According to a Colonel stationed somewhere in Arizona, there have been a sudden influx of craft in the 100s in low Earth obit in the upper atmosphere sighted Worldwide.

No further intel on the shapes or sizes of the craft however my source is referring to them as visitors coming from outside of this planet… (in other words not coming from inner Earth)…

Apparently this sudden escalation in visitors is driving the military crazy.  All systems are on alert.

Another source reports multiple new races have been spotted visiting surface Earth lately and some say the Northern Hempishere is being visited by a race very much like the Nordics in appearance.

Still another source is talking about the race coming into Africa (see my previous posts about this and the tv series The Event for background on this) … are Asiatic in appearance though humanoid.  This contradicts the other source info indicating that highly educated black Africans coming from the Aldebaran system are how they are appearing… seen crossing over borders into South Africa.