Guest: Baron von Ricardo Baretzky

Summary: Kerry interviews ECIPS President, and Global Security Analyst Baron von Ricardo Baretzky


ricardo baretzky


BIO: Ricardo “Baron” Baretzky (born July 27, 1968) from French (shared Davidian bloodline) descent of the “House of Bousis” circa 1050, is a concert Violinist, Composer and historical Researcher. He established the Baretzky Academy of Music, Bruxelles, an educational research institute, in 1997. Later he co-founded Sowoon Technologies S.a. r. l. Switzerland, a fully federal funded organization within the European Union and served as Vice-Chairman from 2003 to 2008.

He is married to Shin-Hae Baroness Baretzky, a concert pianist whom studied at the Royal Conservatoire, Bruxelles. As scholar of modern education Baron Baretzky, continues to study in the fields of Law and humanitarian subjects. During 2010 he was elected as Chairman of the CAMS-Committee where he compiled the legislation policy and the introduction to the quality assurance of minerals to Africa, a move intended to reduce the role of gems and gold as “movers” in current regional conflicts in Africa.

He has a passion for the diamond industry and is a preeminent expert on the application of advanced technologies as they apply toward eliminating the gem trade and its preeminent role in both weapons trafficking and world terrorism. During 2006 Baron Baretzky funded and inaugurated the Nurturing Leaders .Org organization. His philosophical and political views have been widely accepted by many and he is considered and modern day independent diplomat by many governmental organizations.

As an accomplished expert in both his professions he has a successful partnership with many organizations that contributes to the common interest of humanitarian ethics.

Ricardo Baretzky is a recognized expert on terrorism and global threats. Baretzky advises governments and multi-national commercial enterprises with regards to their risk governance, external security policies, and cyber terrorism risk management.



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