Today I tried to send money to Unwanted Publicity Guy (see his blog below right) who is living on the street as a result of working for the CIA/NSA as a NOC.  Western Union and Money Gram both declined to send him any money online.  The only way I can send him money they say is to “go in person” to a designated outlet and do it there.  Please be aware that these companies are stopping transfers to him because they are clearly under orders by the secret government to try to make it very difficult for him to receive money in order to stay alive.  Another example of the long arm of the police state worming its way into the lives of the people.  Obviously, if I go in person (taking me much more time and energy than being able to send online) they can photograph me…  If you wish to donate to Unwanted Publicity Guy use his name:

Paul Collin

Here is his email address for further

I believe sending in person does work for those interested in supporting this man during the holiday sesason.