Update from my travels:

My speaking event at TruthJuice went well… I will make it available for free on the Camelot Youtube channel in the very near future.

Change of Plans – Next stop Barcelona

I have changed my plans due to the high cost of flights to Prague… I have been invited to the Barcelona area with a place to stay for free for a few days so I will be down there being interviewed by the rep for David Icke in Spain.

Latest Interview

I did an interview with a “high level diplomat from the European Union” and it should be quite interesting to everyone.  Hopefully I can get it out in the next week.  

This person did not go on camera but it has been recorded and will be transcribed into text.  The subject is the ET controllers and an overview of how they interface with humanity from both the dark and the light.  We also discussed the coming years events… economies, downturn and a positive view on how we impact our future.


I will be in Barcelona area from Thursday 29th for 1 week.  If anyone has a venue in the city of Barcelona please contact me:  kerry@projectcamelot.tv

This would really help fund my trip.

Alternatively, we still need DONATIONS in a big way right now to simply pay rent and so on….



Lastly, any sources or whistleblowers who are in the Barcelona-Figueres area feel free to contact me if you have a story to tell.


Regarding the Malta Trip:  We have many people who have signed up to show interest but need Speakers.  If you know anyone who has a knowledge of Atlantis and in interested in Malta, and the Knights Templar etc.  please contact me.

Unfortunately several of the people I invited to speak are not available at that time.