I just arrived in Watford from the U.S. and was turned away at the gate because I didn’t show the kind of Press credentials they apparently want. Most everyone had gone home… it was around 8:30pm in the UK but lots of police and police vans… the street alongside the Grove has been shut down to traffic completely. The street in front was open to traffic but people couldn’t stop and they made my taxi driver leave when he dropped me off rather than letting him wait. A member of parliment did an interview today talking about how David Cameron wanted TRANSPARENCY and I have to say even the Press area is outdoors.. literally right on the other side of the gate and even as much as a mile or two from where the actual meeting is being held. So how are we to cover this event if we can’t get interviews or comments from the attendee?

I will go back in the morning with proof of my correspondence with the Bildgerberg Press Office at the GROVE…

As it happens Passing Clouds it turns out is organizing the Bilderberg Fringe event and their site is here:  www.bilderbergfringefestival.co.uk/

They are encouraging everyone to come down.  Looks like I will now be speaking on Friday or Saturday.  More details coming.  

Originally there were some organizers who weren’t going to let me speak afraid I would cause more waves than either Alex Jones or David Icke!  Quite a compliment I must say but luckily I spoke at Passing Clouds last year when I was here and now it looks like they will be letting me speak.

I will be here all weekend and could use some volunteer(s) to drive me to and from the hotel and the Grove daily and also assist with camera and broadcasting live!!  Anyone local who can do so please let me know ASAP!!  It is frightfully expensive to go from my hotelt the Grove and back… 15 british pounds each way … and I could really use someone with a car who is local and wants to help me.  

contact me via email:  kerry@projectcamelot.tv