Hoagland Weighs In on ISON

RCH:  Outright lies ....

 Q - Why does the current route ISON seems to deviate slightly from those drawn on the image of the instrument LASCO C3 and published by Apolo11? 

R - The orbiter was published as an approach to serve as a guide and not an orbital model made to represent 100% sure the path of the comet during the solar approach.It was only an approximation and ISON (or what's left of it) is where it should be.

RCH:  This is the most blatant demonstration of outright disinformation on ISON I have seen to date:

RCH:  The idea that NASA's pre-perihelion "ISON trajectory diagrams" were only "approximations" is ludicrous; why officially publish ANY "ISON path" at all ... if they were  NOT intended to accurately represent the flight path of the comet through the SOHO and STEREO spacecraft camera fields-of-view!, so that  the general public would know where to look in the released SOHO and STEREO images for ISON?

RCH:  And, as you have seen from the Enterprise Mission diagrams I've forwarded, the deviation of ISON from the previously published flight path is not "slight" ... it is HUGE; in three days, ISON is fully over a MILLION MILES from where it was previously calculated it SHOULD be ... if the orbit was "unchanged."

RCH:  "Someone" is demonstrably lying about this .. Big Time.



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