From: Unwanted Publicity <[email protected]>;

Subject: Kerry: Snowden NSA & DARPA HAARP Leak

Date: July 14, 2013 9:57:56 PM PDT

To: Cassidy Kerry Project Camelot <[email protected]>;

Hi Kerry,

Don’t know if anyone might be interested in this, but thought ai’d

better run ot past you for review. See Below.

I decided to write a brief report for you that I ‘know’ the folks at

Project Camelot will have fun with from that I pulled off the 2006

DARPA ’emerging programs’ website. If you scroll-down that list you’ll

find the word “MORPH” in a link there taking you to a special DARPA

Program, and in yet another link ( found within that long list )

you’ll find the word “Atmospheric” that will take you to yet another

inside DARPA Program webpage where you can click on one ( 1 ) of two (

2 ) thumbnail images where one ( 1 ) contains a ‘diagramatic color

image’ clearly showing “HAARP” being used as a ‘frequency weapon’

being ‘bounced from a ground position upward and off the lower Earth’s

atmosphere for the weapon-effects being sent to a long-range target’.

A lot of ‘goodies’ in the links contained within the following report

of mine ( below ):

– – – –

NSA Needing Upgrades?

Was Snowden Pitched As Big Brother’s Budgetary Snake Oil Justification?

by, KIRV [ [email protected] ]

July 15, 2013

These “leak” tactics have been deployed by the NSA before, and I wrote

about NSA leaks ( New Zealand NSA staff ) in one of the most

comprehensive reports ever published online in 2001 in “ECHELON.”

Within 1-year ( 2002 ) thereof, I wrote several extensive ( hundreds

of pages ) ‘global financial intelligence fraud reports surrounding

the NSA’s former fifty-two ( 52 ) satellite constellation system

upgrade, and even though the NSA operator of the private-sector firm

TELEDESIC HOLDINGS LTD. ( UK ) bungled billions inti a fraudulent

blackhole chain of straw companies – even saw Bill Gates ( Microsoft

fame ) jump in with both feet and an ‘infamous to New York Arab

Royalty plus other investors all decided to buy the fifty-two ( 52 )

NSA satellites for Bill Gates ‘infamous’ “Internet In The Sky” that

did nothing more than secretly funnel investor’s mobies back into U.S.

intelligence secret treasure chests offshore. How do I know?

I was tracking an intetnational nefarious promoter of this NSA

satellite constellation game ( in ‘real life’ ) and I have a copy of a

federal U.S. District Court case transcript where the federal

prosecutor ( U.S. Attorney ) introduces the fact this global crook (

Gabriel Francis MacEnroe ) was “licensed by the NSA” to conduct

‘global trading’ and was pitching a ‘satellite investment fraud’;

there were others involving the Santo Trafficante Crime Family members

in Florida as well – all a part of several federal cases that never

saw the mainstream media mention anything about the NSA being


The Snowden snow-job pitch appears manufactured wholly out-of NSA

‘cheese-cloth’ because there was ‘nothing revealed to the public that

it should have already known’ – at-least as far back as 12-years ago (

October 2001 ) when I wrote and published online ‘far more’ than what

Snowden revealed to the general public to-date.

Did the NSA or CIA make Snowden read my 2001 October surprise report?

You read it ( below ) and then tell me:

Snowden was – and both China and Russia already knew this – was

nothing more than a ‘sales tool’ for NSA justification to obtain a

U.S. Congress ‘secret budget approval’ for a ‘NSA system-wide global

ground platform and space-based platform upgrade’ as a result of what

will be claimed Snowden was sent by the CIA to eventually effectuate –

where the ‘bigger the U.S. national embarrassment, the bigger the NSA

budget to emply emerging technologies involving “cognitives”

incorporated into systems. You can read-up on such, within the

following long list of brief overviews:

As the policeman instructs crowds that stop to gawk: “Nothing ti see

here. Move right along. Go about your business.”

This Snowden event is nothing more than a domestic American taxpayer

sales pitch conducted overseas.




– – – –





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