Camelot_poster_GET_THE_TRUTH_OUT.jpgCamelot is expanding to include two new guest bloggers… Paladin and Unwanted Publicity Guy.  

We are pleased to announce that Paladin from the White Hats and Paul Collins (Unwanted Publicity Guy) have agreed to write articles for Camelot on an ongoing basis. 

Paladin is a forensic financial investigator with FBI training and an extensive background in security.

Paul Collins is a former CIA/NSA NOC who was left out in the cold after relinquishing his US citizenship in an undercover investigation. He ended up on the street financially destitute.  He exists solely on donations at this time.

Stay tuned to their blog updates on the right hand side of the new site.

In addition, we will be offering DVDs for sale soon of all Camelot interviews for those who wish to support Project Camelot and would like copies for their video library or to share this important information with friends and family.

We are also welcoming affiliate marketing of books and DVDs from our witnesses and authors as well as seeking products to offer from like-minded entrepreneurs.

Please contact  for more info or if you have a product or service to offer.

We are seeking people to come on board to help develop our new sites:  Earth Tribe Central and Project Light Warrior.  If you have a solid background with developing sites please contact me.  Compensation available once the sites have been launched.