UFO Researcher, Intuitive Vedic Astrologer, Associate Producer Conscious Life Expo

Serena has been interested in UFOs and Extra-Terrestrials since childhood when she had experiences of seeing other-dimensial beings in her room and in the sky.  She has investigated this phenomenon in Puerto Rico recently, along with her husband Douglas Taylor who had his first contact with spiritually advanced ETs there in 1978.  She also travels to her native England each summer to investigate the crop circles and the unusual phenomena around the sacred sites.

She has a background in the Entertainment Industry and extensive study and practice of the Ancient Vedic teachings.

Serena puts together the sections of the Conscious Life Expo pertaining to UFOs, Ancient Secrets and Conspiracies.

For nearly thirty years, Serena has been giving consultations for clients all over the world, using Vedic Astrology, Clairvoyance and spiritual insight.

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Email: [email protected]


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