This recent article by Preston James for Veterans Today is recommended reading:

Given the insider connections of the writers for Veterans Today it is likely that this article contains some solid intel worth considering when viewing the big picture of what is really going on here on Planet Earth (and the surrounding solar system).

While Putin’s “swagger” may well be due to his alliances with a certain ET race there is no doubt that the British and Americans have their ET connections that are assisting them in their efforts.  What is significant is that the Bush Cabal currently running America has a strong alliance with a Nazi/Reptilian race that may also be somehow affiliated with the Anunnaki race running Israel.  The Rothschilds are also part of this group.

Whether there is really any clear difference between the ET races backing the Russians and those backing Rothschild and Bush is unclear.  The important point to remember is that the upper echelons of the pyramid rely on the left/right polarity to move their overall agenda along and that Putin plays his part well as does Bush and company.  They are two wings of the same bird and in the end the objective is world dominance and control.



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