My comments to a recent email sent to me regarding this SUN ARTICLE.

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Hey thanks for sending this!!

Yes… I will comment and post the following on my blog.  Suffice to say, that the think tanks have been hard at work (Tavistock, Rand etc) and this is another market survey enterprise aimed no doubt at gaging the public’s state of mind currently with regard to the UFO issue and an intel gathering exercise that will further monitor the thoughts of the British masses giving the powers-that-be-but are being threatened from all sides, more evidence to gear them up for managing perceptions as the inevitable DISCLOSURE that has already been a fact of the matter in all media TV, movies not to mention Camelot and other diligent researchers (we are disclosure and are not waiting for any government acknowledgement because even if and when government EVER acknowledges even a partial truth about the UFO-ET visitation and presence on and off Planet Earth they will lie, deceive and obfuscate as ALWAYS…).

And serving up Nick Pope of all people, a tried and true dedicated British government employee (heading up the UFO desk for the British Ministry of Defence from 1991 to 1994 and possibly even longer as he was even recently involved in their so-called release of documents to the public (a smoke screen maneuver designed to misdirect and give the false impression they were releasing anything of value when they were not)… is a clear indication that the secret British rulers (aka Illuminati) have their hands all over this “effort”.

Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

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Hi Kerry, thought I would send this to you, see what you think.

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Subject: Sun Paper and UFO`s

Hi [removed], The Sun today has a double page titled:- “2013 THE YEAR OF THE UFO” Nick Pope has written the page highlighting his 10-best cases.

The best bit is that the Sun has opened up its own ” UFO BUREAU ”  with the words, “If you spot anything odd in Britain`s skies , get in touch immediately via our e-mail hotline below with pictures video`s and eyewitness report`s”. They point out the new service will be headed by Nick Pope, at the end the Sun say`s:- “Please provide as much information as you can and we will do our bes to get to the bottom of the mystery”.

ASIDE:  There is no UFO mystery.  They are real and they are HERE…  And likely all identified flying objects at this point…–Kerry

All this seems a bit rich coming from he Sun, they were up front when it came to discrediting UFO sightings and the people involved, with little “Green Men” comments and making the point that a UFO observer had just left the local Public House, over the years they have known no bounds to there ridiculing comments.

There emphasis at the end is for us to :- “KEEP WATCHING THE SKIES” again the mind boggles, the Sun wants us to watch the skies and report to them???

  I suppose we need to ask some questions.

(1) Has this got something to do with Comet Ison.

(2) Are we VERY close to Disclosure, perhaps this year.

(3) Why has the Sun suddenly changed tack to the sensible after years of stupidity.

(4) Or have they discovered the peoples interest in the subject and thought this will be a good way to sell papers.

What ever the reason I find it very strange, almost as though its all being directed. ( The Powers That Be, come to mind).