My Advice to Bankers About to Become Whistleblowers


Today another banker has been “suicided”.  3rd Banker this week.

Something is definitely up…  

My advice to Bankers about to become whistleblowers is don’t tell anyone.  Have your escape route planned.  And go public immediately without procastinating.  The sooner you become famous the more difficult it will be for the ILLUMINATI HITMEN to be able to get away with killing you and making it look like suicide.

They don’t want martyrs.  Take advice from Snowden.  Bags packed, find a country sympathetic to your cause with whom you can exchange intel.  But first and foremost don’t use any phones, computers or trust any household appliances.  If you want to reach the CIA, NSA or any other agency of note simply TALK TO THE WALL.


A bit of light humor to keep in mind while you are contemplating your options:


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