Today I received the following communique from Paul the author of the material found on the UNWANTED PUBLICITY website.

Please do assist him if you are able…

Desperation to escape bleak and baren desert cruelties, for Disclosure Projects of mine to continue, now requires moving technical infrastructure equipment, support gear, and personal belongings to the final destination habitable and survivable… [location hidden for his safety].

Stranded in this current remote area of Nevada, now requires urgent assistance through donations so my current work and research can complete all my Disclosure Project revelations – those I came close to finishing before my having being mugged and robbed at gunpoint – by 2 armed desperados in Los Angeles – just before Christmas ( 2012 ).

3 easy ways for donations to reach me ( full instructions below ), are:

#1.: ONLINE MONEYGRAM ( website ), at: www.moneygram.com ;

[ IMPORTANT REMINDER: Donators must send an e-mail to [email protected] AND in your “Subject:” line please print: “HELP OFFER” please provide only ‘your’ ( MoneyGram “Sender” ) ‘limited information’ ( i.e. your first and last name and city and state where your money was sent from ) PLUS include the MoneyGram “Recipient” invoice ‘number’…‘all’ needed for me to collect your donation. Thank You! ]

#2.: WALMART ( or most all Drug Stores, Supermarkets, or Check Cashing counters ) MONEYGRAM; or,

#3.: MAIL donations, to ( temporary address ):

Paul Collin

Box 24

Moapa, NV 89025


Kerry, thank you for having helped – for the greater good of the public at-large – so many people around the world with producing your enlightening interview broadcasts preparing others for what is about to come.”–Paul, Unvwanted Publicity


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