I am on the radio and doing broadcasts most of the day today and this evening.  I hope you will join me!

Scheduled appearances on the following shows:

1.  1:00pm Pacific Time:    Today at 1pm I was interviewed by Antonia Leslie on an Irish radio station:

UPDATE:  Here is the podcast:  www.mixcloud.com/Tir_na_Saor/mad-world-with-kerry-cassidy-project-camelot-007/



Go to the Community radio button to listen! Or for the archived show later on.

2.  ** Note due to incredible interference we will have to rerecord this off-line and publish it in the next few days.  We do not know why this information at this late date would be considered so sensitive but the broadcast was interrupted incessantly on both ends. 

LIVESTREAM BROADCAST WITH MY GUEST MICHAEL SCHRATT:  5:00pm Pacific Time:  Join me as I get an on location update from MICHAEL SCHRATT who is here in California in Newport Beach where he has been given a one time access to review the files of the LEONARD STRINGFIELD collection of notes on the many UFO cases he covered over the years.  This is a archive that is now handled by Mufon and can only be released by them hopefully sometime soon.  In the meantime, Michael has had a chance to go in and review these files in person.  

To listen at 5pm Today go to the Camelot Channel on LIVESTREAM:  livestream.com/projectcamelotlive/

Michael is a very diligent and expert researcher/ Aerospace Historian who is uncovering the hidden history of UFOs.  He has been carefully documenting this history.

Michael writes:

…”Special note: Students of Ufology will recall that Leonard Stringfield was most well known for his research into so called UFO crash/retrievals. During the mid-1970’s, Leonard collected reports from pilots, engineers and military personnel, who claimed they had first-hand knowledge of crashed saucers and bodies being recovered by elements of the United States government. This of course would constitute a “Cosmic Watergate” of the highest order. These prized possessions were then quickly whisked away from their crash sites, and sent to multiple military installations around the country for research and development applications. Due to the highly classified nature of these retrieval operations, Leonard never released the identities of hissources. This move on his part has frustrated UFO researchers for decades, but also proved Leonard to be a man of integrity. …

Basically, I’m trying to make his cases “come alive” through the use of illustrations and drawings, while still maintaining the historical accuracy of each case. Just to be clear, the dictation notes (day-to-day operations of his office in Cleveland/3-ring binders), and his original collection of reference material are two different collections.”


I will be the guest to be interviewed by host, author and researcher, Steven Kelley.  Join us as we compare notes on what’s going on in this world and the multi-verse!  To listen go to freedomscreen.com  And look for Steven Kelley in Studio A