FOR those of you that are tracking this sort of thing… this SEISMIC MONITOR is quite good in real time for visualizing the layout of the recent Earthquakes globally…

As mentioned in my previous post on Tuesday, May 21st… they have been hard at work with Haarp and whatever other tech they are using to destabilize the planet and especially the ‘ring of fire’ area.

My dream vision from a few months ago has played out as seen with the major seismic event in Kamchatka region.

Please note to all… this is not natural and they are simply working to make this happen.  The question is why, what is the objective?  

My previous post:

Several months ago one source from Colorado who works for NSA or somesuch agency had stated that there would be an effort to slightly change the obit of the Earth in order to obliviate the possible direct hit from aligning with the galactic center during these few years.  

The source suggested this was what they are working on accomplishing.

Paul La Violette suggests in his recent update posted previously on this blog, that the G2 Cloud approaching the Galactic center may contain a Brown Dwarf or more, a star surrounded by other planets or even a binary system…

If this is the case it may be that changing the Earth’s orbit slightly could affect the angle or affect of the energetic influx from the encounter between the galactic core and the G2 Cloud, if that is the objective.  However, at this time I have no confirmation that this is exactly what their objective is… I do know that they wouldn’t need Haarp or other tech to cause such quakes in the Ring of Fire if it were simply the result of ‘natural’ events such as the approach of Planet X or for example this G2 energetic influx.  They could just simply leave things alone and let nature take its course.  This is clearly not what they are doing.

Paul La Violette wrote the following on his blog The Sphinx Stargate:


The real danger is if the G2 cloud contains not one star, but two.  That is, there is the possibility that the cloud may harbor a close binary star system consisting of a primary star orbited by a lesser massive companion star or of a star orbitted by one or more jovian planets.  Current observations cannot exclude this possibility since dust obscuration prevents us from peering very deep into the G2 cloud.  This binary star/planetary system scenario would look something like that seen in the video below.  The dust and gas being dispersed to form the G2 cloud would be coming not only from a possible planetary disc around the star, but also from the central star itself and from any planets that may be orbiting it since planets would be actively expelling their atmospheres as well.” –Paul La Violette




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