Obama’s Mother and the Global Conspiracy (2)

According to at least one source, Obama’s real mother is Eunice Kennedy Shriver and his father?  Not clear.  There is however, indications in terms of bone structure that he was genetically manipulated to be part of the King Tut line, which, does not descend from Akhenaten contrary to what many believe.  

From what I can make out, there are at least two off-planet races involved here; Anunnaki and the Anunnaki-Zeta-Reticulai (also known as the Archons).  Both these bloodlines are intent on ruling the Earth.  And the distinction must be made between the two .. the humanoid Anunnaki depicted on the temples in Egypt and the Zetas who look something like greys but are another race entirely.  The Archons can be distinguished from the original Anunnaki bloodline by their finer bone structure and wider faces.  For more info on the Archons you can start with Jay Weidner:  http://www.jayweidner.com/Archons.html  and then look further into the Nag Hammadi scrolls, also recommended is a often overlooked book called, “The Cryptoterrestrials” by Mac Tonnies.  Note:  the actual Annunaki are also hybrids as well from what I hear, the Sirian-Anunnaki are humanoid-reptilians.  Of course the Dracos and their various off-shoots are heavily depicted around the world as dragons, snakes and winged serpants on temples, artifacts and jewelry.

I tend to agree with Carmen Boulter who states that so-called King Tut (Tutankhamun) was adopted and not of the same blood-line.  This seems obvious in the facial bone structure even if as is likely some distortion took place when immortalizing his likeness in gold carvings as has been done.  See the Camelot interview with Carmen Bouter here:  http://projectcamelotportal.com/videos-interviews/item/carmen-boulter

What the end game here is at least with respect to the bloodlines, which no doubt are also made up of Anunnaki-Reptilian hybrids and mixtures of Reptilian-Reticulain hybrids is not clear other than it seems to involve some form of armageddon and global cleansing of the current races of humanity while terraforming this place for incoming races not the least of which appear to be from Aldebaran. See Gordon Duff’s conversations with Mike Harris over the past year for more on this scenario. Suffice to say it involves trading the continent of Africa for advanced technologies and access to other inhabitable planets (presumably that race’s territories)… The race from Aldebaran seeming to be very like the classic “Nazi-type”… large, muscular and blond although in some recent twist according to at least one whistleblower they can shape shift easily and are presently crossing borders after “landing” with black skin and being camoflaged to blend with the greater African races.

What the so-called comet ISON, clearly a craft, perhaps even a collection of crafts, incoming at this time is doing, what might appear to be a fly-by in November but what could easily become a drop off and pick up stop-over… is also unclear.  

The good news is that the whistleblowers are continuing to break the bonds that hold them in silence and what with the huge numbers of those working in above black and various clandestine agencies should be much more of a deluge of truth rather than the occasional trickle we have learned to expect.  None-the-less there is hope that the real keys to reversing this trend into darkness are being revealed and it also appears that in spite of the huge effort to dumb down the masses… rebellion and standing for something does seem to be catching on.  All we need is a few more good men (and women) and we will be on our way to taking down this vast conspiracy we call the Matrix.

Addedum:  I still contend that the most accurate history of humanity and Earth and the multiverse that we inhabit comes from the Ashayana Deane (now known as E’Asha), Voyager books.  See the Camelot interview with her here:  http://projectcamelotproductions.com/interviews/ashayana_deane/ashayana_deane.html




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