Comet ISON the beat goes on….

ISON2013-12-2-220825-5119.jpgCLEARLY, ISON… survived encounter with the Sun and also redirected itself… jogged or changed trajectory… as it emerges from behind the sun.  The debris field is huge. And will engulf Earth.  Some contacts saying it will only generate “dust” that will filter down and be nearly invisible to the naked eye…others saying “Big Rocks” are headed this way.  As always a straight story is nearly impossible to get.  

I am checking around with various sources to get some clearer indication of what we are headed into…


Interesting video reveals black-outs at key moments on SoHO:

Misc. posts on ISON and incoming debris, big rocks, alt comets etc. from various sources:


12-02-13 – The ISON Debris Trail and FEMA Region 3 CLUE – This video takes a second look at ISON, specifically when Earth passes through the debris field of ISON, later in January of 2014.

More info to come….

12-02-13 – Riding a Trail of Debris – This image taken by NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope shows the comet Encke riding along its pebbly trail of debris (long diagonal line) between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. This material actually encircles the solar system, following the path of Encke’s orbit. Twin jets of material can also be seen shooting away from the comet in the short, fan-shaped emission, spreading horizontally from the comet.

Some people are taking a risk in credibility by releasing statements about ISON now.Published on Sep 3, 2013

Comet ison’s fragments will hit Earth Observatory of Lisbon Said

The observatory of Lisbon has leaked important information about comet ison.

They claim that fragments of Comet ison will hit earth in december, this based in emulations performed using supercomputer ‘Tiger 2’ and a propietary model.

They claim that the when the comet enter the atmosphere of the sun the ice will change state abruptly, turning into a propellant, changing the trajectory of the comet.

They claim that the fragments of the comet will spread in the shape of a cone with a base diameter of 300.000 kms , that is the distance of from the earth to the moon.

They claim that the comet after crossing the sun will be highly fragmented, fragments ranging from a football to the size of a ship.

They say that the propulsion of the ice will change the trajectory of the fragments, causing a shower of cometary fragments that will hit Earth in december.

Comet ison requires only a change of 2 degrees to hit Earth

They have leaked this in several forums, they also say that they will speak openly in about a month, after the comet passes a callibration point to verify their calculations

They say that the path of the fragments is very similar to the path of Coronal Mass ejection from the sun.


On the more conservative side of things…

Here is info from a post by Paul Wiegert:

“Paul Wiegert, of the University of Western Ontario, has been using a computer to model the trajectory of dust spewed by Comet ISON, and the results of his test show that we might have an odd meteor shower happening during the comets passing. According to Wiegert, around January 12, 2014, Earth will pass through a stream of fine-grained debris from Comet ISON, for several days. He adds that the resulting shower could have some interesting properties.

Wiegert’s computer models suggest that the debris stream has very tiny grains of dust, no more than a few microns wide, and they will be gently pushed toward Earth by the radiation pressure of the sun. Those tiny grains of dust will be hitting our planet at a speed of 56 km/s or 125,000 mph.

Earth’s upper atmosphere will almost immediately slow them to a stop, because of their size. Instead of burning up in a flash of light, they will drift gently down to the Earth below. If it happens, the rain of comet dust would be very slow and invisible. Months or even years might pass until the fine dust settles out of the high atmosphere, so don’t expect to notice anything significant.

On the other hand, while it’s still up in the atmosphere, there is a possibility that the dust might produce noctilucent clouds or NLCs, icy clouds that glow electric-blue while floating in excess of 80 km above Earth’s poles. Those electric-blue clouds over our polar regions might be the only noticeable sign that a shower is happening.

According to Wiegert, one more interesting thing is that the shower is going to hit our planet from two directions at once. At the time our planet passes through the debris stream, we will encounter two populations of comet dust. As Comet ISON goes to the sun one swarm of dust will be following.

The other swarm is going to be moving in the opposite direction, pushed away from the sun by the effect of solar radiation pressure. Opposite sides of Earth will be peppered simultaneously by two streams of comet dust.”

Paul La Violette suggests that the above, depending on the streams of debris… could have a climactic impact similar to a volcanic eruption… 


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