In an ironic twist in this time of major disclosures surrounding the Citizen Hearing, it is highly significant that within the past 2 weeks two important whistleblowers (both Ricardo Baretzky and Clark McClelland) are being silenced.  

In the case of Baretzky, his recent sighting of the “star wars” type battle in the skies over Capetown, South Africa between what appeared to be a large black triangle (TR3-B or C — or newer model) and an undisclosed but huge presumably ET craft as well as firing from the Naval base below, has now been removed from Youtube, CORRECTION SOME FILES REMAIN HERE:

although it has been removed from Veteran’s Today site and World News Tomorrow website.  Apparently it is still accessible from the World News Tomorrow Youtube channel and Before It’s News which links to the youtube.  Regardless, assuming it may disappear off the web soon:  If anyone made a copy of the footage please notify me at [email protected]

He states that the blowback from his guest appearance on my radio show was substantial.  (link to 1st hour of show will be added).  

The 2nd hour is here;


And, Clark McClelland has withdrawn from his May 17th scheduled radio appearance on my show.  He has been hit by sudden ill-health and states he “cannot even walk now.”  If you wish to assist him with Donations or Healing…please write to:  [email protected]

Clearly, they have both been threatened although neither men have expressly stated this is the case.  With regard to Clark, in conversation he admits ‘they are killing me’.

It is also significant that a certain party states that the …”forces arrayed against us are bigger than any government”.  Paraphrased.  This indicates that the forces maintaining the secrecy are Extra-Planetary.


I can say, that I have been visited by certain beings who first of all made sure I attended the Citizen Hearing and secondly have communicated with me as of a few hours ago, revealing they are watching events closely.

They are basically communicating that they are here on Earth, among us and that they could have walked into the proceedings and made themselves known.  However, they chose not to do so.  What I am getting is that these particular visitors are not the race holding this planet in control.. And so, for them to appear at the hearings would have been regarded as an act of war.  So they choose to stay in the background.

Disclosure is our right and our prerogative.  We as a people and a Planet can and should proceed along this path and will ultimately be successful in awakening the masses.


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