nurses to be paid for to be there to look after you when you have Alzheimer’s. Nothing will be free unless you you are prepared to put something in it for the society because the beneficiary is you. This word free energy, free everything is a fantastic word. But you know what it is? You buy the slavery in a few months or a few weeks down the road, because when there is no government money to pay for the doctor, then the doctor knows you have to pay 300,000, 400,000 dollars for an operation. Where do you get that money? We can make gold. You can make gold too.

I think these things will change when man will understand his life very, very soon. Very, very soon! Service to humanity and being a servant to humanity will become the pride and joy of the man, not how many cars you drive. Very soon, humanity will have enough gold, enough diamonds, enough palaces anywhere you like. That will change.

KC: Someone is asking whether the Japanese government is on board with using the tech for Fukushima that you are offering.

MK: The material for Fukushima is going to Japan this next weekend. The knowledge seekers are producing it and if I am correct and I understand our Japanese colleague knowledge seekers, they have given the contaminated materials to two groups in Japan. These two groups will test the material we are sending to them independently. So we monitor it from there and here, and then they are doing it independently in Japan.

You have to understand, we produce nano material which is confirmed by the institutes which will release the planning, and at the same time the scientists out in the world, especially from Russia, have released papers in the past two or three months on how the nano materials create separation of the radioactive material. Because of the expenses, this has been one of the impossibilities. We have shown how cheap it can be done. That is the only difference between us and others. We will be testing in the next two weeks and I am sure that our knowledge seekers will show them what is wrong.

KC: Okay, but are you saying, the Japanese government, you are not working with them at this time, correct?

MK: We cannot be given nuclear material to test, contaminated material, without authorisation of the government. That is done through the way they are setting it up, not the way we want to do it. At the same time, we achieve the same target. I think on the 24th, 25th, 26th, or 27th, our knowledge seeker has sessions with two groups which are appointed and are being given the material by TEPCO or the Japanese government to independently test the material, which she is carrying with her. If it is correct and they announce their findings, we will know more or less live as it happens over there, or we can replace the material if the effect is lower or higher. Then we will see what the next step will be with the Japanese government and TEPCO. It is a governmental, private, institutional collaboration.

Let me explain to you, there are 700 different submissions to TEPCO to help with the cleanup of Fukushima. We are not the only group. So, they can’t joke about this. They have to make the assessment. If this is correct, then the next one[?].

KC: Are there reactors in Iran using your technology, and do you think this is why Israel may want to attack them?

MK: That is an old story. That was 20 years ago. You know what I said, and it made a lot of sense in Tel Aviv, I said from the Iranian point of view, when the Israelis understood and Washington understood very clearly, we are all friends and brothers. If a friend gives away a gift and you already have the same gift at home or if you have no need for a gift because you don’t have a room for it, what do you do? Because it is a friend you give it back and say that you don’t need it because you don’t have a space for it in your house? Maybe you can use it for your house. Thank you very much for the gift.

It is the same. When the Israelis or the Americans, or any other nation, sends intercontinental missiles to Iran, we have no need for it, but we have the technology to capture it the way we captured a spy craft two years ago. What are you going to do? It goes back to the friend because we have no need for it in our place. We have no room for nuclear warheads, but we can capture it.

The question is, where would you like them, in Washington or in Tel Aviv? It has to go back to the friend. So nuclear warhead attacking Iran, the way we show how easy it is to capture these most advanced aircrafts out of the space. These drones are monitored by eight satellites and controlled only by the self destructing system inside of them and nobody can capture them. The drones captured in Iran carry much less sophisticated systems than they do.

So when we capture it, we have no need. We are a peaceful nation. Where would you like it? It goes back to the friend. If you expose something to somebody or you give something to somebody, if the guy doesn’t need it, where can I put it in my house? Where would you like the nuclear warheads? If it comes from Tel Aviv, it goes back to Tel Aviv. If it comes from Washington,  it goes back to Washington. Now is the time of peace. We have the technology. We have shown it and there is no need for war. All these games of war are finished. The world governments are realising this more andmore.

KC:  Keshe, are you aware of the secret space program?

MK: Of the Keshe Foundation, we don’t have one. The others is their problem.

KC: So you are not aware or you don’t want to talk about it?

MK: Every nation has a program. It depends whether you want to call it secret. I know when I used to work in Russia, Kazakhstan, with their security service and programs. They wanted us to know at that time. I am sure Americans do the same. I am sure the Chinese are doing the same. Our Japanese friend from the government is very clear about my point of view about the Fukushima reactor number 1 and 2 explosion. I have made my point very clear and I discussed it with a nuclear physicist in this field very recently, in the past few weeks.We are of the opinion that the nuclear explosion of the two rooftops of the reactor number 2 especially, that there was plutonium in these reactors. The problem is, are they producing plutonium for space technology or other purposes? 

KC: Well, what do you think?

MK: I don’t know. I leave it to you. As a nuclear physicist, I know exactly what.

KC: Okay, but you understand that there is a political situation on the planet. Do you also understand that there are various ET races, both underground and above ground and visitors from other planets that are influencing our governments?

MK: There is life in every corner of this universe. And the universal community is very much like the earth community. We have what you call the terrible nations and we have what you call advanced nations. We have families who have children in kindergarten, and have farmers, professors, and doctors. So, the there are those who understand more, advised us more and who needed our advice. And there are those who abuse and those who are trying to be to the benefit of them all. Intelligence, as I keep on explaining to my knowledge seekers, is not the exclusivity of this planet! We are part of this structure.

So, as I have explained in one of my talks, this is the third attempt we are making on this planet and this will be the final time because the human race has matured enough intellectually to be able to take that leap into the universal community. In the past it was an farming mentality 1000s of years ago. Now the intelligence among such a number of the human race is that much to make that step. The rest will follow. A man in Africa or a man in China or a man in the villages of the United Kingdom has no interest in what is happening in the galaxies. But certain scientists do and this will give the right patents to the people, and part of our work in the Keshe Foundation is that process, to deliver the technology which now man can understand in the language of the man.

KC: Keshe, are you in touch with any beings from other planets? Are they assisting you in your foundation?

MK: Not really, but we are part of the same. The knowledge we give and the knowledge we have put out is part of this structure of the bigger organisation. We understand the organisation, and that there are teachers for the time, and this is part of the teaching. We call it, “The Messiah will come then there will be plenty of everything.” We call it, “The Messiah will come and bring honey and food and justice.” They have already received it, they just have to open their eyes, especially in the past 24 hours.

KC: Someone is asking about bio accumulation. Does that make sense to you?

MK: No. I don’t understand anything about biology. Actually, I understand a lot about biology but from the nuclear, plasma side of it, not the physical side of it.

KC: What is the reaction of the American government? Have they been in contact with you directly or are you in contact with anyone behind the scenes in the American government who is helping you?

MK: There has been a contact from the American Embassy in January of this year, telling me, “Mr. Keshe, your request (which was made by NASA for me to give a lecture in NASA) for your visa has been denied. The American government does not want to see you on its territory.” Strangely enough, very, very strangely enough, I received a private letter from the American president. I will read it to you; it is very interesting.

The letter reads – it is a private letter because it does not carry the emblem of the White House – it reads, “Dear Mehran, thank you.” And at the end it again says, “Thank you again for writing. Sincerely, Barack Obama.” And in this letter he indicates what will be the position of the American government in his job as the President to protect his nation, and how he lays out more or less the way the peace talks with Iran have to go. The letter is dated July 24, 2013.

So the American government and the American president know exactly where we are. The letter has no reference because it is a private family letter. So, do you know what the Americans want to do now? Do they know where we are? Because the White House wanted the key on the 28th of November. It was right in front of him. The American council. The letter is from the 6th of November, 2012 and this is the date of the American election. It is from the Embassy of the United States in Belgium. So they know exactly where we are and they know our hand of peace is open to them. They just need to respect Iran and respect all our technology.[rustling paper drowns voice]

In this pile of the documents I have an email which says, “I can confirm to you that the USB stick … was delivered to the office of administration of NASA for investigation. Your knowledge is equal to the American NASA space technology.” I received this in the past 24 hours by Taiwanese people. If you would have released it, they would have send me on to cause problems. Now it is done by the world population for you, for each other, so it has to be in the hands of the world. We have to wait and see what NASA does. I have sent an invitation letter to the head of part of the propulsion lab, Mr. Nelson, who accidentally is standing…I didn’t release his name because the introduction point on this side in this respect to this propulsion conference, which was the reason why it was supposed to be organized, was done by Sterling Allan, and in the last interview he put the picture of Mr. Nelson from the propulsion lab, he’s one of the top guys. We had to edit it in a second edition, but he still kept the first edition. NASA knows exactly where weare. 

I need you to understand something why we cannot work with NASA. It says, because we wrote them an email and they said, they did not receive the email. It said: “You are correct; I was not getting the emails at my work email address. We have suffered schemes for spam that was most likely screening it out. I will fix that tomorrow.” And then in the following email he says, they found out somebody has made false accusations to people in NASA to block any communication to NASA from the Keshe Foundation. So somebody in a high rank in NASA – they found out who it was, and the woman who was supposed to make the accusations said, “I have no clue. Somebody has done a false entry.” It is all in black and white.

The scam goes all the way through the system, but I think it is now ready. So I think we will use NASA for a different purpose, more like a library than for space technology. Because they have so much information about Space, and jet propulsion has become obsolete. But we will use them for library and I think very soon… I don’t know if you knew that or not, Vietnam now has a space ministry and I had a meeting with them, in Belgium very recently. 

KC: Keshe, excuse me, there is a lot of paper moving around that is obscuring your voice. I don’t know where it is coming from, but it is being picked up by your mike. Could you repeat what this space ministry is that you are talking about?

MK: The Vietnamese government now has a space program and I met with the scientists in the Vietnamese Embassy in Brussels before I left, so maybe they will be in deep space before NASA because NASA still denies and denies,and will stay there, but the Vietnamese are launching the work. We have ministers and the head of the parliamentary of the space of Asian countries to come the centre with a delegation of 22, and to […] I think soon the Asian continent will have more people in space than NASA will.

KC: We are very aware that NASA is not really the space program. It is what you call a front organisation. But I appreciate the people that …

MK: They are very valuable! They are really valuable. They have a lot of knowledge.

KC: Yes, sure.

MK: They have a lot of knowledge. I have a lot of respect for them.

KC: I understand.

MK: Do you know something? I am the only nuclear physicist involved inspace that is banned from the NASA forum. They banned me. This is how advanced they are. As long as they can keep their scientists ignorant, it is good for them.

KC: This is true. NASA includes JPL and also CalTech and various other organisations as well. Certainly you are aware of Nikola Tesla. Are you inspired by some of the Nikola Tesla work?

MK: It is ignorant of me to say so: I have never worked or studied about Tesla. I most surely heard of him when I was a student. I gave a lecture in Germany, and this gentleman came and introduced himself to me asProf. Meyl, and he is a well-known Tesla man. He invited me to Germany the following month. I went there and I stayed for two days with him and his wife. He explained Tesla to me, and I explained to him. And then we met with him at the Keshe Foundation Center. Tesla meets Keshe. This was a well publicised lecture in the Keshe Foundation Center, and if you look at Sterling Allan, he turned up all the way from America to be in that lecture, but he arrived late. There is a picture on his website with me, Sterling Allan andProf. Meyl.

This is what I understood what Tesla was doing. I say, I understand the work of Tesla and Tesla’s work is about matter. My work is about plasma. It is a totally different thing. It is a downward scale; when you come to the bottom of the scale of the magnetic field, you come to matter. Tesla understood the work of the matter level magnetic field, where we work with gravitation and magnetic field, which is repulsion and absorption.Prof. Meylcalls it a scalar wave. Tesla worked with the magnetic field, which is what we call repulsion, andProf. Meylcalls it a scalar wave, which we call gravitational. Each one works with different sides, but with plasma we work with what creates it. In a way, the work of Tesla is like a child making a car when he is one or two years old or in the first class. We are working on the level of PHDs and professorship because we carry the whole aspect of the spectrum.

But Tesla has done a lot of good work. I looked at some of the books ofMeyl’s and some of the things he has done. And in a way, I even have to have assistance. I have spent 8000 euro of the money of the foundation to buy two Tesla units fromProf. Meyl, trying to keep it for people who come here to understand the difference between the Tesla and what we do as a plasma, because they have to understand the difference. We have a power generator and we have a power transformer. So I understand Tesla, but I have never read anything, but I worked with his systems.

KC: Thank you for that. We have been going for quite a while here and I want to thank you very much. I think that we will need to close this down shortly. Is there anything that you want to say that you have not been able to say at this time or anything you want to add to what you have to say? Could you also announce again the website URL and email address where people who are interested in becoming a part of your space exploration program can write to? And can you also address people as to your plans in the near future?

MK: First of all, if you want to be a member of the Keshe Foundation, as a researcher or want to become a knowledge seeker, we are looking for 25 knowledge seekers from May or June of this year, we are looking for expertise in the space theoretical scientist who can convert the work into the language of science that can be repeated.

Our website is You can read the books which we have published. You can buy the books from the website. We are a spaceship program. We are not a space program, which means we don’t need any fuel due to the new technology. We need financial donation support to build the first space craft or spaceship. We have estimated the cost of the first production to be around 50 – 55 Million. The people who build it and the organisation to build it is within the structure of the Keshe Foundation.

We need full support from people around the world to bring to justice the people who at this moment are stalking the foundation. We have now track records of the murder of a scientist, which we literally can put their names into it. If you are an attorney, you can support us by starting this procedure for the world and for the rest, that isMr. Hans Bracquené, part of the European Space Agency,Mr. Delanoypart of the Belgian security structure of the federal police, and the man who covers them and now has initiated my death order and paid for it out of his own pocket (we have information to confirm it), the ex king of Belgium, whose wife by chance is Italian. We need this. If there are […] it will be done.

There is a really high possibility that I will be arrested or I be killed or schemed to look that way or I will be separated from the knowledge seekers and my wife, and then they plan to extort whatever they like and say that we are wrong, I have never refuted what I have done. So if they ever come back and say their apologies, it is not needed. It is the way they have done it and it is the way they do it.

So we need protection from anybody who can protect us to stay free as a foundation. There is a high possibility of my assassination. Three times there has been an attempt, and now they have become so frustrated that we released the name, to them it doesn’t matter. It has become their ambition.

My word is very simple. We need to bring mankind to one point, and that is the peace without aberration. And if my life will be the cost for it, then that is okay. That is no problem with us.

KC: Thank you very much, Keshe. This has been an excellent discussion and I am very happy that you were able to make the time to speak with us. Could you announce the workshop on Thursday so that people can also attend that if possible?

MK: The workshop is done as usual. Every Thursday morning we do a workshop. We go to the Keshe Foundation Forum, and they give you most of the links or you contact Rick Crammond, which is part of the Keshe Foundation. He organises all these things for the workshops. Everything is done via live streams, so you can ask questions. This week will be about the CO2, which is developed and will be shown mostly by video from the knowledge seekers. This material is going to Fukushima for testing for nuclear absorption. And the next workshop next week, next Thursday, will be about the medical aspects of the systems for health that we use in space.

The only thing I have to repeat again: All these things we are developing are not for earth. It is for space to be able to produce material and look after the people. And as always, we are here to achieve the building of the Noah Boats this year, the space ship. We have to do things on a human basis.

KC: Thank you for that. I want to announce that if anyone has a good grasp of what Keshe is saying, in other words you have some scientific background, and you are able to make a transcript or a written transcripts of these proceedings that we just had, Camelot would very much appreciate it. Please write to me at [email protected] and let me know that you are able to do this. People will always request the transcript. There are some people who find it difficult to understand, accents and so on. So I feel that Keshe has been most clear here, but just in case people have any difficulty understanding some of the statements, we would like to do that.

MK: Can I have one thing, please? Translating it to other languages so that this doesn’t stand within the limits of the English language groups.

KC: Yes, the beginning is to get it into an English transcript, and then to have it translated from there. If anyone wants to translate immediately into other languages and is able to do so, please also contact us or do so and send it to us. We would thank you for your help in that respect.

Please do send donations to the Keshe foundation to support Keshe’s work and their hope to build a spaceship. You call it a Noah Ship?

MK: A Noah Boat.

KC:  A Noah Boat. Other than that, I want to thank you. If there is more information you like to get out to the public, Keshe, you are always welcome back. We can always do a live stream at any time. So thank you.

MK: Thank you very much Kerry. Thank you for your time and your support. 

[Transcript revised and names verified by Rick Crammond, organiser of the Keshe Knowledge Seekers Workshops]

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